Nails which add themselves with different coats of glitters, maybe fully of the glitters or maybe with a mix of plain colors and glitters; make different sorts of glitter nail art designs. The glitter nail paints make the nails glow and shine which gets a lot of eyes on the lady and makes her blush.

Beautiful Glitter Nail Art Designs with Images:

1. Sea Green Glitter Nail Paint:

Just buy glittered nail paint and paint them on your nails, to get the easiest possible glitter nail art. See the image; the fingers are holding on to a bottle of sea green glitter nail paint and the nails are colored with it. They look pretty and shiny.

2. Mauve and Glitter Nail Art Design:

Take mauve or a similar violet color and paint four nails on your palm keep the ring finger empty. Add a darker color, like the purplish glitter we see in the image; which make the nail art design look different. You can look closer and see that the glitter paint has small granules of different colors of purple, blue, pink, silver, etc., which are making the finger shiny. Your nail art is easy and complete.

3. Silver Glitter Nail Art Design:

To make an easy silver glitter nail art, simply paint all the edges of your nails with silver glitter nail paint and then just coat it with gloss nail paint and you’re done.

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4. Red and Golden Glitter Nail Art:

You need two colors for this sort of a nail art you see in the image. Take a color, for example red and paint it in just one finger and let it dry. Take golden nail paint and paint all the other nails with it. Don’t let the odd, red nail be plain, add a strip of golden nail paint with a brush and there it is; your nails in red and golden glitters.

5. Black and Pink Glitter Nail Art Design:

Dark pink and black compliment each other really well and the ladies love the combination. Paint the base of the nail black and let it dry. Add pink glitter nail paints from the edge of the nails and make it fade as it comes towards the middle and keep no sign of it towards the end. If you have the hexes and the circle shape on the glitter paint from before then its fine else add similar nail art accessories with gloss paint or nail glue and you’re ready to rock.

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6. Silver and Golden Glitter Nail Art Design:

Silver and golden are two opposite colors used especially as glitter paints; which are accompanied with other colors in separate nail arts. Well, together they don’t look bad either. Take the two glitter paints and paint the nails with them. Paint with the golden glitter from below and silver glitter from the edge to the middle and merge the two paints together, which would make you’re nail art looks somewhat like you see in the image.

7. Pink and Black Nail Paints with Silver and Blue Glitter Nail Art Design:

First take two thin brushes and make a V shape from the two sides of the nail, left and right and make the V meet on the edge. One side should have black line and one should have silver glitter nail paint. They will make a border, so to the left of black, paint pink and to the right of silver, paint black. Coat the design with blue glitter nail paint on the portions painted, and the best of the nail paint with gloss. This is the best glitter nail art design.

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8. Black and White Glitter Nail Art Design:

Paint all the nails with white as a base and let it dry. Add black paint and make semi-circular shape from the bottom to the lower middle of the nails. Take silver glitters nail paint, in a thin brush and draw stripes in between the two colors as a partition, and you’re done with this simple nail art.

Glitter Nail Art Designs are a great selection for your nails. you can like this article reply to the suggestions.


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