When we talk about globally acclaimed and popular actresses, we all hear less about celebrities from Asia. This is especially the case for Chinese actresses. How many of you have heard something about famous Chinese actresses globally? Well, we bet most of us haven’t come across anyone. That’s why we have the most famous heroines from China today! What you might not know is the graceful, elegant and pretty looks of women, especially these actresses and celebrities. Are you interested to know more? Then, read along to hear more about the most beautiful Chinese actresses famous globally!

Top 15 Famous Chinese Actresses Under Age 40:

Let us go ahead and now check out the list of pretty, cute and hot Chinese actresses in the world. These female celebrities from China, actors, and models are lesser-known and deserve all the attention!

1. Dilraba Dilmurat:

Dilraba Dilmurat is among the prominent Chinese actress of this generation. She is famous for her acting prowess and beautiful looks and acted in several movies and television shows. The diva also was nominated for outstanding actress awards several times and is widely known for her sassy side of looks and talent.

2. Yanz Zi:

Talk about the most sought and valuable stars of this generation; Yanz Zi, the Chinese actress, will be featured in the list. The beauty has been acting on screen since her teenage years and is popular for her impeccable sense of talent and mesmerizing looks. She has been winning accolades and awards for years.

3. Zhao Liying:

Zhao is among the contemporary divas who are versatile in their acting career and take up challenging roles. Although she did not professionally seek training for acting, she competes with her contemporaries in terms of alluring and magical looks, besides the powerful acting roles. She has worked on leading female roles in several movies, including the latest Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon, and got several accolades and limelight. The diva is popular in the greater China region and got recognition in other Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea for her immense abilities.

4. Yang Mi:

Talk about drama movies, romance and beautiful roles; Yang Mi will be present in most of them. The diva has been working with several films, especially the drama genre, and has received special attention for her commercial success. Her mesmerizing looks and style statement, besides her remarkable skill in acting, are well recognized!

5. Li Qin:

LI Qin is a popular name in Chinese operas. She has also worked in several films and has received several awards for being immensely natural in her roles. The diva was among the main female leads in dramas like Jade Dynasty and The Song of Glory. She has received attention for her abilities and confident attitude. Li Qin is definitely among the most famous Chinese actress in demand from the last decade.

6. Zhang Zifeng:

Next up we have Zhang Zefeng, the Chinese actress! The diva is considered among the youngest and hottest actresses in China. She has worked for several movies and got recognition for her roles in Aftershock, Last Letter and Sister. She is regarded as a beautiful contemporary actress, winning awards at several ceremonies.

7. Ju Jingyi:

If you have watched dramas such as Legend of the White Snake, Mr Swimmer and Please Give me a Pair of Wings, you will recognize this diva. Ju Jingyi is another leading contemporary Chinese actress who is popular for her roles in romantic dramas and movies. She has worked beautifully in several such genres and never fails to impress us with her mesmerizing and pretty looks. She drew good attention when these movies became blockbusters!

8. Tang Yan:

Tiffany Tang, also known as Tang Yan, is a sizzling hot contemporary actress who worked in thriller and romantic movies such as The Last Tomb, Diamond Lover and See You Again. She worked in movies in several languages across Asia and has gained attention for her natural sense of acting and a girl-next-door vibe.

9. Yang Ying / Angelababy:

The highly influential model and actress, Angelababy has appeared in modelling, movies and reality shows. She has been a household name in China for her outstanding acting roles and skills and natural looks. Angelababy has been named among the top famous Asian celebrities on several lists too!

10. Liu Shishi:

Another famous Chinese actress is Liu Shishi. The actress is popular both for her dramatic acting skills and her dance talent. She graduated in Ballet dance and is absolutely mesmerizing in her performances. Her acting in drama series and movies have stolen the hearts of the audience, with romantic, elegant and graceful looks. She never fails to deliver entertainment whenever on screen!

11. Liu Wen:

Talk about china’s modelling expert and forefront celebrity, Liu Wen is the first name we all remember. She is among the top trending Chinese models and walked the fashion runways of the world’s most prestigious and acclaimed brands. She has worked for Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Roberto Cavalli, besides also being the first Chinese model to walk on Victoria’s Secret’s fashion carpet. The diva has been among the highest-paid models in many years and appeared even on US Vogue.

12. Ming Xi:

Ming Xi is among the most successful model in China. She has worked with several fashion houses and agencies to bring out the best of appearances on shows, shoots, runways and more! She rose to international fame, appearing on Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show, and later also worked on a partnership with Givenchy and Michael Kors for their creations.

13. FeiFei Sun:

Fei Fei Sun has been a prominent face in the international fashion world with her bold and edgy looks. She has walked significant fashion shows in cities across the globe and worked with brands such as Valentino, Dior, Miu Miu and more. She appeared in several Vogue magazines such as Vogue China and Vogue Italia and has been on the face of several luxury brands too. Sure, her talent got her to go a long way with a beautiful and confident right attitude! What do you think?

14. Sui He:

Like her other peers and contemporaries, Sui He is another famous face in international fashion. She has been a popular Victoria’s Secret model with a perfect-fit body and mesmerizing looks. Her graceful appearances have won hit performances on several runways such as Dior, Chanel and Ralph Lauren.

15. Xiao Wen Ju:

Xiao Wen Ju made her debut as a fashion model at New York fashion week, and there has been no turning back since then. She has worked with internationally acclaimed and luxury brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Rochas, and is among the most successful Chinese model to date. She is even the first Chinese woman to pose for Marc Jacobs!

So, how did you enjoy the list of famous Chinese actresses and models? These women surely are turning their heads up and scouting international platforms with their stunning and magical looks, walks and styles. What are your thoughts?


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