9 Best Dollar Nail Art Designs

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Who doesn’t want to be rich and powerful? Almost every one of us does. It may not be possible to become rich overnight but you can still adorn your nails richly. Creating Richie rich nail arts is not that difficult. You can create millionaire style nail art designs using playing note stacks or using water decal stickers on to the nails. You can also create free hand patterns of dollar symbols or the drawing up faces of Benjamin Franklin or the like.

Here are our top 9 inspirations for dollar or money nail designs.

1. Free Hand Dollar Nail Art:

You can create a free hand dollar nail art pattern like this one quite easily. Try this out with your nail art kit. If you are a college student then this nail art can be quite trendy to sport. You can sport these nails even at a formal party. For more glamour, add some glitters.

2. Water Decal Dollar Celebrity Nails:

Rihanna is known for her different style statements. She was spotted wearing a dollar nail art design. She flaunted this design to the media with grace. Simple yet classy looking dollar nails are totally in from celebrities to the common college going girls. If you can grab hold of some nice water decals in the form of dollars then this type of a nail art is a must attempt.

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3. Play Note Dollar Nails:

You can get playing false dollar notes from a local toy store. Cut those dollar notes according to your nail’s shape and size. Place them properly over a layer of nail paint preferably transparent or white. Now press them firmly. Use 2 or 3 coats of top coat to seal the nail art. These will last as long as the transparent polish lasts.

4. Dollar Nail Art French Tips:

To create nails like the ones above, you will first need to cut properly playing dollar bills. Next you need to properly stick these up on to the tips of the nails. Finish off with a transparent nail paint. Show off this design with a short dress or trendy jumpsuits.

5. Dollar Deco Foil Nails:

A scattered foil and dollar stud combination nail can be easy to create. Use golden foil for the nails. Golden foil looks like gold and expensive in appearance. Using dollar studs and golden foil will give your nails more rich look. This is best dollar nail art foil design.

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