Face shapes and facial features play a prominent role in determining leads for styling in the fashion world. Depending on the type of one’s face shape, the styling options and makeup can alter. But is there something called having a perfect face shape? Well, let us answer your question by exploring celebrity face shapes.

We all take inspiration from our favorite celebrities and follow them in styling, looks, makeup, and more. Faces of our favorite celebrities are always a charm to notice and follow. It is always interesting to learn style suggestions, and there is nothing that can go wrong, despite having any face structure. So, let’s do that today and check out our star looks and know their face shapes.

7 Types of Celebrity Face Shapes and Structures:

On the whole, there are seven types and kinds of face shapes for everyone in the world. Let us know all about them, and we can also see which famous celebrity by face has the same facial features as you!

1. Celebrities with Oval Faces:

This is by far one of the most common face shapes for people across the globe. Men and women, actors and actresses; several of them have oval face structures. If you possess an oval face shape and structure, that means your face is long. Here, the forehead is a bit wide than cheeks with balanced and symmetrical looks. The jaw may be a bit curvier. The famous celebrities with oval face shapes include

Anushka Sharma

Emma Watson

Kristen Stewart

Varun Dhawan

Chris Hemsworth

2. Heart Shaped Face Celebrities:

Here is a simple trick to recognize a heart face shape – stand before the mirror noticing yourself, and see if your face is in the shape of an inverted upside-facing triangle. Well, this means you have a bit of pointy chin and an entire feel forehead. The forehead and jawline are similar in width. This also gives a sense of feel that the face looks smaller and sleek. Famous celebrities with heart face shape are

Deepika Padukone

Scarlett Johansson

Bradley Cooper

Ryan Gosling

3. Celebrities with Rectangular / Oblong Face Shapes:

As the name suggests, if you have rectangular face shapes, your forehead area, chin, jawline, cheeks are pretty much similar in width. It is a bit of extension from an oval face shape. Your face appears a bit long and wide in length. The celebrities under oblong or rectangular face shapes include

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Sandra Bullock

Katrina Kaif

Akshay Kumar


4. Celebs with Round Faces:

You can always guess people with round faces quickly – the overall appearance of facial features appears facing slightly outward, with cheeks covering significantly on the face. The ends feel to appear soft with rounded edges. The overall structure is circular in shape, proportional to the same length and width. Celebrities with round face shapes include,

Vidya Balan

Emma Stone

Leonardo DiCaprio

Justin Timberlake

5. Square Face Shape Celebrities:

Having a square face shape seems slightly different from a round face shape – there is no curvy feel at the edges of the face, sides of the face are sharp and straight, and the jawline is angular in appearance. The square face also has equal length and width, with overall a flat feel. Celebrities with square face shapes include,

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Katie Holmes

Kelly Osborne

Aamir Khan

Tom Cruise

6. Diamond Face Celebrities:

This is also among the favorite face shapes for many women, for these facial features delivering feminine and charming looks. It is pretty easy to guess if you have a diamond face shape – your center of the hairline connects directly to the center of cheeks and the chin area. The jaw is pointy, the hairline is very narrow, and cheekbones appear high. Celebs with diamond face shapes are

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Jennifer Lopez

Malaika Arora

Vicky Kaushal

Johnny Depp

7. Triangle or Pear Face Shape Celebrities:

You may have heard a little less about pear face shapes. In this case, there is a wide jawline compared to the forehead. That means the forehead and chin are narrow, and the forehead is special attention given a broader look overall. Celebrities with this face shape include,

Brad Pitt

Meghan Markle

Kevin Bacon

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Now you know the most common celebrity face shapes in the world. Did you identify which kind of facial feature do you have? Or, do you have a specific face shape that’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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