We are obsessed with beauty and hot looks, and nowhere can a woman look beautiful without having a fuller and well-formed mouth. Lips are often attributed to attractiveness, and having fuller proportionate lips sets the bar even high for any fashionista. These women celebrities we are about to talk about are known to have the hottest and most gorgeous lips in the world. Their hot lips enhance and accentuate their beautiful looks, allowing them to style them further with stunning lipstick for any red carpet event.

So, why wait? Let us go ahead and learn about the stunning actress with the hot and most kissable lips in the world. Undoubtedly, you would agree with us when we say these women have the most beautiful lips!

30 Beautiful and Kissable Big lips in the World 2023:

We can’t wait to talk to you about the gorgeous celebs and females with beautiful full, and big lips. Undoubtedly, their stunning proportionate lips contribute to most of their attractive looks and gorgeousness. Here we go with the list of celebrities and actresses with big lips!

1. Angelina Jolie:

When we talk about who has the perfect lips in Hollywood, the first name that comes to all of our minds is Angelina Jolie. The beauty has the ideal and well proportionate full, balanced lips in the world. Her lips are literally worshipped with natural light pink colour and beautiful shape. No wonder this celebrity puts on a red hot bold lipstick to any red carpet event, we have a heart full!

2. Christina Hendricks:

Another global star who is known for beautiful lips is Christina Hendricks. She is often spotted wearing bright, bold red lipstick, and no wonder, with such beautiful and fuller wide lips she loves to flaunt her beauty. The diva has balanced and wide lips, adding to her charming smile too!

3. Brigitte Bardot:

If you wonder why are we particularly talking of Brigitte Bardot, you can see why she still stays relevant. The beauty has among the hottest lips in the world. She has well-balanced and fuller lips on the upper lip and thin and wide lower lip, making them look beautiful with any lipstick.

4. Priyanka Chopra:

When we talk about Bollywood stars, one actress who first comes to our mind with bold, fuller, and big lips is Priyanka Chopra. Well, we agree that the actress worked hard with several medical procedures to reach to these fuller lips, but right now, they are the sexiest lips in both Bollywood and Hollywood. She has stunning full pouts, and we can’t take our eyes off her.

5. Scarlett Johansson:

Just like Angeline Jolie, we also cannot take our eyes off this diva. Scarlett Johansson has some beautiful facial features with a chic style statement; the significant part of her beauty is her lips. She has the perfect fuller pout with grand lips shape, with a beautiful, charming smile with them. We definitely would say she has the best celebrity lips in contemporary era!

6. Jessica Alba:

Talk about pretty and feminine lip shape; Jessica Alba has it. The beauty is known for her nude colour,and small tiny cute lips in Hollywood. She has the genes of American Mexican, and we guess they both added to give her the most beautiful and elegant charming lip shape. Do you agree with us? With these lovely and hot lips shape, she can easily flaunt different bold and neutral nude lipstick colours.

7. Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor has a wider but thin lip shape and looks stunning and absolutely beautiful with all lipsticks. If you can think of graceful and classic feminine lips, then Sonam Kapoor has them! She may not give you a full pout, but her lips are definitely hot and stunning, accentuating her glam quotient.

8. Katrina Kaif:

Next to Priyanka Chopra, we all would agree that Katrina Kaif has Bollywood’s most lovely and stunning lips. Katrina Kaif’s lips are featured to be fuller and wider, with a thin and luscious look. Her smile looks charming, and her attractive looks always appear graceful and luxurious only due to her beautiful wide and thin lip shape. Her natural lips colour is light pink. What do you think of this actress? She is among the list of celebrities with fuller yet thin lips!

9. Marilyn Monroe:

Come whatever age and generation, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty will always be the talk of the town. She is an epic and iconic celebrity who always will stay relevant and fashionable. We can never forget about the juicy and beautiful Marilyn Monroe’s lips too. She is what pop culture defines, and her lips are among her most attractive features. Many actress, even today, take inspiration from her iconic and statement red lipstick.

10. Kerry Washington:

We cannot skip talking about the beautiful and ever-youthful Kerry Washington. She is among the celeb who can rock any lipstick shade, given her beautiful lips and their natural colour. With her exquisite and comparatively smaller yet fuller lips, Kerry Washington looks gorgeous in bold colour lips as well as nude colours.

11. Rosie Huntington-Whitley:

Suppose you are in awe with the entire idea of beautiful and flawless looks. In that case, you will absolutely adore Rosie Huntington-Whitley. She is the epitome of grace and charm, and we are in awe of her beauty. Her juicy and pretty lips are the center of attraction. She has beautiful fuller lips, which look amazing with all colour shades.

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12. Rihanna:

Our beauty girl, RiRi, always stays on the top of trends. Be it glamour and fashion or beauty, one can never get over Rihanna. The diva also has a wider, fuller pout. She nails each trend with her beautiful and hot lips, from bold and unique colour shades and lipsticks to the neutral and nudes. The natural fullness of her lips and proportion goes very well with her facial structure, in turn adding to the style statement.

13. Adriana Lima:

While most of you may not think of Adriana Lima’s hot lips, we would definitely fall under this league who loves her lips. The reason – the volume of her lips. The proportion between the upper and lower lip of Adriana Lima brings on beautiful definition and gorgeous looks. She also has very natural looking lips with lovely natural shades, accentuating the glamour and making any lipstick look good on her.

14. Jennifer Lopez:

We can never leave mentioning Jennifer Lopez, can we? JLo is our personal favourite when it comes to having hot and fuller lips. She has natural-looking lips, although we agree that came as a result of way too many surgeries. However, the fuller pout suits her beautiful face and gives her a charming and ever-youthful appearance.

15. Kylie Jenner:

Kylie does have her cosmetic line, but when it comes to beauty, we also believe she has an eye for them. The beautiful lips run very naturally in her family as all of them are blessed with attractive lip shade and shape. We love the natural juicy, nude-ish and pink-ish shade of her lips! She does have sexy and hot lips, doesn’t she?!

16. Kim Kardashian:

Love her or hate her, you cannot think of leaving out Kardashian from the list of women with hot lips. All her cosmetic surgeries paid off well, as she has the perfect full pout in the list of celebs in the contemporary era. Even her natural lips look glossed beautifully!

17. Megan Fox:

We can never get over the gorgeous lips of Megan Fox. The diva looks absolutely ravishing and exquisite in all the looks, and we would credit them all to her attractive and stunning hot lips. Her natural lips and lip shape are well balanced with equal upper and lower lip proportions. She loves the bold dark lipsticks than the nude shades, which indeed accentuate the beauty of lips.

18. Amanda Seyfried:

If you have ever looked Amanda Seyfried’s eyes, you can notice all the difference. She has distinct and very beautiful lips that sure will make you enchanted. The beauty has a balanced and perfect tiny and wide lip shape. For her natural lips, the bold and red colour lipsticks suit a lot!

19. Anne Hathaway:

When we talk about naturally big and fuller wide lips, the only celebrity actress that comes to mind is Anne Hathaway. This beauty has natural big lips that give a very wide and charming smile. No wonder she looks stunning in all the pictures and occasions, as the lips always steal the center of attraction!

20. Bipasha Basu:

Another Bollywood diva we can never forget mentioning with big lips is Bipasha Basu. The diva is always known for taking too much care of her beauty and fitness, and we can see that she has quite a sharp, beautiful lip. She has a sharper and larger lower lip than her upper lip, and that brings on a distinct attractive appearance.

21. Kareena Kapoor:

We love Kareena Kapoor’s fuller lips. She has pretty wide and large lips, with equal upper and lower lip ratio proportions. Her bigger lips result in a broader smile and, in fact, make her look stunning and beautiful. In addition, all the lipstick shades suit her immensely. What do you think?

22. Jennifer Garner:

Jennifer Garner has a sharper lip feature looking edgy and chic from every angle. She also worked around with lip augmentation, resulting in much wider and more beautiful lips. Whatever it may, we agree that now her lips look captivating and hot.

23. Naomi Campbell:

The supermodel Naomi Campbell also features in our list of the most beautiful and hot lips in the world. This diva has gorgeous wide lips, and both her lips are equally proportionate and are naturally in neutral shade. She personally loves nude shades, but we often see Naomi make the most of her naturally thick and wider lips.

24. Jennifer Hudson:

We all can safely agree that Jennifer Hudson’s fashion statements always make a mark and are also considered iconic. We love her broader and fuller lips that undoubtedly impact her beauty and style statement. She has naturally nude lip color; however, she tries both bold and neutral shades, looking ravishing and captivating.

25. Georgia May Jagger:

This blonde beauty is blessed with sharp and feminine eyes and stunning lips. She has the most lovely lips we ever saw, naturally looking seductive and juicy with a light pink tone. She often is seen flaunting her natural, pretty tiny lips with neutral lipstick shades.

26. Lupita Nyong’o:

We love the fresh and iconic beauty looks of Lupita Nyong’o. She has distinct features and no wonder they also create fashionable and glamorous appearances. We love Lupita’s wider lips; they also look bit broad and sharp, with the bigger upper lip giving a distinct appearance compared to the lower lip.

27. Drew Barrymore:

We must agree – Drew Barrymore has among the prettiest and sweetest lips ever. They look so naturally beautiful and stunning and often even appear naturally pink. So now you understand why we are in awe of Drew Barrymore’s lip proportion. They look sweet and charming and are perfect for all lipstick shades too!

28. Nicki Minaj:

Talk about dramatic and iconic appearances, Nicki Minaj will undoubtedly feature in the list. She has quite quirky and unique experimental beauty choices, and in all of that, she loves experimenting with her lips. We love how she sports bold and daring lip shades even today. Nicki’s wider and naturally broad lip proportion even adds to the glamour.

29. Camila Alves McConaughey:

You don’t need to work hard if you are blessed to be naturally beautiful. This is the case with Camila Alves. She has glossy and naturally perfect lips to compliment her overall grandeur and beautiful facial features. Even without makeup and lip shades, Camila looks most gorgeous and exquisite.

30. Amisha Patel:

Amisha may not have received a lot of box-office success in India, but no one can deny her beautiful looks. A large part of her beauty comes from attractive and hot lips. She has a very wide lip proportion, but her upper and lower lips are thin. As a result, she gives a beautiful pouty smile always!

So, how did you enjoy exploring today’s feature on women and actress celebrities with the most gorgeous and hot lips in the world? Without any doubt, we all agree that the list of women featured above has the loveliest, charming and pretty lips in the world. What do you think?


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