Thalassemia is the destruction of the red blood cells in a person mainly a child’s body. The destruction of the red blood cells causes the person to then suffer from anemia which if not treated immediately will lead to blood cancer and then death. Anemia is an extremely serious disease and the requirement to deal with thalassemia in its early stages is extremely high.

Thalassemia may be caused by several reasons some of which include genetic conditions which affect the oxygen-carrying RBCs in the body and inherited conditions. This disease could have been inherited by you from the person of your family who has blood defects or who has had this disease before in the past. Anemia is an extremely deadly disease and extremely expensive to treat therefore treating the thalassemia before it reaches anemia is the best way to save yourself from this deadly disease. Given below are several symptoms of Thalassemia so that you know before it affects you further.

6 Symptoms of Thalassemia:

People who have inherited the disease from their family member normally have very few symptoms, maybe reduced immune levels due to defective red blood cells is all the symptoms this disease has. Maybe a constant fever or any other disease which is caused by low immune levels is a symptom that this major disease has.

1. Loss of Appetite:

Anemia patients normally lose their appetite completely because they puke out everything they eat. If you are provided randomly with whatever food you desire to eat but still aren’t feeling hungry then there is a high possibility that you have thalassemia.

2. Severe Anemia:

If you suddenly feel extremely sick and notice that you constantly are getting sick at every little reason. A simple sneeze could trigger a cold in your body or a fever, then it highly likely that your body is now affected by anemia and you need immediate treatment. During this disease your entire body’s immune system is slowly destroyed so be careful and stay safe.

3. Dark Colored Urine:

Dark-colored urine is the most important sign to prove you have thalassemia. People usually mistake their disease when they notice they have dark-colored urine as dark-colored urine is sometimes related to a stone in the gall bladder, but to be safe take thalassemia tests so that you do not face trouble later.

4. Weak Bones:

The blood gives our bones strength and when are blood itself is defective then it highly likely that are bones become weak too. The low amount of oxygen that your red blood cells carry causes your bones to lose their integrity causing them to turn weak. This causes constant tiredness, pain in the body, high risk of breaking your bones, therefore stay safe and be ready if you have these symptoms.

5. Delayed Growth and Puberty:

For a child anemia can cause delayed growth causing them to look extremely small for their age. This may look like a meager symptom but in the long run if not treated the child may suffer with extremely brittle bones height deformities. Along with growth children suffering with anemia may have delayed puberty which causes a big problem for their body cycle.

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6. Jaundice:

Low immune levels cause the body to be prone to diseases especially something as catchy as jaundice. Jaundice will further weaken the patient and needs immediate treatment before it becomes worse.

To sum up, recognizing and understanding the common symptoms of thalassemia caused by anemia is vital for timely detection and management. By being attentive to signs like fatigue, paleness, and breathlessness, individuals can seek early medical intervention and ensure better quality of life through appropriate treatment strategies.


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