Indonesian models hold a special place in the fashion world with their distinct charm. Their unique beauty, flawless skin, and ability to effortlessly adapt to different styles have made them favourites among designers and photographers. From traditional attire to high fashion and avant-garde, Indonesian models can pull off any look with ease.

That’s not all! Most of these models have a strong presence on social media, which has given them significant global exposure and built a dedicated fan base.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 20 Indonesian models renowned for their beauty and captivating personalities. These women have not only represented numerous domestic and international brands but have also brought diversity to the fashion industry.

Top 20 Famous Indonesian Female Models Names In 2024:

Meet these gorgeous Indonesian models who ooze confidence and attitude to command the runway and turn heads wherever they go:

1. Ayu Maulida Putri:

Ayu Maulida Putri is an Indonesian model and beauty queen known for wearing the iconic “Komodo” costume at Miss Universe. She comes from a noble Surabaya family and started her modelling journey started at 14.

A turning point in Ayu’s life came when she won the “Best Catwalk Female Award” at “Face of Indonesia 2019” during Indonesia Fashion Week. She later clinched the titles “Face of Asia” and “Puteri Indonesia 2020,” making it to the top 21 at Miss Universe. Even though Ayu didn’t win the Miss Universe title, she captured the hearts of many. She became a popular model and worked with many top Indonesian designers.

2. Paula Verhoeven:

Paula Verhoeven is a renowned Indonesian model and actress who kickstarted her modelling career by winning the 2001 GADIS Sampul competition. Born in Central Java, she carries a blend of Dutch, Javanese, and Chinese heritage. Paula had a long list of achievements in the modelling field, including winning the 2003 Elite Model Look contest, bagging the title of West Jakarta 2 None Deputy Champion in 2006, and claiming 1st place in the 2012 Face of Asia competition. She has also earned huge popularity after appearing in many TV shows, including Fashion & Beauty, Bapau, Celebrity House, and Smart Mother.

3. Patricia Gunawan:

Patricia Gunawen stands as one of Indonesia’s most accomplished models and a seasoned pageant queen. Born in Jakarta, Patricia majored in Fashion and had her eyes set on making it big in the fashion industry. Her career leaped when she took part in the 2012 Miss Indonesia pageant and won the ‘Miss Healthy and Beauty with a Purpose’ title. Despite finishing in 11th place, Patricia garnered significant attention and emerged as one of the pageant’s standout contestants. In the same year, she represented Indonesia at the Miss ASEAN 2012 pageant in Thailand, emerging as the first runner-up. Her popularity landed in many brand endorsements with big names like L’Oréal Professional and Go-Jek.

4. Kimmy Jayanti:

Kimmy Jayanti is an Indonesian model and actress known for her distinctive platinum hair and exotic features. Born in Medan, North Sumatra, Kimmy’s modelling aspirations began quite young. At 16, she moved to Jakarta to kickstart her modelling career and signed up with the renowned modelling agency, Look.Inc. Kimmy exudes a remarkable blend of confidence and attitude, a winning combination that any brand would look for in its muse. She has graced the runways of renowned international fashion houses and quickly ascended to the creamy layer of the industry. Notably, Kimmy also started the Kimmy Jayanti modelling school to support upcoming models. Besides modelling, she is also a successful actress and gained acclaim for her role in ‘I Know What You Did on Facebook’.

5. Ayu Gani:

Ayu Gani is an Indonesian model born to Chinese ethnic parents in Surakarta, Central Java. After majoring in English Literature, Ayu signed up for the beauty pageant “Wajah Femina” in which she won the “Most Favourite” title. It proved to be a game changer for her as she was roped in for many fashion shows in the country and was labelled the icon of Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. Since then, the graph has only pointed to the sky for her she has been featured in many elite magazines and interviews. She was also the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model -Season 3, post which she landed herself in many lucrative campaigns in Asia and Europe.

Ayu Gani is an accomplished Indonesian model, born to Chinese ethnic parents in Surakarta, Central Java. After majoring in English Literature, Ayu ventured into the modelling world, by participating in the “Wajah Femina” beauty pageant and winning the “Most Favourite.” This win proved to be a game-changer, as she got a chance to walk for many fashion shows in the country. That’s not all! She became the icon of Jakarta Fashion Week in 2012.

From that point on, Ayu’s career skyrocketed with almost every top magazine lining up for her interviews and cover page photoshoots. She decided to take another leap by winning the title of Asia’s Next Top Model (season 3). This win landed her in many lucrative campaigns in Asia and European regions, making her a Global fashion icon.

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6. Fitria Yusuf:

Fitria Yusuf is an Indonesian fashion model, an influencer and a philanthropist. Born in Jakarta, Fitria moved to Australia as a child and finished her schooling. She moved back to Jakarta to finish her higher education. Fitria was always keen on making a career in the fashion world. She took many modelling assignments and even worked as an editor for many fashion magazines. Her keen sense of style and impeccable confidence made her a true fashion icon in her country. Her business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit only add weight to her profile making her one of the most successful women in the country.

Fitria Yusuf is an Indonesian fashion model, influencer, and philanthropist who hails from Jakarta. She finished her schooling in Australia before returning to Jakarta for further studies. Fitria always had an enduring passion for the fashion industry and took up many modelling assignments and editorial roles in fashion magazines. With her innate sense of style and unwavering confidence, she quickly got the status of a fashion icon in Indonesia. That’s not all! Fitria’s impressive business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit made her one of the most successful women in the country.

7. Luna Maya:

Luna Maya is an Indonesian model of Austrian descent and was born in Denpasar, Bali. Her journey in the world of fashion began as a catwalk model as she walked the runways of many top fashion houses in the country. Luna exudes a remarkable blend of grace and elegance that can make heads turn. It’s no exaggeration to say that Luna stands as one of the most accomplished models of the 2000s.

Beyond her successful modelling career, Luna is also an accomplished actress and starred in many films and soap operas.

8. Kezia Warouw:

Kezia Warouw is an Indonesian beauty queen, model, presenter and ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia. Born in North Sulawasi, Kezia has a Minahasan tribe descent. She has an extremely tall physique which made her quite uncomfortable as a teen. However, her mom encouraged her to pursue modelling, a career befitting of her towering personality. A killer combination of exotic looks and an ever-smiling face instantly propelled her to fame and made her a favourite muse of many brands. Kezia is also a seasoned pageant queen. She has also represented Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2016 and finished as a Top 13 Finalist.

9. Pevita Pearce:

Pevita Pearce is a British-Indonesian model and actress who was born and brought up in Jakarta. She comes from a mixed descent of Welsch and Banjar, which may explain the reason behind her immensely attractive looks. Pevita has done modelling assignments for many brands and transitioned into an accomplished actress. Besides, she is well-known for her down-to-earth nature and her positive outlook towards life.

10. Elvira Devinamira:

Elvira Devinamira is an Indonesian model, a successful actress, and a beauty pageant titleholder who hails from Surabaya, East Java. She started her modelling journey at the age of 16 and worked with many brands in the country. She also represented Indonesia at prestigious international events, such as the 24th Harvard Model United Nations Conference in 2011 and the Harvard National Model United Nations Conference in the United States in 2012.

In addition to these notable achievements, Elvira also proved her mettle as a seasoned beauty pageant queen. She secured the 1st runner-up title at Cak Ning Surabaya, and in 2014, she was crowned Puteri Indonesia. She also emerged as the top 15 semi-finalist in the Miss Universe competition that same year.

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11. Mariana Renata:

Mariana Renata is an Indonesian model who boasts of a unique heritage, with a Canadian father and a mother of Javanese-Chinese descent. Born in France, Mariana’s modelling journey in Indonesia started with advertisements for the beauty brand Lux. Her exquisite features and striking beauty quickly caught the attention of other brands, leading to many modelling assignments.

In no time, Mariana’s career evolved from modelling into acting. Her roles in films like “Janji Joni,” “The Matchmaker,” and the “Nick And Mar” series earned her widespread popularity and recognition in the entertainment industry.

12. Kelly Tandiono:

Kelly Tandiono is an Indonesian model and actress of Chinese heritage and was born in Singapore. Her modelling journey began in 2008, and in a short span, she achieved international recognition by walking in renowned fashion events like Vivienne Tam’s fashion show and the London Fashion Week. With her striking features and stunning physique, Kelly became an ideal choice for brands seeking a versatile muse.

Beyond her modelling career, Kelly is also an accomplished actress and starred in numerous films and television shows.

13. Nadya Hutagalung:

Nadya Hutagalung is a well-known Indonesian fashion model who has mixed descent in Australia and Indonesia. Born in Sydney, she ventured into modelling at a young age. Her photogenic face and versatile physique have captured the attention of many fashion photographers. She graces the covers of numerous magazines and walked the runways for renowned fashion houses. Nadya’s career also expanded beyond modelling as transitioned into a successful actress and television host success.

14. Advina Ratnaningsih:

Advina Ratnaningsih is a highly accomplished Indonesian model who has dominated the runway for over a decade. Her modelling journey began in 1999 when she entered the Elite Model Look contest, although her active modelling career commenced in 2005. Her journey took a fast face when she joined esteemed agencies such as F&G Models, B Management, and Wynn Models.

In the subsequent years, Advina graced the catwalk for nearly every top fashion house in the country and even became the brand ambassador for Sari Ayu, a well-known Indonesian beauty brand. As a dark-skinned model, she faced discrimination from many designers in the early years of her career. Nevertheless, this determined and resilient lady shattered those barriers, emerging as one of the most successful models in the country.

15. Widika Sidmore:

Widika Sidmore is an Indonesian model with American and Javanese roots. She kickstarted her modelling career in 2009 in the United States at the young age of 17 years. In 2015, she returned to Indonesia to reconnect with her culture and work closely with the local brands. Her strikingly tall and slender physique, sculpted cheekbones, and seamless versatility in donning any clothing style quickly made her a preferred model for many designers.

Widika possesses a unique skill for adapting her poses to suit different photographic styles, infusing a “wow” factor into her photographs. Throughout her career, she has also worked with top international brands and has been featured on the covers of many magazines.

16. Elfin Pertiwi Rappa:

Elfin Pertiwi Rappa is an Indonesian model and a beauty pageant title holder. She was born in South Sumatera and always had her eyes set on modelling. After having a satisfactory career, Elfin took part in the Puteria Indonesia 2014 contest and emerged as the first runner-up. She also won the Best National Costume in the Miss International 2014 contest.

17. Reti Ragil:

Reti Ragil is a prominent Indonesian fashion model. recognized for her slender figure and exotic features. Her entry into the modelling world began when she signed up for a course at the Look Modelling School. This experience proved transformative as she transitioned from a reserved and hunched-back girl to an elegant and confident model. Following the course, Reti secured a 5-year modelling contract with the same institution which set the stage for a successful career.

Reti also took part in many modelling competitions. She won the annual Gading Model Search election in 2012 and the Fun Fearless Model Election by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Her slim face and delicate personality make her a preferred choice for many designers who love to see her in their creations.

18. Chloe Clau:

Chloe Clau is not just your average model. This Indonesian fashion icon has shattered the stereotypes of models being exclusively feminine and girly. Chloe proudly embraces her androgynous personality with remarkable grace and confidence. Born as Claudia Virgina, Chloe entered the modelling scene in 2008, maintaining the tomboy persona she had grown up with.

Growing up as a tomboy, Chloe was determined to infuse her unique personality into the modelling world. Fortunately, the brands she collaborated with welcomed her style. Her portfolio includes collaborations with beauty brands like L’Oréal Professional.

19. Astrid Ellena:

Astrid Ellena is a top Indonesian model and beauty queen who came into the limelight after winning the Miss Indonesia 2011 title. Born in Indonesia, Astrid grew up in the United States and came back to her home country to promote her culture to the world. Besides modelling for many brands, Astrid also took part in Miss World 2011 and emerged as the top 15 semi-finalists. She also won the ‘Miss World Beauty With a Purpose” title.

20. Lulu Zaharani:

Lulu Zahari is the newest entrant in the list of Indonesian models and beauty queens. She hails from Lampung, Indonesia and always aspired to make her mark in the world of beauty and fashion. Along with taking up some modelling assignments, she actively participated in various beauty pageants. She garnered huge popularity after winning the Puteria Indonesia 2023 pageant. She is now all set to take part in the Miss Charm 2024 pageant. All eyes are on her as she prepares to make her nation proud by winning the crown.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these top 20 Indonesian models who are treasure troves of beauty and talent. These amazing ladies are living proof that beauty isn’t just about looks; it’s about the right mix of attitude and self-confidence. It’s no exaggeration to say Indonesia is truly the land of Beauty queens!


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