Turkish beauty is not well-known in the mainstream fashion world. But, you would be thrilled to see Turkish women. They are filled with grace, elegance and timeless style. Turkish women are charming and beautiful, and their fashion world often represents their rich culture and heritage. Today, we have a Turkish female actresses and models list. They are among the most beautiful Turkish actress in this generation, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off them! Fascinated? Read along to know more about the trending Turkish actress and models.

20 Most Beautiful Turkish Actress and Models 2023:

Let us now go ahead and explore the charming and ever-timeless Turkish beauty. We have Turkish actors females and models famous around us this year.

A. Turkish Actresses:

1. Oyku Karayel(33):

Okyu Karayal is among the first women that come to our mind when talking about Turkish actresses. She has changed the course of action in the acting industry with her elegant and super-bold sizzling looks. Her mesmerizing appealing appearance, perfect fit, slim figure, and striking facial features always impress us and make us stunned! She even got nominated as the most beautiful Turkish actress for a few years, besides winning several best actress awards.

2. Beren Saat(39):

The next celebrity Turkish actress we have is BerenSaat. The gorgeous beauty is often spelt as the national crush, owing to her looks. She is a leading Turkish celebrity in the female segment, and you would be shocked to know her career trajectory. Starting off with a small television role, Beren rose to fame with her talent and looks. Their stunning beauty can hypnotize the audience just with their marvellous appearance. She has now acted in several Turkish dramas and movies and also won several awards.

3. Hande Dogandemir(37):

HandeDogandemir is among the leading Turkish actresses. Her charming looks and creative style with bold yet artistic features are something we love about her. Hande has been running successes in several of her film roles over the years. She has a perfect sense of talent she learned over several years of acting and alluring looks. She stands tall as an inspiration to several youngsters with her confident and bright attitude. The beauty also won three best actress awards to date.

4. Hande Ercel(29):

HandeErsil, without any doubt, is among the leading contemporary actresses of Turkey. She has come into the limelight from the romantic comedy AşkLaftanAnlamaz, and there is no stopping her from then. Since then, she has worked in several movies and is among the most sought and demanded artists now. We love her simple yet hot style statement and appearances on and off-screen. Her long hair and wavy tresses, besides the dreamy looks, are something we are in awe of!

5. Saadet Aksoy(40):

The Turkish-born actress, Saadet Aksoy, is undoubtedly among another beautiful and stunning Turkish actress. Her captivating looks and dramatic appearance in all movies, besides her shoots, impresses her fans and the audience. Moreover, the beauty never shies away from experimenting with even the unique style and appearances – she impresses us both with her elegant seamless and minimal style, besides her hot and bold red hair punk appearance. Such versatility is lesser known in contemporary actresses, and we love her for that!

6. Esra Bilgic(31):

Another young and invincible actress we have on the list is EsraBilgic. The mesmerizing beauty is impeccably talented and has recognition in Turkey and across the globe. She has worked in several plays and movies and is often appreciated for her artistic looks, and creative acting talent, besides radiant, bright appearances.

7. Demet Ozdemir(31):

Demet Ozdemir is a beautiful actress with creative acting flair, vibrant looks and an elegant style statement. She acted in several shows and movies and has gained awards and recognition in the national scenario and even abroad. Demet is among the actress who even won the best Foreign actress award in the Murex d’Or Award of Lebanon. Every time we see her on-screen, we fall in love with her adorable and graceful looks.

8. Ezgi Asaroglu(36):

If you like the old-school styled actress with timeless looks, you will love EzgiAsaroglu. Beauty is a known Turkish movie actress and has the natural good looks we all dream of! Besides their remarkable acting talent and sophisticated appearance, her innocent face mesmerizes us. She carries a sense of aura with her in all her appearances!

9. Hazal Kaya(33):

Hazal Kaya is a renowned actress in movies and television series. She is naturally radiant and so beautiful that most of us cannot believe it’s her actual looks. Her eye-catchy and spellbinding looks make us fall in love with her every time we see her. Her curly tresses, milky white skin colour and hazel eyes are an absolute dreamy appearance. Hazal even has good acting talent. No doubt, she is among the most loved actress in Turkey.

10. Tugba Melis Turk(33):

Another gifted actress we have is TugbaMelis Turk. The beauty has striking facial features and a gorgeous mane that shocks all of us in an instant. She even has a good acting flair and has acted in some acclaimed projects and movies.

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B. Turkish Models:

11. Buse Iskenderoglu(27):

Our first top Turkish model in this list is Buse Iskenderoglu. Beauty is among popular names not just in the country but also across the globe. She won the Miss Turkey World in 2016, and since then, has been excelling in the fashion world. Her right, confident attitude, besides her bold style and looks, is what the audience loves! She nails all her fashion shoots and is among the top Turkish models, always busy with several projects.

12. Simge Tertemiz(35):

SimgeTertemiz is among the top model from Turkey. She even has won several best model awards and is presently an active model and tv presenter. She has worked with several acclaimed brands. Her flawless looks and the right figure is all we adore whenever we see her! She indeed is among our top female Turkish models!

13. Elif Ozkul(35):

The Turkish TV host and model ElifOzkul is an absolute treat to the eyes. She has a dreamy appearance with blue eyes and wavy tresses, besides her slim and fit body! She looks breathtaking in all her appearances on and off-screen and stuns the audience. She has several fans following even on her social media account.

14. Ebru Sam(33):

Ebru Sam has won Miss Turkey and is among the prominent Turkish models. The petite beauty has black hair and slim facial features, with youthful and attractive looks. She has been winning the hearts of the fashion world with her gorgeous appearances, flawless styling and bold style statements! We can’t get over these hot Turkish models!

15. Berrin Keklikler(29):

Talk about matte looks, elegant appearance and timeless beauty; we can show you BerrinKeklikler. The once-crowd Miss Universe Turkey is just a perfect fashion Goddess! She is flawless in everything she does, right from her looks to style and elegance! Her innovative styling and experimental look impress us with her creativity!

So, we hope you enjoyed exploring all about the Turkish models and actresses reigning right now. Who is your favourite? The Turkish women indeed are nothing less than dreamy, and we love how stunning all of them are! Let us know your thoughts!


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