We often spot our favourite celebrities in thigh high slit dresses, sheer and transparent outfits, miniskirts and tight bodycon outfits. But little do we realize that wearing these outfits requires quite a lot of confidence and exceptionally toned and beautiful legs to reveal stunner curves, calves and thighs. However, some celebrities nail these looks effortlessly, all thanks to their hottest and gorgeous shaped legs.

So today, we are featuring celebrities and actresses with the most beautiful hot legs in the world. These celebrities always seamlessly pull off any exposing outfits, no matter the outfit. Excited? So are we! Continue reading to learn all about the celebrity’s beautiful legs here.

Different Types of Legs Shapes in Women:

Before we explore women celebrities with beautiful legs, let us first know the major differentiation in the shapes of legs for women. If you wonder why these legs’ anatomy differs between women, the primary factors can be reasons such as muscles, fat and thigh size.

The leg shape can be differentiated into four types – normal leg shape, bow-legged or O shape leg, knock-kneed or X shape and false curvature or curvy legs. The knock-kneed or X-shaped legs have leg ankles greater than 20 degrees. Both legs together, when put forward, look like an X shape. On the other hand, curvy legs, as the name suggests, appear curvy, and touch each other. Furthermore, legs that look O-shaped, where both the thighs or knees do not touch each other, are bow legs. The legs that are not knock-kneed, O-shaped and curvy can be categorized as normal.

30 Famous Actress with Curvaceous Thighs & Long Toned Legs 2024:

Here we go; let us check out the celebrities’ and actresses’ looks with lovely and hottest legs and thighs.

1. Taylor Swift(34):

We all know Taylor Swift as an amazing musician and singer, but how many times did you notice her look and glam quotient on red carpet occasions? We bet that modelling and fashionista can be an alternative career for Taylor Swift. She looks gorgeous with tall, sleek, slim legs, and toned muscular calves and thighs.

2. Jennifer Lopez(54):

Jennifer Lopez always looks gorgeous and never fails to impress us. You must always check out her gorgeous and hot legs too. The pop star has quite some admirers for her sexy and stunning legs, and no wonder she looks amazing in mini dresses, skirts and slit dresses.

3. Blake Lively(36):

Without any doubt, Blake Lively looks gorgeous with perfect looks from all body parts, but you must pay special attention to her legs. You will know why! Many online opinion polls and magazines often quoted the special looks and hot appearances tied to Blake Lively’s legs. She slays all the sheer outfits or thigh-high slit dresses, and we now know why!

4. Nicki Minaj(41):

Whenever Nicki Minaj appears on a red carpet or fashion show, there is a huge crowd to check out her looks. But we would say they are primarily because of her amazing legs. Her sexy appeal undoubtedly comes from having hot and beautiful legs and she knows it too! What do you think?

5. Beyonce(42):

We all agree uniformly that Beyonce is not ageing at all. She looks graceful and super-hot as she passes by age. But it is also safe to agree that the diva has the most curviest and sexy toned legs. She often shows them out in her sheer, bold, experimental, and hot outfits too. How many did you notice?

6. Rihanna(35):

Did you all know that Rihanna insured her legs way back in 2007? If you are shocked, don’t be! She is receiving great returns, given her sexy appearance and curvy legs. The diva never fails to slay in any red carpet-event and looks amazingly hot and beautiful in all the outfits. No wonder she also always prefers a bold tone to her look!

7. Kristen Stewart(33):

Not many of us often witness Kristen Stewart with hot looks and gorgeous appearances. But when we all do, we are mind-blown! The diva looks breathtaking with the incredible and smocking hot looks always! She slays the appearances whenever she wears the mini dresses flaunting her hottest legs.

8. Kendall Jenner(28):

The Jenner family girls undoubtedly have got quite some fashion sense and hot looks. But amongst all, the first who comes to our mind when it comes to hot and stunning legs is Kendall. She is among the most demanded models currently, and we can guess why for the very same reason! What do you think?

9. Kim Kardashian(43):

Of course, we cannot ignore the current queen of the fashion world. Kim Kardashian is a fitness freak, and this explains the secret behind her toned and curvy hot legs. She has good muscular calves and thighs, and we are in awe of her gorgeous looks.

10. Sandra Bullock(59):

Most of you might not realize that this diva is almost near to fifty. But if you didn’t know, we would not blame you. She always looks jaw-dropping beautiful and hot that most of us wouldn’t know! We would say that Sandra Bullock’s hot looks are mostly attributed to her youthful and best legs that she carries with amaze in every show!

11. Shakira(47):

Shakira has got quite some amazing legs despite her very short height. Did you know that this celeb is almost only about five feet two inches? Despite this, her sexy legs give her some credit for looking super-hot and nice. She has good sculpted legs and slays them all the time too!

12. Cara Delevingne(31):

Most of us witness and check out this diva’s blonde hair and sharp eyes that; give her good credit. While we do not disagree about them, you must also check out Cara’s beautiful and hottest legs. These do give her good credit by letting her flaunt unique and stunningly gorgeous looks. All her high-slit dresses and mini outfits can only make sense given this woman’s gorgeous legs.

13. Scarlett Johansson(39):

We all are aware that Scarlett Johansson is among the highest-paid actress in the world. But what makes her have such high demand? We will not dismiss her acting abilities and fantastic talent; her looks give her some credit. We love how stunning and sculpted are Scarlett’s legs. She can carry them off beautifully in all the dresses seamlessly.

14. Serena Williams(42):

This sports star and diva is among the highest paid in the Tennis world. With her game and amazing fitness levels, she has also got beautiful legs. So if you haven’t checked out, it is time you must! Her sculpted and toned most beautiful thighs and lovely legs help her in the game and give her a way to have sexy looks.

15. Zendaya(27):

Zendaya is the new name in Hollywood and fashion town; we often see her in way too many movies, shows and fashion red carpet occasions. But checking her looks out, the diva has not only beautiful interactive eyes and facial features but also a lower body. Her slim thighs and beautiful hot legs make her look super sexy and incredible with all the outfits. Whether it is mini dresses, skirts, slit dresses or even bodycon or tight outfits, her legs and thighs give way to her amazingly stunning looks too!

16. Jourdan Dunn(33):

This girl has hot legs; if you need proof, you just have to see her walk! She can go on miles with the long and sexy legs and looks amazing with the mini dresses and all those sheer and transparent sizzling hot outfits. Do you agree with us?

17. Priyanka Chopra(41):

The desi diva Priyanka Chopra is hot news in Hollywood and now even more with her hot and sexy legs. Did you ever check her legs out? Priyanka is often seen pairing long sheer gowns and mini outfits, slit dresses and all of them to flaunt her effortless and hottest legs.

18. Gigi Hadid(28):

The supermodel can never go wrong whenever she walks on the runways. But if you haven’t noticed yet, the walk and stunning looks can all be attributed to her sexy and hot legs. Gigi Hadid’s legs are undoubtedly among the hottest in Hollywood and the celebrity world. No wonder she is in most demand right now for fashion shows!

19. Olivia Wilde(39):

We cannot forget Olivia Wilde‘s sexy walk too. The diva always manages to look youthful and exquisite, and besides her sharp looks and toned physique, we also love her beautiful slim legs. We love the way her calves and thighs are well in proportion and hot in looks!

20. Jacqueline Fernandez(38):

Close up and personal, most of us may never have noticed Jacqueline Fernandez‘s legs. No doubt, the diva looks stunning with her impeccable talent and beautiful features, but we also have to give her legs some credit! This sexy actress looks fabulous in all those slit outfits and dresses, flaunting her thighs, calves and legs!

21. Miley Cyrus(31):

Miley Cyrus may not have the longest legs in the world, but she sure never fails to impress us with her sharp looks and petite legs. Whenever she appears on the red carpet or in special fashion shows, we cannot take our eyes off her beautiful calves, legs and feet. Did you observe too?

22. Kylie Jenner(26):

You may be shocked, but Kylie Jenner’s gorgeous legs also deserve a spot on this list. The fashionista is always popular for her glam quotient and hot looks. Still, the sexy and stunning legs also are a must-check out. She makes heads turn with hotness whenever she flaunts her sexy legs and beauty.

23. Jessica Alba(42):

Not often did we see revealing or bold looks from Jessica Alba. Her wardrobe always works perfectly with her physique and personal taste. But if you did notice, she never did mind showing off her beautiful legs. Jessica sure has beautiful and strong legs and thighs, and we love how stunning she looks in all the short and mini dresses.

24. Khloe Kardashian(39):

Talk about the Kardashians and not mention Khloe? Never! Khloe Kardashian is yet another diva who has got some oomph and amazing legs. She flaunts the high thigh slit dresses, mini dresses and skirts or bold outfits for all the good reason – to show not only her fantastic beauty but also her hot and gorgeous legs!

25. Katy Perry(39):

The singer may be well popular for her songs and lyrics, but if you notice, Katy Perry is also a fashionista to herself. She always loves dressing up, and we recently especially noticed her hot and sexy legs too! We were not quite surprised, but her legs indeed are outrageously sexy and toned. We love the physique of her calves and thighs too!

26. Dakota Johnson(34):

Dakota Johnson’s sexy and strong legs with the overall gorgeous figure often make a lot of her peers and fans envious. Well, we do agree that we, too, are quite fond of her legs! With age, the diva is further seemingly going ultra hot and sexy.

27. Gal Gadot(38):

This Wonder Woman sure has got amazing body, lean physique and killer looks. But did you ever check her hot legs too? She features among celebrity women with pretty hot legs and the most beautiful lean thighs too. Her long legs look sexiest whenever she wears bold and sheer dresses and outfits too!

28. Katrina Kaif(40):

This Indian diva also deserves all the special attention, particularly if you love the Asian beautiful legs. With her fantastic height, she undoubtedly has long sexy legs and killer looks. If you haven’t checked out yet, you must!

29. Deepika Padukone(38):

The dimple queen also has some incredible and beautiful legs that you must check out. She has a beautiful tall, and slim physique, and her legs, calves, and thighs are well-toned with fit looks. This gives an incredibly beautiful statement appearance whenever she wears short dresses or high-slit gowns.

30. Rosie Huntington-Whitely(36):

We all know that Rosie Huntington Whitley is tall, almost over five foot nine inches tall. But if you can guess, with such height, she also has seemingly beautiful and tall legs. She sure serves as a great inspiration with hot legs, given her endless height and beautiful physique too. What do you think?

So, we hope you enjoyed exploring all about celebrity actresses and beautiful women with the hottest and most sexy legs. Whose legs amongst the women in this list did you think have the hottest looks? Let us know your thoughts!


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