It took very long to break the barriers pertaining to a specific body size when it comes to modelling world. However, this modern era is witnessing the rise of several plus size bikini models. These fashionistas rule the red carpet events and show runways with their amazing looks and incredible hot style statements. They are unapologetic, flaunting their curves and sizzling on fashion magazine covers, gaining fans across the globe.

Today, we have rounded up the super-hot, curvy, plus size bikini and swimsuit models famous worldwide. These famous plus-size models are the most-wanted in the fashion town today and redefine how we see glamour. Continue reading to know more.

20 Hottest Plus Size Bikini Women in Instagram 2023:

Here we go; we have compiled the most popular women bikini models in plus size fashion. Check them out, and you will undoubtedly be impressed by them!

1. Ashley Graham:

When we talk of plus-size fashion, we can think of no one but Ashley Graham. She entered the fashion industry when it was unwelcome to curvy women; however,she broke the barriers with her confidence and impressive looks. She has been everywhere ever since, working with top international brands and fashion houses. Her stunning looks and beautiful curves with exquisite glamorous always keeps her much above others.

2. Tara Lynn:

Have you ever heard of Tara Lynn? This plus size swimsuit and lingerie model is quite famous and has constantly been appearing in magazines such as Italia and Vogue. She has also worked with other popular houses, such as Elle, and is quite talented. Beauty has always been preaching for opening the industry for every shape and everybody.

3. Denis Bidot:

If you never checked out Denis Bidot, it is high time you must! This gorgeous plus size model with a charming look, stunning smile and lovely confidence is a gem to the industry. She was among the first of models to promote swimwear without retouching. Her naturally attractive looks always make us mesmerized.

4. Candice Huffine:

If you think Ashley Graham is the one and foremost famous choice in plus size model, this new diva has been quite the leading in the industry too. The fashion town’s new favourite, Candice Huffine, is beautiful with gorgeous and ultra-hot looks. She has been in the modelling industry for over a decade and is among the first plus-size model featured in the famous Pirelli calendar. She always encourages the youth to body positive and is racing to redefine the concept of fitness as being skinny.

5. Paloma Elsesser:

This young plus size model is making quite some noise in the beauty world with her impeccable talent and looks. The plus size model born in London is a part of Rihanna’s beauty brand, Fenty Beauty. She shot up to fame and now is appearing with several international houses and brands. This famous beauty also appeared in several magazines and is known for the lovely curvy looks.

6. Fluvia Lacerda:

Another plus size model whom you have to note down is Fluvia Lacerda. A magazine editor initially discovered the US-based model and later slowly became famous. She now works with some of the most prominent magazines and is also among the first hot plus-size models to appear on Play Boy’s cover. Fluvia has got some incredible looks and confidence in her body, and she undoubtedly has a long way to go.

7. Chloe Marshall:

Did you know that Chloe Marshall is the first size 16 model who has reached Miss England title finals? From then on, there is no stopping her. Her stunning looks and exquisite hot beauty has made names in fashion town. She is also the face of several international brands and sets new standards every year.

8. Tinder Badhesha:

Have you ever come across a plus size Indian model? Most of us surely did not! But Tinder Badhesha is here to make some noise with her exquisite hot, and beautiful looks. She is making the country proud on global platforms and is among the first America’s Indian plus-size models. She walks on the New York fashion week ramp and is rising to new heights. Her curvy body and the larger lower part attracted both attention and applause for how she carried it so effortlessly.

9. Robyn Lawley:

Robyn Lawley! If you did not hear about her, you must! She shot her first for Sports Illustrated; from then on, there is no turning back. The swimsuit plus size model has got quite some beautiful curves, a wide smile and charming facial features. She is among the hottest beauties and is often trending for bold photo shoots.

10. Marquita Pring:

Marquita Pring is another plus size bikini and swimsuit model trending worldwide. Well, undoubtedly, she is super talented, gorgeous and stunning; however, what sets her apart from others is the bold facial features and unique sharp looks during the photoshoots. If you see her pictures, you can easily agree that she sets the surroundings on fire just by her eye expressions.

11. Ali Tate-Cutler:

Did you know that this plus size beauty has worked with Victoria’s Secret on their campaigns? The gorgeous UK-based model is the first 14 size model to work with the acclaimed brand. She looks gorgeous with her immensely beautiful curves and now also appears with other famous international fashion houses and brands.

12. Iskra Lawrence:

Another UK plus-size bikini model we should all know about is Iskra Lawrence. She is among the hottest and most prominent models who entered the industry by age 13. By now, she is among the popular choices in curvy models. She campaigns actively for redefining the word ‘sexy’ to only thin and skinny women and continues to work to look unique and special with her own individuality.

13. Jennie Runk:

Another hot plus size model we should all know about is Jennie Runk. She is the first plus size model for the H&M brand and has slowly gained popularity for her sharp and special features. The dark tresses, beautiful eyes with facial features, and the immensely confident looks in any photoshoot make the viewers feel mesmerized.

14. Whitney Thompson:

This blonde hair beauty won over several other figures competing in America’s next top model season ten and won the big beauty contract. She began working with Elite and Cover girl after the competition and after, there is no turning back. Although she looks chubby, she is beautifully toned and curvy and comes somewhere between size 12 and 16.

15. Barbie Ferreira:

You must all know this new-gen plus size model is making noise in the fashion town. Barbie Ferreira has rose to the limelight after American Eagle Outfitters swimsuit campaigns. Since then, she has begun working for brands such as Forever 21, Misguided and Adidas.

16. Alina Winchmann:

Alina Winchmann is another beautiful curvy model who is not only famous for her ramp walks but also for singing. The gorgeous model looks smoking hot and sexy with her lovely curves. The secret behind her confident looks in any campaign is to stay comfortable and believe in the body. It is quite cool, isn’t it?

17. Rae Ann Langas:

Rae Ann Langas may be lesser known compared to several other models right here, but you must check her out. The confident hot curvy model and influencer always exude hot summer vibes with bikini and lingerie. She is known for flaunting her curves in a bold way effortlessly and yet nails every single time.

18. Joanna Spicer:

How about accepting yourself for all your looks and liberating your inhibitions? Our diva, Joanna Spicer, follows this secret for her beautiful looks. The diva has a charming smile and impeccable curvy beautiful looks. According to her, she never allows a single doubt or hesitation on her way to flaunt her chubby and curvy body. We sure have a lot to learn from her, don’t we!

19. Georgia Pratt:

The New Zealand born curvy model Georgia Pratt is another perfect and must-know figure in the fashion world. She started receiving global limelight after shooting for the lingerie label Lonely, known for bringing forth women of all ages and sizes in their campaigns.

20. Kate Wasley:

If you recognize Kate Wasley, it is probably because she has appeared in the acclaimed Sports Illustrated magazine. The blonde hair beauty is always active and around to promote body positivity. She has a large social media following, and always keeps her fans updated with her beautiful hot looks and curvy figure.

These plus size swimsuit and bikini models redefine fashion and rule the red carpet.


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