When we think of female boxers, images of masculine-looking women conjure our mind. However, this is just a misconception! Many women boxers are proving that strength and beauty can co-exist. With their stunning looks and killer attitude, these iron ladies are not only breaking boxing records but also smashing stereotypes about women in the sport.

Without further ado, let’s meet these 20 hottest female boxers in the world who are showing that women can pursue any career without worrying about their image. These fierce and fabulous ladies are making their mark in the boxing world and proving that anything is possible with determination and passion.

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20 Top and Professional Female Boxers in the World 2024:

Get ready to be wowed by reading about the amazing achievements of these best women boxers in the world.

1. Lauryn Eagle:

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Lauryn Eagle is a powerhouse of strength and beauty, making her one of the hottest female boxers in the world. Hailing from Australia, she’s not only a pro boxer but also a skiing champion and a professional model. Lauryn has an impressive record of 18 wins out of 23 fights, 10 by knockout, showcasing her remarkable boxing skills.
But that’s not all! She even won Miss Teen Australia and Miss Congeniality titles in 2005 and graced the cover of Maxim magazine. There’s no doubt that Lauryn is a true sensation both in and out of the ring!

2. Katie Taylor:

Katie Taylor is an Irish professional boxer who has made a significant impact in the world of boxing. She began her boxing journey when she was 11 and quickly rose to prominence with her passion and talent. As an amateur boxer, Katie won about 16 consecutive gold medals and shattered all the previous records.

She also holds the WBA title since 2017, solidifying her status as an undisputed world champion in the lightweight boxing category. Katie is also hailed as the Irish athlete of the generation, speaking volumes about her contributions to the sport. Off the boxing ring, Katie effortlessly balances her tough sporting persona with grace and elegance

3. Marlen Esperza:

Marlen Esparza is an American female boxer whose love for sports ignited at a young age. From playing volleyball, and swimming, to basketball, she immersed herself in various sports before finding her true calling in boxing. Marlen earned a gold medal at the 2008 Pan American Games and a bronze at the World Championships 2006.

She also emerged as a six-time USA boxing women’s champion, which showcases her extraordinary talent and skill in the ring. But her achievements didn’t stop there. Marlen Esparza made history by becoming the first women boxer to win a medal at any Olympics. She has also graced the cover pages of renowned magazines like Vogue and Covergirl, showing she has not lost touch with her feminine side.

4. Ava Knight:

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Meet Ava Knight, a prominent American boxer whose illustrious career started with humble beginnings. As a child, Ava was never interested in sports, and a young Ava probably would never have believed she would make it big in the field. Things leaped in 2001 when she first started boxing for fitness and got noticed for her incredible talent.

She fought many matches, won many, lost some and takes pride in all her achievements. Ava is known by her ring name, “Lady of Boxing”, and is known for her incredible punching powers. Despite her girl-next-door looks, Ava is known for showing off her hot looks off-ring.

5. Mariana Juarez:

Mariana Juarez is a Mexican professional boxer who entered the boxing world at the age of 18. Her journey began with a few setbacks against Maria Duran and Ana Maria Torres, but she didn’t let those losses define her.

In 1999, Mariana made an impressive comeback, defeating Maria Duran and even breaking her record. From there, she won many fights and solidified her position as a boxing powerhouse. Her aggressive punches have left opponents feeling pain and forcing them to surrender.

Off the ring, Mariana’s hot and sizzling looks caught the attention of the fashion world and got many offers to pursue a modelling career. However, she chose to stay true to her passion for boxing and made it clear that she “seeks to earn fame through her fists.”

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6. Ina Menzer:

Ina Menzer is a popular female boxer who has risen to stardom in Germany. Originally from Kazakhstan, Ina moved to Germany with her family in 1990. At a young age, she discovered her passion for boxing and won many national championships in the 60 kg amateur category.

In 2004, Ina leaped professional boxing and achieved huge success in the feather and super featherweight divisions. With an impressive track record, she proved an unstoppable force until she faced a tough match against Canadian boxer Jeannine Garside. However, Ina made a triumphant comeback after a brief break from the sport, indicating her determination.

Beyond her boxing prowess, Ina Menzer’s captivating looks add a touch of charm to her formidable strength. Her combination of beauty and skill makes her a deadly boxer in the ring.

7. Fabiana Bytyqi:

Fabiana Bytyqi is an exceptional boxer from the Czech Republic, renowned for her boxing skills and stunning looks. Her boxing journey began in 2005, and she made an impressive debut by winning her first fight. With determination and talent, Fabiana secured victory in her next five fights, earning the prestigious title of WBC Youth Female minimum weight.

Her career continued to flourish as she defeated numerous renowned boxers in her country. Fabiana achieved another remarkable milestone by becoming the first female boxer from the Czech Republic to grab a major title, the WBC atomweight. By May 2020, her achievements had earned her recognition on a global scale, as she was ranked as the world’s sixth-best active female atomweight by BoxRec.

8. Avril Mathie:

If the word “multifaceted” had a face, it would probably be Avril Mathie, a renowned Australian boxer, swimmer, fitness expert and professional model. Avril’s life took a drastic turn when she moved out of her house at 15 years of age. She faced a life of struggles and supported herself until her career took a big leap when she moved to the USA.

Avril started training in the ring and started her professional boxing career in 2017. She also won the Miss Swimsuit USA International 2014, the biggest swimsuit pageant in the world. Her stunning looks, super fit physique and her unbreakable confidence landed in many modelling contracts.

Meet Avril Mathie, a true example of “multifaceted” with her diverse talents and accomplishments. Originally from Australia, Avril’s life took a big turn when she moved out of her house at 15 years old. Despite facing struggles, she supported herself and later moved to the USA in search of better opportunities.

Avril’s journey led her to the boxing ring, where she began her professional career in 2017. She also made her mark as a model, winning the title of Miss Swimsuit USA International 2014, one of the biggest swimsuit pageants worldwide. Avril’s stunning looks, super fit physique and unbreakable confidence secured her many modelling contracts.

9. Christina Hammer:

Christina Hammer is a prominent German boxer who holds the record of being a five-time world champion. Her boxing journey began at the tender age of 15, and by 16, she had already secured the title of German Junior Champion. With determination and talent, Christina’s professional boxing career took flight, and she had her first pro fight in 2009.

At the age of 20, she made history by becoming the youngest WBO world champion, marking the beginning of her series of victories. Christina is renowned for her methodical boxing style, coupled with an aggressive punch to defeat her opponents.

Beyond her boxing prowess, Christina divides her time between the boxing ring and the modelling world with her sizzling-hot looks

10. Shannon Courtenay:

Shannon Courtenay is a British professional boxer who began her boxing journey in 2019. She tasted victory in her first fight and went on to win against many national and international female boxers. However, in 2020, a defeat against fellow Englishwoman Rachel Ball slowed her down.

Yet, Shannon didn’t give up and made a strong comeback in December of the same year, securing a series of wins and ultimately holding the WBA female bantamweight title. Unfortunately, in October 2021, she had to relinquish the title due to weight management issues.

Known as the “Babyface Assassin,” Shannon earned her moniker because of her youthful appearance and pretty looks, which contrast her fierce determination inside the ring.

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11. Eva Wahlstrom:

Eva Wahlstrom is a Finnish professional boxer who discovered her love for boxing at 15 years old. She started as an amateur and achieved tremendous success with ten consecutive gold medals in various championships. In 2010, she turned pro and quickly made her mark by winning the European female super-featherweight title in 2012.

However, that same year, Eva faced a setback when diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. But she didn’t let it hold her back. In 2013, she made a strong comeback, securing a series of wins and becoming the first Finnish boxer to win a major title.

Beyond boxing, Eva also works as a professional fitness model and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

12. Ebanie Bridges:

Ebanie Bridges is a prominent female boxer from Sydney, Australia, who started her journey with karate at just 5 years old. Over time, she trained in kickboxing and Muay Thai as well. Besides, she excelled in competitive bodybuilding, securing many regional and state titles. Later, Ebanie shifted her focus towards boxing and achieved an admirable record of 26 wins out of 30 fights between 2016 and 2018. Although her professional debut in 2019 didn’t go as planned, she didn’t lose hope. In 2020, she redeemed herself by claiming the IBF world title.

Beyond boxing, Ebanie wears many hats – a qualified maths teacher, a sports commentator, and even a reality TV star. With her striking blonde hair and powerful punches, she’s rightfully known as the “Blonde Bomber” inside and outside the ring.

13. Michelle Waterson:

Michelle Waterson is a multi-talented American athlete who has made her mark in various fields, including mixed martial arts, acting, stunts, and modelling. Born in Colorado, Michelle developed a passion for martial arts from a young age. She began her karate training when she was just ten years old and went on to earn a black belt.

As she grew older, Michelle’s interest shifted to kickboxing and Muay Thai. In 2007, she made her debut in MMA and won her first fight. Her career reached the pinnacle in 2013-2014 when she was ranked the No.1 women’s atom weight fighter in the world. In 2015, she made her official debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and competed in the women’s strawweight category.

Michelle is also known by her nickname “Karate Hottie” for her impressive skills in martial arts and, of course, her alluring looks.

14. Yesica Bopp:

Yesica Boppa is a skilled boxer from Argentina who began her boxing journey at just 16 years old. As an amateur boxer, she achieved remarkable success on the international stage between 2005 and 2007. In 2008, Yesica made her professional debut and impressed with her background as an award-winning amateur.

Her career took off as she secured the interim WBA female light flyweight title in December 2008, followed by the WBO female light flyweight title from 2009 to 2013. With her outstanding performances, she gained recognition as the world’s best active female light-flyweight and the seventh-best active female boxer as of 2020.

Beyond her boxing prowess, Yesica is also a professional model and often treats her fans to sizzling hot photos.

15. Claressa Shields:

Claressa Shields is an accomplished American boxer who has earned numerous world championships in light middleweight, middleweight, and super middleweight categories. Hailing from Michigan, she was exposed to boxing at the tender age of 2. Despite her father’s doubts about boxing being a male-dominated sport, Claressa held on to her dreams of pursuing it as a career.

Making history, Claressa became the most decorated amateur boxer with two Olympic gold medals. Notably, she is the only boxer, regardless of gender, to hold all four major world titles – WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO.

Her inspiring journey serves as a role model for young girls, showcasing her hunger for success and unyielding determination to achieve her dreams.

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16. Ana Julaton:

Ana Julaton is a professional boxer and mixed martial artist from California and a true symbol of women’s achievement in boxing. Born to Filipino immigrants, Ana received martial arts training at a young age. Although she initially had no interest in boxing, her life took a turn when she was inspired by a lecture from her current trainer and manager.

In 2004, Ana made her amateur boxing debut, winning a silver medal in the SFO Golden Gloves after just two weeks of training. She went on to become the most successful amateur boxer in the US and transitioned into a successful pro career. Known as “Hurricane,” Ana is renowned for being one of the quickest female boxers to win a world title.

In 2018, she retired from professional boxing, dedicating her time to supporting young female boxers in achieving their dreams.

17. Monica Henao:

Meet Monica Henao, the Colombian professional boxer who excels in the lightweight category. Nicknamed “intocable,” which translates to “untouchable” in Spanish, Monica truly lives up to her name with her powerful blows and methodical boxing style in the ring. Hailing from Panama, she boasts an impressive career record.

Outside of boxing, Monica has amassed a substantial following on Instagram, where she delights her fans with a diverse range of content, including her stunning pictures.

18. Paige VanZant:

Paige VanZant is a renowned American boxer and mixed martial artist who made her mark in the UFC flyweight category. Born in Oregon, Paige’s love for dancing was undeniable. However, she faced bullying during her school days, which led her to seek solace in sports. Paige found strength and confidence and conquered her insecurities through mixed martial arts.

In addition to her boxing career, Paige also took part in popular reality series like Chopped and Dancing with the Stars. Despite not winning any major titles, Paige manages to enjoy a huge fanbase for her charismatic personality.

19. Yokasta Valle:

Yokasta Valle is a professional boxer from Costa Rica who is a world champion in two weight classes. Her sports career started with Volleyball before moving to boxing. Yokasta made her professional debut in 2014 and won the IBF female mini flyweight and IBF female junior mini flyweight titles. In 2020, she was ranked as the fourth-best active female mini-flyweight champion of the world. Yokasta never likes to travel on an easy path. She chose to move up her weight to fight with champions and prove her worth.

20. Cecilia Braekhus:

Cecilia Braekhus, hailing from Colombia, is a true legend in the boxing world and rightfully called the “First Lady of Boxing.” Her journey began at the age of fourteen with kickboxing, and she quickly ventured into amateur competitions. What sets her apart is her remarkable achievement of holding all four major titles – WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO – simultaneously, a feat accomplished by only 11 boxers regardless of gender.

With three Guinness Records to her name and the rank of the world’s second-best active female welterweight, Cecilia’s influence on the sport is undeniable.

These 20 best and hottest female boxers have not only redefined what it means to be “hot” but also broken barriers in the boxing world. Their skill, determination, and success have earned them global recognition and inspired countless women. With their achievements, they are proving that strength and beauty go hand in hand.


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