The Odia film industry may be of lesser popularity in the pan-Indian scenario, but you must not miss out on the pile of talents here. The hot Ollywood or Odia actress are ruling the movie industry with their gorgeous looks, style, and contemporary charm, and flawless appearances. They may not be very well famous in national scenarios. However, they gained heavy prominence in their regional film circles. With their sweet and glamorous looks and talent, these Odia beauties have taken our hearts. Take a look at them if you are interested!

15 Famous Odia Actresses From Odisha Films:

This list of actresses hailed from their own native state of Orissa and bagged opportunities in the movie industry with their tremendous talent, skill, and glamour. They have matchless looks and beautiful smiles, with feminine beauty and charm. The Odia actresses from Orissa are currently among the most famous faces in celebrity circles. Check them out!

Latest And Trending Odia Actress:

Here is the list of the trending and latest fashionable Odia actress right now. They are ruling the industry with their sense of fashion and bright looks, and we can’t take our eyes off them! We love how graceful and alluring their looks are! So,take a glance and see if you can recognize any of this Odia heroines in photos!

Elina Samantray(26):

Bhoomika Das(19):

Sheetal Patra(24):

Sunmeera Nagesh(21):

Sivani Sangita(22):

Popular Odia Actresses List:

Besides those mentioned above beautiful and young Odia actresses, we also have still famous women who are beautiful and captivating. They also hail from the state of Orissa and have been in the movie industry for much longer. They are talented, have industry experience, and have won all our hearts. Do you want to know who they are? Take a look at these Oria actress!

Archita Sahu(32):

Varsha Priyadarshini(38):

Riya Dey(31):

Anu Choudhary(43):

Jina Samal(32):

Popular Ollywood Actress From Other States:

Besides those who are natives from the state of Orissa, few actresses are from outside and yet made their position in Odia film industry. Have a look!

Latest And Trending Ollywood Actress:

Here is the list of beautiful Ollywood actresses from other states. They, too, marked their position in Ollywood with their glamour and beauty. Their charm and looks appealed to many fans. Want to know who they are?

Jhilik Bhattacharjee(29):

Old Famous Ollywood Actresses:

They have been present in the Ollywood movie industry for a very long and have conquered the industry with their talent. They captured the audience’s hearts with their appealing looks and sense of mastery in acting. Here they are!

Megha Ghosh(35):

Namrata Thapa(36):

Rachna Banerjee(48):

Ankita Bhowmick(30):

How did you like this list of beautiful Odia actress looks? They are popular in their film industry and are blessed with lovely and beautiful mesmerizing looks. So let us know your thoughts! Did you know any of them? What do you think?!

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