The largest movie industry in the world is Hollywood cinema. Audiences from all around the globe, and across countries, follow the movies. Hollywood also sets the bar high in acting, plots, and graphics. The movies are innovative, and not to mention, the actors and heroes play a significant role in the movie’s success. We have the Hollywood heroes to talk about today! The movie is a huge hit at the box office only if the main hero or actor does justice to the role and outdoes himself every single time. These Hollywood heroes and actors are famous globally for the same reason, they rank top in several categories in this realm and impress us every time. Let’s check out these top Hollywood heroes today.

60 Famous and Handsome Hollywood Actors Male:

When we talk about the actors in Hollywood, we know there are so many. The movies in the contemporary era give every character scope to play their role well and rise up to the margin. We have the list of Hollywood heroes in this segment, including the highest-paid actors, action heroes, prominent faces in supporting actors roles, the newest entry heroes, and more! Let’s learn all about the famous and best Hollywood actors now!

Highest Paid Hollywood Male Actors:

Hollywood has some actors who are among the most demanding in the industry right now. They are hence heavily paid actors too. They are among those who have established their talent through acting for many years. They worked in versatile movies and are known as the top heroes of the present generation. Want to know who they are? Check this list of the top and most handsome Hollywood actors!

1. Dwayne Johnson:

2. Vin Diesel:

3. Will Smith:

4. Daniel Crag:

5. Leonardo DiCaprio:

6. Johnny Depp:

7. Ryan Reynolds:

8. Robert Downey Jr:

Old Hollywood Male Actors:

There are some legendary actors in Hollywood too. They are famous now and forever and are admired by audiences for their skills and talent in acting. So, while you may guess some names, check this list out to know the old and versatile, timeless classic Hollywood male actors and heroes.

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9. Harisson Ford:

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

11. Samuel Jackson:

12. Bruce Lee:

13. Denzel Washington:

14. Al Pacino:

15. Marlon Brando:

16. Jackey Chan:

17. Robert De Niro:

18. Gary Oldman:

Hollywood Comedy Actors:

The Hollywood industry might not have a separate realm of comedy actors in every movie. However, few movies in the comedy genre have some famous actors who are renowned for their actions and dialogues. They make the film light and fun and enrich the entire plot. Check who all are the most famous actors in the comedy genre.

19. Paul Rudd:

20. Jason Biggs:

21. Kal Penn:

22. Neil Patrick Harris:

23. Seann William Scott:

24. Zach Galifianakis:

Hollywood Popular Actors In Television Shows:

Television shows and OTT platforms have been growing these days tremendously. And the first such innovation occurred in the Hollywood industry, before any other regional cinema. We have actors treated like stars, have a crazy fan following, and are no less than the mainstream heroes. We absolutely love them. Check out our top names on this list!

25. Richard Madenn:

26. Lorenzo Richelmy:

27. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau:

28. Kit Harington:

29. Patrick Dempsey:

30. Henry Cavill:

Hollywood Famous Supporting Actors:

How about also knowing some popular supporting actors in the Hollywood industry? They are also no less than heroes and lend a hand to the success of the film box office. While there are many such heroes in the Hollywood industry, we did compile a few famous names in this list.

31. Stanley Tucci:

32. William H Macy:

33. Antony Anderson:

34. Laz Alonso:

35. Tyrin Turner:

36. O’Shea Jackson Jr:

Hollywood Villain Actors:

The Hollywood industry may not have inherent negative roles like other regional cinemas we see globally. However, there are some villain characters in any theme of movies (be it the genre of fantasy, sci-fi, or superhero movies). They are innovative and absolutely fantastic. Most of the audience loves these characters more than the heroes, given the challenging roles they took up as responsibility. Check this list of the best Hollywood villain hero names!

37. Christopher Lee:

38. Javier Bardem:

39. Hugo Weaving:

40. Ralph Fiennes:

41. Jason Isaacs:

42. Tim Curry:

43. Dennis Hopper:

44. Arnold Vosloo:

Hollywood Child Actors:

There is no shortage of young talents in Hollywood. These child actors are already super famous globally for their acting in both movies and shows. However, few Hollywood plots indeed turn around these child actors for a leading roles, rather than depending on the main heroes. Fascinated? Check out this list!

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45. Ian Armitage:

46. Nicholas Crovetti:

47. Gaten Matarazzo:

48. Caleb McLaughlin:

49. Finn Wolfhard:

50. Ian Chen:

51. Alex R Hibbert:

Most Handsome New Hollywood Actors:

There are also some new talents coming up in Hollywood cinema. The fresh faces indeed are gaining popularity for their sense of looks and acting. We have compiled the latest list of young hot heroes now, and they are all good-looking and super handsome with charming appearances. They all have still a long way to go; however, they are already stealing our hearts! Check the famous Hollywood new and young hero list here.

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52. Timothee Chalamet:

53. Jharrel Jerome:

54. Lucas Hedges:

55. Ashton Sanders:

56. John Boyega:

57. Angus Cloud:

58. Nctuti Gatwa:

So, how did you like this list of Hollywood heroes? Did you enjoy exploring the names of our Hollywood actors and heroes in different themes? What do you think? Let us know your views and thoughts, too; we love to hear from you!


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