Stress is one common term that each person can connect them with nowadays. There is hardly any person who does not experience stress in some aspects of their life even if the severity differs. Most of the people have high levels of stress because of a lot of reasons. Stress and tension might not be a serious problem but prolonged occurrence leads to a lot of health problems and conditions that can affect the regular functioning of the body. There might be a lot of ways to overcome stress but then one needs to know the root cause of the stress to deal with it effectively.

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This guide is to help you with a detailed analysis of the causes of stress that can possibly be the reason why you are going through the crisis. Check them out below to know more:

Primary Causes of Stress:

1. Illness:

One of the major causes that can be directly associated with stresses both physically as well as mentally is that of illness in the body. Health problems and the inability to treat them or deal with them actually leads to mental stress and the crisis that occurs with the body and the organs causes physical stress in conditions of illness, diseases and infections.

2. Personal Problems:

Relationship issues and problems in marriage usually lead to dissatisfaction in life and lack of happiness. Also, the demands of the personal life cause a lot of pressure on the mind and lead to stress. This also includes problems in love life, one sided love issues and even small tiffs and arguments with family members. Something as insignificant like an argument with the mother in law also falls under the causes of stress where personal problems are concerned.

3. Lack of Sleep:

According to professionals, a consistent 8-9 hours of sleep is very important for proper physical and mental health. Lack of sleep is one of the very prevalent causes of stress both on the body and on the mind. It leads to improper functioning of the body as well leading to stress.

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4. Dissatisfying Careers:

A person who is dissatisfied with the career or professional life and not at all happy with the job they are into slowly starts leading their ways towards grief as well as mental stress. This is supposed to lead to depression in a lot of cases as well. It is supposed to be one of the top causes of stress in modern day life.

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5. Overload of Work:

Pressures of work and deadlines, and many chores often lead to stress on the mind. This is also in a case where there are unlimited responsibilities to handle. This makes a lot of things go through the mind creating extreme pressure leading to stress.

6. A Big Change:

Any big change can be a cause of stress. For example, if you plan to move to a new house, this can be extremely stressful. Another negative example of a big change is divorce or death of a close one that can again cause stress. Any big change that a person is not able to handle or have difficulties to go through is a cause associated with this aspect.

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7. Financial Crisis:

Money crunch and financial crisis can lead to a lot of problems in the work life as well as personal life. Financial problems are actually one of the major reasons that cause stress on a person. It is supposed to be one of the most commonly seen causes as well. The inability to earn and losing a job can also make things worse in this situation. The inability to pay bills and look after the family because of this reason only adds up to the aspect.


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