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Malaria Symptoms And Causes

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Pretty much all of our grandparents have once or twice related to you a story regarding malaria at that age which like a plague would spread around the entire village and cause havoc to the people inhabiting it. Malaria is an age old disease prevailing in the society for decades now. Earlier there would be chaos and discomfort while in today’s world this disease has slowly subsided to give way to new ones. However, malaria is still present in the nooks and crannies of the world, the under developed, unhygienic places that harbors a cluster of mosquito building their nest right beside their lodging.


Malaria is a disease relating the blood where once again like many blood related disease, the red blood cell is attacked. Although the present situation calls for a much better health care in case of malaria that was not the case in the olden days when the patient suffering will be left to rot. Everyone was conscious of the fact that it was contagious which is why the patients faced segregation. Malaria is still however considered life threatening if due care is not given.

The term malaria in Italian is translated to ‘bad air’ but it was not one person who made this discovery worthwhile. Over the years, malaria and its cure procedure has been undergoing perfection. It started in 1740 when H.Walpole coined the term elaborating the disease and its mechanism, but it was not until 1880 that the parasite responsible for causing malaria was identified.  C.Laveran identified the malaria causing parasite to be plasmodium which was known to infect the red blood cell. 1889, R.Ross identified the harbinger of this disease to be the parasitic mosquitoes that feed off on our blood. There are in total five classifications to malaria but the deadliest of the five is the plasmodium malaria. The other three is described as less dangerous and not life threatening.

Malaria carrier the anopheles mosquito takes the blame for it as it goes on affecting people worldwide with their disease. The parasite is present within the anopheles or female mosquito who during its meal passes a little bit of the pathogen inside our body. Then there is a short incubation period during which the infected germ works on destroying or infecting the body’s red blood cell. After a few short days, one gets affected by malaria. There is no definite cause other than the parasite that causes malaria.

Malaria Symptoms And Cause:

This article explain the main causes and symptoms of malaria which are very helpful to diagnose malaria before attacking.

Causes Of Malaria:

Here we have given some main causes of malaria transmission may be, which are useful to find out the disease before enter to our body.

1. Due To Unhygienic Living:

A survey in 2010 enlisted as many as 660,000 people dying in the African region only due to malaria. More rampant in the Indian and African countries, this condition is caused due to the presence of these female mosquitoes in and around the living area. Thereby causing the mosquito to live and nourish around us. For a better safer place, clear away any stunted water lodging or unhygienic garbage dump in the near vicinity of your habitat. Make sure the proper parasite control measures are taken.

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2. Due To Human To Human Blood Transfusion:

At times malaria in you might be caused due to the presence of any sort of blood transfusion that harbors the parasite. This may be in the form of any donated organ where the replaced organ once belonged to a malaria patient. It can also be a direct blood transfusion. Malaria does not rub off by simple contact so one can be around a malaria patient. However if a mosquito has fed on the malaria patient a little bit of the parasite moves into her body and mixes with her saliva. Soothe next time she makes you her prey, a little bit passes onto your blood.

3. Birth Time:

If a mother harbors malaria parasites in her blood and is pregnant or about to give birth, there are high chances that the child to come will also be a victim of malaria.

4. Change In Genes:

This is somewhat of a new theory where scientists believe this age old disease has stuck with us for so long that it has caused changes in our genes. The malaria infested victim has conferred a immunity towards malaria, the gens of which has been passed down.

5. Plasmodium Vivax:

This is mainly found in Asia and South American countries. It is considered as one of the primary causes of malaria. According to experts, this is can result in relapses and mainly resides in the liver. This is one of the most popular causes of malaria, especially recurring malaria. This has also been blamed as responsible for the occurrence of many death due throughout the world.

6. Low Blood Pressure:

It has also been noted that with high fever and chills, the blood pressure of the individual significantly lowers itself, causing them to feel the chills all the more. This low blood pressure causes nausea and dizziness feels until the victim is completely bed ridden and cannot stand on her own due to body weakness.

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Symptoms Of Malaria:

There are innumerable symptoms of malaria. Some of the signs and symptoms that can be experienced by all malaria patients before successfully falling victim to the disease have been noted down. For your convenience, the best ones are, however, discussed below. The top 13 signs and symptoms of malaria are as follows.

1. Shaking Chills:

This is one of the most common symptoms of malaria. One will experience frequent shaking chills and cold, if he or she is infected with the virus of malaria from mosquitoes. These shaking chills generally range from moderate levels to sever chills. It is not that harmful, though. If you get a chilly feeling without any specific reason, then you can easily figure out that you’re infected with the malaria virus.

This is one of the most happening malaria symptoms and is sighted in people of all genders irrespective of their age limit.

2. Headache:

One will experience severe headache if he or she is suffering from malaria. This is one of the most sighted malaria symptoms. This symptom is common in both men and women. Even children below the age of 16 or 14 will experience this symptom if they are their blood cells are infected with the harmful malaria virus. This is pretty natural and there is generally no prescribed therapy or remedy for curing the aching forehead condition. The root of the pain might also be the pre-existing neck or headache condition which will boost the current pain.

3. Abundant Sweating:

Abundant or extravagant sweating is one of the most sighted malaria symptoms. Because of this effect one can easily figure out, whether he or she is suffering from malaria or not. One will sweat almost anytime and anywhere. This is why doctors recommend staying indoors if you’re suffering from this disease. Staying indoors will help with irritation of sweating as well. Sweating is one of the primary symptoms of malaria and will also help you to know exactly how much bad your condition is. There is usually nothing to worry since this symptom is archetypal.

4. High Fever:

Here we have yet another typical malaria symptom. The first of the very common sign is a chilled feeling accompanied by a high fever and a pain struck forehead. The fever slowly increases with the passing time to the point of time when it has veiled you in a wrap of burning skin, watery eyes and a bad headache. It is one of the most common symptoms of malaria and happens to be one of the most spotted ones. Anyone who has suffered from malaria has experienced this symptom as it is one of the most primary things which doctors look for while analyzing whether the patient has been infected with malaria virus or not.

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5. Diarrhea:

Along with fever, there are many stomach issues as well. The diarrhea is a typical malaria symptom which happens to people throughout the world. This is also considered as one off the most disturbing symptoms of malaria as with fever comes the habit of frequent runs to the bathroom which is really irritating for anyone. Kids are the prime victims of this particular symptom.

6. Vomiting:

We all now that random stomach issues and diarrhea is associated with vomiting. It is really common in both men and women and this is one of the most sighted diarrhea symptoms. The symptom is hard to manage and can make your condition worse. Nausea can be termed to be the present condition. According to experts in this subject, one should take proper care of himself or herself.

Avoiding eating outside can be termed as the only cure of this condition. Performing physical activities during this time is also recommended.

7. Blood Stools:

Stools with blood signs is visible when you’re suffering from malaria. This particular malaria symptom proves that malaria can be really harmful for you. One doesn’t get excrete blood stools unless his or her condition is really bad. Blood stools is considered as one of the worst symptoms of malaria.

8. Fatigue:

One can easily imagine the presence of fatigue or tiredness that comes along with malaria. With the strength not matching up to hold the entire body on the two feet, the individual falls prey to tiredness where he feels completely exhausted and famished.

9. Muscle Spasm And Ache:

Often at times, the symptoms include a heavy back pain and muscle and joint pain. This can even come in the form of muscle stiffening and spasms.

10. Anemia:

This condition of the body is responsible because of the lack of healthy red blood cells. A person who has a lack of hemoglobin in the body will be a victim of this symptom. The cells in the body doesn’t get proper supply of oxygen further leading to the anemia stage. Anemia might prove to be really harmful, especially for some people with pre-existent weak physical conditions such as weak nerve issues.

11. Casual Weakness:

You will feel really weak sometime during the day when you’re suffering from malaria. Once the harmful germs infect your body, your organs will grow weak and will stop functioning properly which will lead to weakness feelings. This is one of the most common symptoms of malaria and one can easily figure out with the help of this particular symptom whether he or she is infected with the malaria virus. The infection is very severe and can make you weak from the core.

These type of symptoms of malaria prove how bad this disease is and how much harm can be caused by malaria to a human being.

12. Convulsions:

There are basically sudden movements in the body which don’t have a specific root or a reason. Though, there might be many reasons behind the convulsions, and one of them is diarrhea. This is also caused by involuntary contraction of the muscles which is often termed as spasms. According to doctors, the presence of certain toxins in the body causes such sudden movements inside the body. These toxins can make the function in a different way than it is supposed to. One can hardly endure this particular symptom.

13. Seizures:

A seizure is a final and very rare symptom which has been noticed amongst patients who are already knee deep into this condition. These fits can be violent in nature.

Generally these are the symptoms of anemia are – a) fatigue; b) pale skin; c) dizziness, etc. Anemia is considered as one of the most wide spreading diseases in the states and doctors haven’t been able to come up with a magic therapy as of yet that will remove the symptoms of anemia from your body forever.