The tiny country neighbouring India near the south, Sri Lanka, is famous for its rich culture, heritage, and natural beauty. But what you may not know is the glamorous beauties hidden in the movie industry. Follywood or Sri Lankan actresses are known for their perfect curves, high-fashion sense, and ultra-modern breathtaking, alluring looks. Today, we are exploring the most famous Sinhala or Sri Lankan hot and beautiful actress the world must know.

Fascinated to know more? Read along to check out our complete list of the best and most beautiful Srilankan actresses, known for their hot looks and mesmerizing features, right now!

10 Best and Beautiful Hot Actress in Sri Lanka 2023:

These actresses from Sri Lanka are famous for their elegant features, mesmerizing bright looks, and fast-forward fashion sense. They are understated beauties in the world of fashion! Check out who they are now!

1. Jacqueline Fernandez (38):

We all have heard the name, Jacqueline Fernandez. She has also made her home in the Bollywood movie industry with their glamorous and arresting looks. Jacqueline is the former winner of Miss Universe Sri Lanka in 2006 and has been in a modelling and acting career since then. Her sharp, beautiful looks with striking features and smashing bold sense of fashion never fail to impress us. She is among the most famous Sri Lankan actress currently.

2. Aruni Rajapaksha(40):

The Sri Lankan movie actress and tv host, Aruni Rajapaksha, is the beauty who represented Sri Lanka in Miss Universe 2008. Her charming and delightful smile, with youthful looks and simple features, often mesmerizes the audience. She always maintains a wide smile on her face and looks attractive with a stylish sense of fashion in her public appearances.

3. Dinakshie Priyasad(33):

The teledrama and movie actress, Diankshie is famous for her appealing and pleasant looks on screen. This beauty has a very aesthetic sense of fashion with an elegant and classic style statement and fashion sense. Her confidence and impressive sense of talent are unmatched.

4. Sherry Minally Perera(25):

If you are following Miss Sri Lanka competitions, you might know her. Sherry is pretty and famous Sri Lankan model right now. She is among the finalist of Miss Srilanka and has won Sri Lanka, queen. She works with modelling agencies and is famous for her youthful, bright, and bold statement. The tall beauty is among the celebrities who have the highest social media followers too!

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5. Pooja Uma Shankar(42):

Pooja Uma Shankar is among the famous Sri Lankan actress who also appeared in Tamil and Malayalam movies. The beauty is famous for her bold and charming portrayal of movie characters. Her glowing face and simple styling stand attractive to her followers. Her aesthetic sense in the styling and fashion world is not to be forgotten!

6. Yureni Noshika(39):

Yureni Noshika is a famous actress in the television and movie industry. The actress is also a famous face in the modelling industry, known for her chic fashion sense and glamorous, bold look. Her fashion sense resembles the fast-forward changing world and replicates the contemporary style blended well with elegance.

7. Anarkali Akarsha(36):

The TV host, popular singer, and actress, Anarkali Akarsha, can’t be missed out on this beautiful Sri Lankan actress list. Anarkali won Miss Sri Lanka in 2004 and represented the country for Miss World in the same year. The heart-shaped face beauty has impressive beautiful eyes and sleek facial features that attract the audience.

8. Shalani Tharaka(32):

Shalani is a famous Sri Lankan young actress and dancer. Besides teledramas and movies, she works with the fashion industry in commercial and modelling assignments. Shalani, with her distinct features and bold, striking face, impresses the audience. Her glamour is unmatched, matching the modern aspirations of feminine beauty!

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9. Nilushi Abeykoon(49):

Nilushi is a famous model and actress known for sexy and confident onscreen roles. With her distinct features, her gorgeous beauty has risen to fame in the industry with impeccable fashion sense, a good sense of attitude, and stunning mesmerizing looks. Besides the lustrous hair and bold eyes, one cannot take eyes off her fit and perfect body.

10. Ameesha Kavindi:

Ameesha Kavindi, the chubby Srilankan beauty, is exceptionally talented in the acting and glamour industry. She hails from a Tamil family and has made her place in the follywood industry with the right looks, confidence, and acting skills. Moreover, Ameesha redefined beauty standards with body positivity, and we can’t stop admiring her for that.

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We hope you enjoyed exploring this lovely list of beautiful Sri Lankan actresses and beauties. They are among the most beautiful and cute Srilankan actresses in this contemporary. So, what do you think of them? Let us know your thoughts!


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