55 Hottest African Women Photo Gallery (2010-2019)

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Africa is a country known for its natural beauty and what many are not aware of is the beauty of African women from the different parts of this fantastic continent. Today the fashion world has seen several promising African models that have succeeded despite racism.

In this article, we bring to you some of the beautiful African women who have proudly walked the ramp displaying the rich cultural heritage of their roots. They have showcased their tradition in the form of animal prints, and vibrant, colourful motifs and these models have broken the negative stereotypes and pushed the fashion world to the next level.

hot african girls

Hottest African Women (2010-2019):

Here we bring you list of most beautiful women in Africa continent who have created waves in the global fashion world.

1. Beautiful Women in Somalia:

Among the other regions in Africa, Somalia is said to have some of the most beautiful women with their almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and oval-shaped faces. Somalian girls have pretty-faced with natural skin and long hair. Their beauty is further enhanced with fresh looks as their diet includes lots of vegetables. This helps by nourishing their body and makes them look younger and gorgeous. These gutsy black African women have brought about a massive change in their respective fields.

  • Iman Abdulmajid (Fashion Model):

african beauty

  • Yasmin Warsame (Model):

african girls photos

  • Saba Anglana (Actress):

beautiful african women

  • Samira Hashi (Model/Activist):

black african women

2. Beautiful Egyptian Women:

Egypt is known not only for its monuments but is also well known for its icons of beauty in the form of Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen, and Cleopatra(1). Egyptian women are known for their dark hair and eyes and flawless skin. The beauty of Egyptian women can be said to be related to their delicate bone structure. They often have a combination of high cheekbones, big eyes, round faces, and full lips. It is also said that Egyptian women look like Latin women by way of skin colour, and body too. Some of the celebrated beautiful African girls photos are that of:

  • Tara Emad (Actress/Model):

Tara Emad

  • Nelly Karim (Actress, Model, and Ballerina):

Nelly Karim

  • Meriam George (Beauty Pageant Titleholder):

Meriam George

  • Fawzia Mohamed (beauty Queen/Model):

Fawzia Mohamed

  • Donia Hamed (Model):


3. Most Beautiful Girl In Ethiopia:

Ethiopian women have been categorised as some of the beautiful women of Africa with their big eyes and bright smiles. They are said to possess perfect facial features bone structure and skin tone. Most Ethiopian women have dark skin with high cheekbones. The magnificent African girl image representations are:

  • Liya Kebede (Ethiopian-Born Model, Designer, and Actress):

Liya Kebede

  • Amleset Muchie (Ethiopian Model, Actress, and Filmmaker):

Amleset Muchie

  • Senait Ashenafi (Ethiopian-Born Actress):

Senait Ashenafi

  • Semra Kebede (Ethiopian Beauty Pageant Titleholder, Model, and Actress):

Semra Kebede

  • Fryat Yemane Crowned (Miss Ethiopia USA 2006, Actress, Television Host, And Model):

Fryat Yemane Crowned

4. Beautiful Moroccan Ladies:

The beauty of Moroccan girls comes from a combination of many races and ethnicities in the land. They are a blend of short and tall girls, and girls are dark-haired and have beautiful bodies. Moroccan women are known for their dark eyes and olive complexion. A few of the renowned African women images are represented by personalities like:

  • El Bekri (radio/TV Presenter and Actress):

El Bekri

  • Zineid Obeid (Actress):

Zineid Obeid

  • Amina Allam (Fashion Industry):


  • Fadoua Lahlou (Fashion Model):

Fadoua Lahlou

  • Hind Benyahia (Television Host and Supermodel):

Hind Benyahia

5. Beautiful Women from Sudan:

Sudanese women are generally dark and of a slender build. Some women have lighter complexions and look more Arabic. The women of Sudan have naturally very dark skin and have learned to embrace their skin colour with pride.They are of a slim build, and some of the South Sudanese women are very tall. Amidst the hot African girls are fashion models like:

  • Nyakim Gatwech (South Sudanese-American Model):

Nyakim Gatwech

  • Adau Mornyang (Model/Beauty Pageant Finalist):

Adau Mornyang

  • Ataui-Deng Hopkins (Sudanese American Model):

Ataui-Deng Hopkins

  • Immaculate Aheu Deng (Beauty Queen/Fashion Model):

Immaculate Aheu Deng

  •  Manuela Mogga Matong (Miss World South Sudan 2013):

Manuela Mogga Matong

6. Beautiful Algerian Ladies:

Algerian women are usually tanned and have olive skin. They have dark hair and wide eyes with long lashes. And they are very feminine looking. They have thin waists, and long hair is mostly curly or straight. Women of Algeria are known to have pretty feet and hands. Generally, Algerian women are said to be magnificently exotic with well-shaped hips. Here are some stunning lovely women who have brought fame and success to the African lady image with their beauty and accomplishments:

  • Isabelle Adjani (Actress/Singer):

Beautiful Algerian Ladies

  • Edwige Fenech (Algerian-Born Italian Actress/Film Producer):

Beautiful Algerian women

  • Chahinèze Zerrouki (Algerian Model):

Beautiful Algerian Girls

  • Amina Kaddur (Algerian Model):

Most Beautiful Algerian Ladies

  • Myriam Benzerga (Algerian model/First runner-up 2006 Arab World Top Model):

Myriam Benzerga

7. Congo Beautiful Ladies:

In Congo, the women are said to be more tribal looking with a thick-boned physique. They are more attractive and possess natural and earthy features. Congolese women like to dress in a flamboyant manner stylishly. They emphasize a lot of importance to self-care. The women of Congo are considered being one of the most beautiful women in Africa with high cheekbones. They are tall and very feminine looking. Here are some of the most beautiful women in Africa:

  • Joëlle Kayembe (Actress):

Beautiful Congo Ladies

  • Rachel Mwanza (Actress):

Beautiful Congo Women

  • Kim Marcelle (Singer, Actress, Songwriter):

Beautiful Congo Girls

  • Françoise Dehaipe (Actress):

Congo Ladies Pics

  • Cécile Bayiha (Actress):

Congo Women Images

8. Beautiful Women from Nigeria:

Around 20 percentile of pretty girls in Nigeria are said to be from the populations of Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, and Yoruba. It is said that Igbo women are far more pretty and often would be the face of Nigerian beauty. Adesua is often named as one of the most beautiful women not only in Nigeria but in Africa with her exquisite facial features and unusual beauty. Nigeria is a country that is said to be blessed with beautiful women across numerous tribes. They are known for their graceful necks and white teeth.Check out a few of these gorgeous black African girls in this country:

  • Agbani Darego(Model):

Beautiful Women from Nigeria

  • Genevieve Nnaji (Actress and Singer):

Beautiful Nigeria Girls

  • Oluchi Onweagba (Model):

Beautiful Girls in Nigeria

  • Adaora Akubilo (Model):

  • Sylvia Nduka (Crowned as a Most Beautiful Girl, Nigeria):

9. Most Beautiful Women in South Africa:

South Africa is said to be a home for some of the most stunning women in the planet. The women here have an outstanding kind of beauty that stands apart and young, thin women with a homogenous skin tone are considered more attractive. Beauty(2) in South Africa is based on Eurocentric beauty standards. This country is known for its charming women who are tall, with good flawless skin, an oval face, and bright eyes. The South Africa girl image has improved with women excelling in different fields:

  • Candice Susan Swanepoel(Model):

south africa girl image

  • ThandoHopa (Model/Activist/Lawyer):

south africa girl photo

  • Tanit Phoenix (Fashion Model/Actress/Makeup Artist):

south african beauty

  • Charlize Theron(Actress and Producer):

hot south african girls

  • Candice Boucher (Model):

black african girls

10. Beautiful Angolan Women:

Angolan women are generally attractive with oval faces and doe-shaped eyes. The women here have lovely dark skin with thick natural hair. They are very creative and innovative in their vibrant hairstyles and are made of butter, ochre, and cow dung. The women are pretty with an unreal kind of beauty. Among the stunning African lady photo are models from Angola like:

  • Leila Lopes (Angolan Beauty Queen):

Leila Lopes

  • Micaela Reis (Actress/TV Presenter/Angolan Model):

Micaela Reis

  • Sharam Diniz (Supermodel):

Sharam Diniz

  • Michaela Pinto (Model):

Michaela Pinto

  • Lesliana Pereira (Beauty Queen):

Lesliana Pereira

Beautiful Women in Namibia:

Among the astonishingly beautiful women of Angola are the iconic red women of the Himba tribe. What is striking about these women is the application of butter, fat, and red ochre on their skin and hair. This gives a red hue to their appearance, which not only makes them look unique but also protects their skin. The women are slender and tall in build and have intricately decorated hairdos. The women of Mbalantu tribe are known for their long braided hairstyles. A few among hot African women models are:

  • Behati Prinsloo (Model):

Behati Prinsloo

  • Paulina Malulu (Model/Miss Namibia):

Paulina Malulu

  • Yana Haenisch (Model):

Yana Haenisch

  • Philippa Muller (Film Industry):

Philippa Muller

  • Susan Van Zyl (High-profile Model):

Susan Van Zyl pics

All these beautiful and confident women(3) of Africa from different cultural backgrounds have succeeded in their mission of active role modelling for the young African girls who look up to them. These awe-inspiring women give them hope that they too can break the age-old shackles of society which is prevalent all over Africa. The success stories of these women would inspire these young girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly and to break stereotype leaving lasting footprints in their fields of pursuit.