How to Use Pineapple for Weight loss?

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Weight loss is a prime concern for 4 out of 5 people today. A wide selection of foods have led to the increase in weight of many people around the world and when realization sets in then weight loss is a necessity to stay fit. How could a person maintain a daily and healthy lifestyle with excess fat. Its not possible correct? Well I cannot assure fast and prompt results when it comes to pineapple consumption for weight loss but in the long run this wondrous fruit will benefit anybody suffering from obesity greatly.

The Question is

How to Use Pineapple for Weight loss?

Here is the Answer:

Pineapple is a low fat fruit. Yes, low fat so if you are a person who would like to eat something sweet after dinner then grab a few slices of this delicious low fat fruit and you will both satisfy your taste buds and your conscience.

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Doctors Point of View:

Doctors say pineapple is the chocolate for obese people and rightly so.
Doctors also inform you to eat pineapple with other foods as pineapple is rich in an enzyme known as bromelain. This enzyme helps extensively in your digestive process helping you to digest your food properly increasing the chance for you to lose weight.

Doctors also say that pineapple is the storehouse of firstly Vitamin C along with many other vitamins and minerals like manganese, thiamine and antioxidants that strengthen your bone material and allowing the faster burning of fat.

Another way in which pineapple helps in weight loss is by its high water content. High water content foods normally make you feel full even though you have consumed a little quantity, this element is important for weight loss. No doctor will guide you wrong. Trust in this fruit and you will do no wrong.

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Picking Your Pineapple:

The best way to help weight loss is to eat ripe pineapple. Now it is quite difficult to choose ripe pineapple as there is no difference between ripe and unripe pineapple. Allow your senses to choose the best as pineapple gives out a strong pleasant and wholesome smell when it is ripe. Do not go on color and size as ripe and unripe do not differ in size or color. Pick up a pineapple if it is heavy then you know that the fruit has a lot of pulp to offer. Pick carefully take your time as at the end of the day it is worth it.

To conclude:

Any food with a high water content is encouraged by a doctor to eat during weight loss therapy. Even at the gym your dietician will stress on the fat you must eat high water content foods along with drinking a lot of water. Do not think twice when you pick pineapple, ask your dietician if you still feel you need to know more about this wondrous fruit. Nowhere else would you get both high water content along with a jam packed meal of vitamins and minerals that will benefit your body in ways that are beyond your dreams. So in all these days if you have stayed away from this fruit, do no more. I assure you results gradually but permanent.

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A Little Worry:

Anything that is not natural is harmful, but anything that is natural is not desirable. So if we must loose the weight through pineapple a little cons to the pros must be made aware of. Yes! Even though pineapple does work miracle it can at times reduce the water content in our body and may at times increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. However a simple heart failure cannot be entirely blamed on pineapple and so it is usually always given a green signal.

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