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Bronchitis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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As you must know that bronchitis is nothing but an inflammation in the bronchial tubes, the tubes generally produces huge amount of mucus which triggers lingering cough. It has been found that almost 1 in every 20 North Americans suffer from bronchitis. It has also been found that women are more at a risk of becoming a victim of bronchitis than men are.


The Different Types of Bronchitis are as Follows:

1. Acute Bronchitis:

It usually comes on rapidly especially after a virus invasion at the respiratory tract. There are times it happens due to a bacterial infection. Those viruses which trigger acute bronchitis are often responsible for influenza or the common cold. The germs which causes whooping cough and measles which may also lead to acute bronchitis. When the acute bronchitis is caused this way then it is known as acute infectious bronchitis and this condition is known as irritative bronchitis, when caused by inhaling fumes, smoke or dust.

2. Chronic Bronchitis:

The mucus producing cough which lasts for almost 3 months in like 2 consecutive years. One of the main causes of chronic bronchitis is smoking. Also exposure to certain pollutants may cause chronic bronchitis.  It has been found that people who suffer from chronic bronchitis are generally those who smokes a lot and are over the age of forty five years or above. Certain jobs such as asbestos work, coal mining, grain handling and welding increases the risk of developing chronic bronchitis. All of you have to know what are the causes and symptoms of bronchitis, here are treatments and medicines for bronchitis also.

Causes And Symptoms Of Bronchitis:

Causes of Bronchitis:

The causes of bronchitis are not too many. It is generally caused by viruses and since antibiotics do not kill viruses which cause flu (also known as influenza) and colds, the medications in most of the bronchitis cases do not work. The most common cause for the cause of bronchitis has been found to be smoking cigarettes. Another common cause for the cause of bronchitis is air pollution, presence of toxic gases in the environment and also dust. Certain workplaces where the pollution in the air is higher, the chances of becoming a victim of bronchitis are higher.

There are some antibiotics that can kill the bronchitis virus and this is one of the the prime ways to stop bronchitis, though taking too much antibiotics may prove to be harmful for you. Again, it can said as the only way as there are not many home remedies for curing bronchitis. Apart from smoking, there may be many other causes for the occurrence of bronchitis such as toxic environment and some kind of polluted material that may be present in the air and causing the pollution leading to bronchitis issues.

Bronchitis Symptoms:

The symptoms of bronchitis are not many but there are still some of the symptoms you could look out on. These are mentioned below:

1. Production of Mucus (also known as sputum):

This can be white, green or yellowish gray in colour but is clear. But sometimes it may be streaked with blood.


2. Chills:

Sudden chills is one of the main symptoms of bronchitis. According to some people, bronchitis is just a kid of fever. It is much more complicated and harmful than just a mere fever. The causes behind the occurrence of this diseases are pretty simple and one can easily fall sick due to the different side effects of this sickening disease. The chills will be pretty frequent, which means that a person will face sudden chills pretty often and there is no stopping it. One will be suffering from such chills for quite sometime and there is no specific remedy designed to reduce this particular symptom. The symptom is common on both men and women.

3. Shortness of Breath:

There will be shortness of breath caused due to bronchitis. This is one of the most important symptoms of bronchitis. The issue will be more severe and stressful if someone already has some breathing troubles. Due to this symptom, a person is basically deprived of many activities, such a physique building or staying fit requires some exercises. One cannot perform those. According to some people, among all the symptoms of bronchitis this is the most harmful one and can ruin the body both internally and externally.

4. Nagging Cough:

This is one of the most common symptoms of bronchitis (acute bronchitis). One will have the symptom of nagging cough if he or she is suffering from the acute bronchitis. The symptom is also common when a person is generally suffering from chronic bronchitis. The symptom will come back and ill not want to leave easily which means you will be falling sick due to bronchitis for quite some time. One will also face recurring bouts which will be with you for an yearly basis or even more. This point proves how harmful bronchitis can be and this fact also differentiates it from mere fever issues.

5. Periods:

Among all the symptoms of bronchitis common among women, this one of the most disliked. Women don’t appreciate the unexpected period issues. A girl will have periods pretty frequently and this particular symptom will last for a long time. This is also one of the prime symptoms of acute bronchitis which is most common among women. This has been claimed as one of the rapidly growing issues these days and it can be really harmful for someone. The chronic bronchitis is a bit different from acute bronchitis. In acute bronchitis one of the prime symptoms are period problems and in the later, one of the main symptoms is recurring cough. Other symptoms are more or less the same.

6. Other Problems:

There are still some problems regarding bronchitis (symptoms) which cannot be identified by the doctors easily. These unidentified symptoms will do you no good as based on them one cannot figure out whether they are suffering from bronchitis or not.

Persons who are suffering from chronic bronchitis generally cough and spit out huge amounts of thick mucus. The mucus can partially block the airways thus making it very difficult to breathe. Generally the patient ignores the coughing unless the lungs are almost on the verge of destruction. When the lungs are almost damaged then it results in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can lead to chronic deficient of oxygen. People with this kind of diseases can become sedentary.  It is also important to treat the symptoms early. It is so because if you do not then the symptoms of chronic bronchitis may get worse too soon.

Risk Factors of Bronchitis:

Since bronchitis is a very common disease, millions of people suffer from bronchitis every year. The people who are more likely to suffer from bronchitis are the infants, elderly people and also the young children. But then people from all the ages can develop bronchitis. Generally people who are over the age of 45 years are more likely to become a victim of bronchitis.

It has been found that smoking has led to causing bronchitis. Also, if a person is or has suffered from lung diseases before then the chances of suffering from bronchitis is higher. Coming in contact with certain elements such as chemical fumes, dust, vapours can also increase the chances of becoming a victim of bronchitis. Some jobs such as textile manufacturing, coal mining, livestock farming and grain handling may expose to situations which might lead to bronchitis.

Conditions such as allergies, air pollution and infections may worsen the symptoms of chronic bronchitis especially if you are into smoking.

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Diagnosis of Bronchitis:

The diagnosis of bronchitis is done by doctor depending on his signs and symptoms. Your doctor may ask you some questions on your coughing such as the period of suffering and everything else. The doctor would also be interested on the following subjects:

• If you had flu or cold lately,
• If you smoke or if you spend time around those who smokes.
• Your medical history
• If you have been exposed to fumes, dust, air pollution or fumes.

Using a stethoscope, the doctor will listen to your breathing or any other abnormality in your breathing. The doctor may also –

• Using a sensor, your oxygen levels may be tested.
• Look at your to analysis if you have a bacterial infection.
• Recommend you a lung function test, blood tests or chest X -rays.

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Treatments of Bronchitis:

Acute bronchitis generally resolves within two weeks. There are also some medications available in order to treat bronchitis which are mentioned below :

• Antibiotics:

Antibiotics are the medicines which when prescribed by the doctors’ helps in reducing the bronchial infections.

• Cough Medicines:

If mucus is formed during coughing then it is best not suppress the coughing by taking medicines. But then if the coughing disrupts your sleep then it would be okay to take cough medicines.

• Other Medications:

If you have asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease then your doctor may recommend you with other medications such as inhaler in order to reduce inflammation and also any narrowed passages present in your lungs.

Since smoking is a common cause for bronchitis, it is best if you tried to quit smoking by now. Smoking not only causes bronchitis but also many other lung related diseases. It may also lead to lung cancer. While bronchitis is curable, chances of curing .

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