How many different types of bikinis do you know? Most of us only come across a limited few designs and types in bikinis, but did you know; there is an array of bikinis designs in the fashion industry? We have compiled the top famous 25 different bikini types today, and these bikinis are among the most coveted and desired choices by fashionistas, celebrities and influencers across the globe.

Are you excited? So are we! We are super thrilled and can’t wait to show you the stunning top celebrity bikini choices this season. Continue reading to learn more.

25 Celebrity Bikini Tops and Bottoms Names and Pics:

These bikini and swimwear are pretty trendy and the most loved choices for several women around the globe. While some of them are quite popular, which you may have come across already, others are less known yet are in the hype in the industry. These types of swimwear, swimming suits and bikinis include different designs, where some flaunt bold looks and others may not be as revealing as others. So why wait? Let us now check out these different types of bikinis here.

1. Miley Cyrus in Bandeaukini Bikini:

The bandeaukini bikini is very similar to the bandeau bra design. It is quite similar to the tube tops design, that is wrapped around the chest without any straps or sleeves. The bandeaukini bikini is also famously known as a strapless bikini, since they come without straps. They have elasticized fit nature, which surrounds around the body comfortably. The bikini gives a sensuous and revealing look and is suited for those with less bust. Women with an hourglass or pear body shape can try this bikini type.

2. Sara Sampaio in Flounce Bikini:

Flounce bikini type is yet another perfect choice if you wish to prefer a bold and revealing bikini type. The bikini comes with a flounced halter top design creating a revealing look around the bust line. Given the design of the flounce bikini, women in rectangular body shapes or apple body structures can avoid this design. Instead, those with flaunting curves can try it out.

3. Rihanna in Fringe Bikini:

You can guess this bikini just by its name. The fringe bikini comes with beautiful and intricate fringes attached to the upper bandeau and bikini line bottom. As a result of the fringes design, it enhances the overall look with an elegant and sensual mesmerizing look. In addition, it adds volume and designer outlook to the outfit, perfect if you love a fashionista feel. Women with petite and slim body structures can try this bikini type.

4. Kourtney Kardashian in Halter Top Bikini:

You can guess this design of a bikini just by the name. It comes with a halter neck tie-up design top, giving it stylish and sophisticated vibes. The halter neck bikini swimsuit type is ideal for women with a pear, inverted triangle body shape and structure. Women with plus size or apple bodies can avoid this type of bikini.

5. Gigi Hadid in High Neck Bikini:

Just like the name says, a high neck bikini comes with a higher neckline, unlike the other designs. It is less revealing, given that the upper half of the bikini covers up the busts till the neckline. It is a perfect pick if you are looking for a comfortable and less revealing bikini as per your personal preference. Further, it is also ideal for women in water sports, beach games or surfing. The high-neck bikini is not suited for flat-chested women.

6. Kendall Jenner in High-Waisted Bikini:

If you are not very comfortable revealing your entire waists with a sleek bikini, this high-waisted bikini type is ideal for your personal choice. It is a good choice for women post-pregnancy, as it can hide stretch marks and give a curvy look. This bikini type has a high waist and sits above the navel.

7. Chantel Jeffries in Microkini:

You may guess this type of bikini just by its name. The microkini is all about the micro-designed bikini, which comes only with a bare fabric to cover the parts required. It is an extremely sleek bikini that exposes the body and keeps things covered by a simple thread and tiny fabric. You can try it out if you have the guts and boldness to pull this off. It is suitable for hourglass or petite women.

8. Christina Milian in Minikini:

Just like a microkini, we have the other type of bikini too – a minikini! Minikini is yet another revealing type of bikini, however not as bold as a microkini. It has minimal coverage, generally just covering the parts with a low line. Most of the minikins also come with a sheer fabric or either with a chic print. Women with thin and petite physiques can give this a try.

9. Selena Gomez in Monokini:

As the name suggests, monokini is not a two-piece bikini type but a one-piece hybrid bikini with a cool cutout that combines the upper and lower part of the bikini. It is worn alone and somewhere falls between a bikini and a swimsuit or swimwear outfit. It gives beautiful glam and is a perfect choice for women who do not prefer a high revealing bikini outfit but a swimsuit that yet exudes hotness but covers up the waist. Women with the curvy body can give this a try.

10. Summer Altice in Multi-String Bikini:

How about a bikini that has multiple straps? This is called a multi-string bikini. This looks super innovative, creative and sleek, flaunting multiple straps on the bikini bra that often surround the nape of the neck. It looks contemporary and modern and is perfect for women who have flaunting shoulder bones. Women with large or broad shoulders can avoid this pick.

11. Chelsea Leyland in Off the Shoulder Bikini:

Similar to an off-shoulder women’s top design, the off-shoulder bikini also features a neckline that falls below the shoulderline. In addition, the bikini features short sleeves and is a simple, elegant design, perfect for women with thin, pear or hourglass shape. The knit bikini top also comes with removable cups.

12. Kylie Jenner in One Piece Swimsuit:

As you may guess, the one piece swimsuit covers the top and bottom parts in one single-piece fabric. The swimsuit costume is quite a favourite choice for many women across the globe and has been present in the fashion world for decades. The one-piece material gives a very flattering look, perfect for women looking for an outfit for swimming on a regular basis. This is the most common types of swimwear for women.

13. AnnaLynne McCord  in Push Up Bikini:

Women with smaller busts can prefer to try a push-up bikini. The push-up bikini lift up the bust creates a revealing and fuller cleavage effect. They look natural; however,selecting the right size to support your busts is crucial. Women with the petite and thin bodies with smaller busts can try this out to give a flattering image.

14. Bethenny Frankel Ripple Bikini:

If you haven’t come across ripple design swimwear or bikini yet, it is time you must. This one-of-a-kind unique bikini comes with a lovely triangle top bikini with a fashionista design and glam quotient. The ripple bikini’s striking design and colours give it an edgy and chic look. It is a twist to the triangle top bikini design that captures the attention of onlookers with the beautiful pattern. It is ideal to fulfil your beach vacations. Women with petite body can try it out.

15. Elizabeth Turner in Skirtini:

Skirtini is nothing but a bikini with a skirt bottom. It delivers good coverage in the bottom with a skater skirt design. The bikini top generally is in its usual design. Women with slim waists can pick skirtini for a beautiful, toned, flattering look. It is among the most trendy designs in swimwear choices for women. However, those with an apple body structure can best avoid this.

16. Emily Ratajkowski in Sling Bikini:

A sling bikini, also popularly known as ‘slingshots’ or ‘skingkini’, ‘slingshot swimsuit’, or ‘suspender bikini’, is the outfit that features a one-piece swimwear design with little coverage. The bikini features straps around the neck, down the neck, and extends to the midriff. The back and sides of the torso are kept bare. The sling kini is very similar in resemblance to a Y shape slingshot. This bikini is a lovely and apt choice for those women who are extremely fit and toned. Those with heavy bust line can best avoid this type.

17. Jessica Biel in Sport Bikini:

We all know of the famous sports bikini. It is perfect for women who prefer no fuss or style during their sports time. It is comfortable and works for utility purposes to work around your laps. The sports bikini comes in different designs and is perfect for all women in different sizes and shapes. It is definitely among the most versatile bikini here.

18. Emily Atack in One Shoulder Bikini:

You may guess what the one-shoulder bikini is all about just by its name. These bikini swimsuits with one shoulder design, and some may come around with additional decorations and embellishments to add to the look and glam quotient. These are highly revealing and are generally flaunted for photoshoots and brand campaigns by models, and celebrities.

19. Ariel Winter in String Bikini:

The string bikini is perfect for exuding steamy scenes and revealing style quotient.t The bikini comes with strings desing clinging around the neck and waistband and is ideal for women who love to add glam to the outfit. Women with hourglass body shapes can best try this out. However, those with larger or bigger busts and thighs can stay away from it.

20. Candice Swanepoel in Cross Neckline Bikini:

If you can talk about elegance in bikini designs and types, we can only think of the cross-neck bikini type. The bikini features a cross strap design with origami pleats and is incredibly elegant with intricate texture. The cross neckline bikini is perfect for accommodating women with many body types, such as hourglass, curvy and apple body too.

21. Bella Hadid in Tankini Bikini:

Not many may have heard about the Tankini. It is the contemporary and newest design in bikini that features a tank top with straps around the shoulder line. On the other hand, it can have a matching or contrasting bikini bottom, depending on the design of the outfit. The upper half of the bikini is what sets it apart from the other types. The tankini bikini is also suitable for most women with different body types.

22. Olivia Culpo in Ribbed Bikini:

Just like its name, a ribbed bikini or ribbed swimsuit comes with ribs of fabric running around vertically. As a result, given the design, it helps to tone down the look and gives a very slimming effect with a taller length. In addition, some ribbed bikini fabric also comes with textured fabric that provides a glam with quotient and pop design with a striking look.

23. Amelia Gray Hamlin in Triangle Bikini:

You can guess the type of bikini just by its name. The triangle bikini is all about the bikini top with triangle shape fabric covering the busts. It is nothing but a bikini with a triangle top. Women with athletic, fit, toned, or even rectangular body shapes and structures can best pick the triangle bikini to try out. Those with heavy busts can avoid this.

24. Irene Berzero in Trikini:

Trikini is also popularly known as ‘handkerchief bikini with two small saucers’. The bikini features two triangle pieces of fabric covering breasts with a bikini bottom. The trikini is pretty revealing and is ideal for skinny women. Women with larger busts or plum women may best avoid this type of bikini.

25. Kim Kardashian in Cut-Out Bikini:

As the name suggests, a cut-out bikini is a bikini with cuts, whereas the front remains the same. The bikini is held with a neckline string that extends to a cut design on the top and bottom. It is an ideal bikini for women with toned, thin or pear-shaped bodies.

So, how did you enjoy exploring all about the different types of bikinis in this article? How many types of bikinis did you know before? These bikinis exude glam and stylish hues, give a flattering image, and are perfect for women to make a style statement seamlessly. Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you. Please note that all the information compiled about bikinis is through web research, and we do not take responsibility for discrepancies.


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