Nails have long since had their role to play in enhancing a woman’s look. Polished, painted nails add sparkle to dull hands while at the same time intensify the beauty of freshly manicured hands. The trend of applying nail polish has recently evolved into a finer form of nail art that is manifested through a splendid display of styles and patterns designed on the nails.

While nail art looks stunning on fake nails, they look equally dazzling on real nails and come in various designs to suit even the smallest of nails. When it comes to selecting nail art themes, summer prints never go out of fashion. Available in dazzling colours and patterns, summer nail designs are by far the most fashionable. The hottest shades for summer are sky blue, bright red, flashy orange, hot yellow, smoking green and glittering pink while a host of other metallic and neon shades add to the pick list. Nude shades are also the in-thing as they can be paired with any colour for a blazing summer look.

Best Summer Nail Art Designs:

1. Psychedelic Summer Print:

This is a cool, abstract design done in a swirling motion with colourful summer prints. Psychedelic nail art designs look chic and are aptly suited for a night out at the disco.

2. Floral Summer nail art design:

Stay in vogue during the summer season with this glittering and sensational piece of nail art. Majestically done in a floral pattern with radiant summer hues, this design is resplendent in beauty and definitely a must-have for both women and girls.

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3. Neon Summer Design:

Neon colours are definite trendsetters in summer fashion and when applied to the nails in the form of nail art they go a long way in making a fashion statement. So ladies get ready for a bedazzled look this summer with this spectacular neon nail art design!

4. Fruit Nail Art:

There is nothing like displaying fruit inspired nail designs during springtime. It’s a great way of showcasing your favourite fruits on perfectly manicured nails. With this elegant display of summer fruits at the tips, girls need to literally be aware of biting away at their finger nails.

5. Daisy Nail Art Design:

Flowers are the epitome of beauty in all art forms and daisies are the easiest patterns to create when it comes to nail art. All this design requires is a spot of yellow on the desired area followed by white strokes around the yellow dots and your daisy nail print is good to go.

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6. Summer Beach Design:

Let your nails soak up the summer sun with this dazzling display of palm trees, bikinis and summer heat all artistically created on the finger nails. It is a crazy yet compelling piece of nail art designed with an eye for fashion.

7. Butterfly Nail Art Design:

Butterflies are the most sought after designs in any form of body art. Their exquisite patterns and colours are a sight for sore eyes. This butterfly nail design is complete in its summer theme with bright shades of red, orange, blue, green, yellow and purple.

8. Bright and Colourful Nail Art:

Summer polish shades are fun to work with. Depending on the design they can be bright, bold and daring or cute, pretty and charming. A simple yet bold design abounding in bright and colourful shades of summer, this piece of nail art is flashy and sparks attitude.

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9. Yellow Flower Design:

Summers are all about bright colours and there’s nothing like a bright and vibrant nail art design to cause a sensation. Women love to stand out which is very evident from the various nail art designs they flaunt. This brightly coloured yellow flower design is sure to make heads turn. It is rich in design and alive in colour giving the nails a stunning look.

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