Kannada movie industry is another famous regional cinema from the South, with amazing and talented actors and commercial storylines. The Kannada actors are our favourite part of the Sandalwood cinema. They are handsome, deliver good acting, and always give gripping performances at the Sandalwood. Today, we have with us the Kannada heroes list to share with you. This list of actors from the Sandalwood movie is among the reigning ones and is famous for their characters.

Are you interested to know more about these actors? They indeed are lesser known in the Indian national scenario and deserve some attention.

Best and Top Kannada Movie Actors 2023:

Now, let us move ahead and explore some of the best names on the actor list in the Kannada movie industry. These heroes are nothing less than superstars. While some are established and already have a good following, others are rising up to the mark. Here we go!

Best Highest-Paid Famous Kannada Male Actors:

First, let us check out the big and famous actors in the Kannada industry. They are a superstar in Kannada and have immense stardom already. They have established themselves with hard work and have an impeccable sense of acting talent. Not just that, but these actors are also stunning and handsome. If you are familiar with Sandalwood, you might have already guessed some names. Here they are!

1. Sudeep:

2. Darshan:

3. Upendra:

4. Yash:

5. Rakshith Shetty:

Biggest Old Kannada Film Male Actors:

Like all the other regional cinemas, there are some famous all-time classic superstars. They have made their mark in the sandalwood movie industry and set benchmarks. One can never forget their roles and characters. Can you guess who these Kannada film heroes are?

6. Shankar Nag:

7. Vishnuvardhan:

8. Rajkumar:

9. Anant Nag:

10. Puneet Rajkumar:

Kannada Comedy Famous Actors:

What are movies without some fun? The comedians play a significant role in this part; they lift up the movie and make it worthwhile to watch. We have some of the most famous and top comedy actors from the Kannada movie industry. These Kannada film heroes are all-time classics and our favourites too.

11. Tennis Krishna:

12. Sadhu Kokila:

13. Chikkanna:

14. Bullet Prakash:

15. Rangayana Raghu:

Kannada Serial Famous Actors List:

Some famous running serials on Kannada television have extraordinary, unrecognized talents. They might be lesser known in the national scenario. However, they do deserve quite some attention. We have also compiled some handsome and talented faces from Kannada television. The Sandalwood actors include:

16. Bharat Bopanna:

17. Karthik Jayaram:

18. Chandan Kumar:

19. Vijay Suriya:

20. Chandu Gowda:

Kannada Famous Side Actors Names:

How about also getting to know the famous supporting and side actors in the sandalwood industry? They are no lesser than the hero, and a story would be futile without them. They lit up the entire movie plot and delivered terrific performances every single time. We also have our favourites in this category, who are among the most famous Sandalwood side actor heroes.

21. Avinash:

22. Achyuth Rao:

23. Ravishankar:

24. KS Ashwanth:

25. Dwarakish:

Famous Kannada Villain Actors:

What is a movie without a villain? We all agree to this, isn’t it? We have some most famous faces in Kannada villain actors too. Besides the heroes, these actors playing negative roles are considered to have classic plots. These indeed are challenging characters to do and deserve a lot of appreciation. The popular negative roles of top heroes in Sandalwood are:

26. Balakrishna:

27. Tiger Prabhakar:

28. Musuri Krishnamurthy:

29. Sudheer:

30. MP Shankar:

31. Ambareesh:

32. Shakti Prasad:

33. Lokesh:

Kannada Best Short Film Actors:

Some Kannada short films are doing really well and are receiving a whole lot of appreciation. The central part behind this is the actors who shine on the screen. These Kannada short film actors are known for their best performances and their style of dialogue delivery. With this talent, they have a long way to go! What do you think?

34. Hakkim Shah:

35. Kishore Kumar G:

36. Gautham Bhavaraju:

37. Munish Manjunath:

38. Abhilash Shetty:

Most Handsome New Kannada Actors:

Some fresh talents are upcoming or have just been launched in the Kannada cinema industry. Sandalwood definitely has a lot to offer to these new talents, and the actors are still to establish their presence. However, we can’t discard that they are all handsome. Check them out!

39. Niranjan Sudhindra:

40. Zaid Khan:

41. Dixith:

So, how do you like this list of talented and handsome Kannada top actors? While we know some of these heroes, some are yet to be established. However, there is no denying that talent is underlying all of them. Do you agree with us?


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