Jock Itch is a fungal infection and is also known as Tinea Cruris. It occurs when you are exposed to a certain kind of fungus. The usual area where the problem occurs in both men and women includes the genital parts, groin, inner thighs and buttocks. Once the problem occurs, the symptoms that you might experience include flaking of the skin, itchiness, burning sensation and redness.

People who have a weak immune system are more prone to this problem than others. Also, it is important for you to know that the infection is a little contagious. It is uncomfortable and quite an embarrassment for people who suffer from it. The home remedies and natural ways of treatment are mentioned below that can help you get rid of jock itch in a safe and effective environment. All you need to do is follow it with due diligence on a routine basis.

Quick and Best Home Remedies For Jock Itch:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Dilute apple cider vinegar in water and use it to rinse the infection. A teaspoon of this liquid can be used in the water for the purpose. Let it dry for about 10 minutes after a wash before you use cold water to rinse it completely. This should be done 2-3 times a day for the right outcomes.

2. Tea Tree Oil:

This is one liquid that is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil also has some cleansing functions that surely help in good riddance from jock itch. Itchiness and inflammation can also be cured. Use tea tree oil on the skin directly with a cotton ball about 2-3 times a day for the desired results.

3. Cleaning:

It is very important to clean infected areas well to keep away from the infection from spreading even more. Thus even for the jock itch treatment, you need to clean the area with cold water and pat dry very carefully. Make sure that you use separate towels for the infected area and the rest of the body.

4. Alcohol:

Alcohol is a wonderful jock itch home remedy, and you can use it several times a day for perfect cleanliness and relief. To follow this you will have to take medicinal alcohol in a bowl, dip a cotton ball in it and then dab the infected area with this.

5. Listerine:

An awesome jock itch cure is the simple Listerine. You can simply take some Listerine on a cotton ball and then dab the infected area with this. It will itch a little bit at first, but then it will give you a lot of relief.

6. Vinegar:

Mix white vinegar and water in a proportion of 1:4, and then with the help of a cotton ball, just dab the infected area with the same and do not wash it. Alternatively, you can mix white vinegar along with coconut oil for jock itch treatment.

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7. Bleach:

A very common remedy for jock itch is with the help of normal bleach. What you will have to do is take some bleach powder and then mix it in the bathwater you are to use. Now the water should be warm. Soak in the infected part for at least 15 minutes.

8. Salt:

Salt does a lot of effects on itches and allergies, such as jock itch. What you have to do is simply take about 250 gm of salt and mix it with the bathwater. Now sit in the bathtub for about half an hour and then repeat this every night.

9. Onion:

A sure-shot jock itch home remedy is with an onion. For this, you will have to take an onion and boil it slightly. After this, you will have to make a paste out of this and apply it to the infected area and then let it rest. After this, you can rinse off the part.

10. Garlic:

This has anti-fungal properties, which can help a lot in this case. Just take a few garlic cloves and make a paste out of these. Now apply on the infected part. Alternatively, you can also mix garlic cloves in olive oil and apply that to the area.

11. Baking Soda:

Take baking soda and now mix it with some water and make a smooth paste out of it. Once you are done apply it on the infected area and let this paste dry out naturally. Once dried you have to wash off with cold water and then pat the area dry.

12. Coconut Oil:

One of the simplest ways to jock itch cure, you can use coconut oil regularly even to prevent the symptoms from increasing. For this, you can take coconut oil and then apply to the infected area and then let it rest for some time and not even rinse it.

13. Corn Starch:

Jock itch problems increase more when the areas are not patted dry and have moisture in the areas. Take the corn starch and then apply it to the area and then let it soak excess moisture.

14. Oatmeal:

This is a little weird, but a proven remedy absolutely. Take the oatmeal powder and simply pour it into your bathtub of warm water. Now every night, soak in for about half an hour till the symptoms decrease absolutely.

15. Baby Powder:

This is a mild variety of powder and does not even affect dry skin at all. Just take the baby powder and then apply it on the skin so that it keeps the moisture away and also the symptoms of allergies and jock itches away all the time.

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16. Sunlight:

This is an age-old remedy because people for a long time have known that sunlight has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help to kill all the bacteria which are the causes of itches and allergies. You can walk in the sunlight for some time every morning for the best results.

17. Honey:

This is also a very old remedy for jock itch problems. It is very easy to follow as well. What you need to do is just take the bottle of honey from the shelves, take some on your hand and gently apply on the allergic area and let it rest for half an hour.

18. Medicinal Soaps:

It is very important that you should change your soap when you are affected by a jock itch and use herbal and medicated soap. Also, make sure that no one uses the same soap, as it may spread the infection even more.

19. Hair Dryer:

This is a very easy and common remedy to keep the skin area clean, and you can use it regularly. You will just have to make sure that you are using it safely. It means that you are not at all supposed to blow the dryer very close to the infected area.

20. Peppermint Oil:

We all know that peppermint oil is a part of the whole kit of aromatherapy and is one of the essential oils used for therapies. Now to cure jock itch, you can take a few drops of peppermint oil and then apply it on the infected area after bathing every day.

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21. Jasmine Oil:

The combination of jasmine oil and orange oil is very effective when it comes to easy relief of jock itches. Just mix both in equal quantities and then apply them straight to the allergic areas to get rid of inflammation.

22. Chamomile Oil:

This oil has been known for years due to its cooling properties and is thus a good idea for this purpose too. Simply take some on a cotton ball and then apply it on the infected area for some cooling and quick relief from the irritation.

23. Grape Fruit Seeds:

This is not very popular, but a very good remedy for jock itches. What you can do is take and grind the seeds and then apply them on the areas or use herbal lotions and washes with grape seed extracts in them.

24. Aloe Vera:

This has natural anti-inflammatory properties and thus is very good for jock itches. You can use the jelly of Aloe Vera directly on the infected areas, or you can use any cosmetics with Aloe Vera extracts in them.

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25. Undergarments:

The usage of clean and cotton undergarments is extremely important. Make sure you choose cotton and very clean undergarments over any elastic and nylon ones for the best results.

Jock itches are very common problems among both men and women, and jock itch treatment is not known to many people. This is like an opportunity for you to know things and start using them.


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