The onset of summer witnesses a burst of bright and vivacious colors all around. Girls especially love that summery look with their summer dresses, fancy sunglasses, trendy slippers and of course colorfully painted nails done in a variation of styles and patterns. A typical summer nail art design is the Sunflower look. With a variety of brilliant colors to choose from the sunflower design makes a wondrous display in shades of yellow, gold, red, orange, and rust. Sunflower nail art holds the fascination of almost every girl. The sunflower pattern can be done in a diversified range of designs from just the petals to the entire flower or a single sunflower to a number of them on a single nail. Whatever the design they look cheerful and are sure to brighten up one’s day.

1. Sunflower One Stroke Nail Art:

The blue base coat in this sunflower nail art design offsets the singular strokes of the flower while the yellow dots add to the intensity of the look and style.

2. Traditional Sunflower Nail Art:

This design is done in traditional colors of brown used as the base coat and for the sunflower seeds and yellow for the sunflower. It has a cute retro look and would look dazzling against the backdrop of a white summer dress. Accessorize the dress with a bright yellow umbrella and you could create a movie star look.

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3. Translucent Sunflower Nail Art:

Nail art done on a clear or translucent base coat is effective in highlighting the respective nail design and attracting the right amount of attention. The sheen present in the base coat gives the sunflower a shimmering look.

4. Sunflower Sticker Nail Art:

Nail art designs done with various nail art equipment can at times be a time-consuming process in order to get that desired look. With nail art stickers available for the purpose, decorating the nails has become a much more easier task. Just paint the nails with any color of your choice and place the sticker at the desired areas. This combination of red nail polish with yellow sunflowers has a smoking hot effect.

5. Pretty Sunflower Nails:

This sunflower design makes the summer come alive with its color combination of green and yellow. The green base coat gives the design a leaf like effect with the sunflower blossoming on top. This piece of nail art paints a pretty picture for dainty young girls.

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6. French Manicure Sunflower Nail Art:

The ever so popular French manicure by itself is a craze amongst women. Transform it into a beautiful piece of nail art design and it becomes an instant hit among all other styles of nail art. The uniqueness of the sunflower pattern against the characteristic pink base and white tipped nail enamel reflects good taste and sheer elegance.

7. Studded Sunflower Nail Art:

Sunflower nail art in any style or color portrays a charming picture. When accompanied by studs it has more than it’s desired effect. Pearls exemplify beauty and pearl studded nail art reflects the very essence of a woman. The beauty of these pearl studs adds intensity to the sunflower design giving it an almost seductive look.

8. Red Sunflower Nail Art:

For a bold and provocative look go with a red sunflower design against a glittering gold base coat. There’s nothing like a sensuous nail art design to bring out the sexy you. So go ahead, defy all customs and add some spice to your life with this ravishing nail design.

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9. Sunflower Nail Design:

This sunflower design covering the entire length of the nail would make any day feel like a bright summer’s day. It looks exotic with its contrasting color combination. The sunflowers are done in a traditional yellow shade of nail polish with touches of orange while the black backdrop gives it a bewitching effect. This sunflower design would look equally cheerful on short nails.

Sunflower nail art is a summer look nail art design and it is one of the special nail art designs of all. Here you look at some cute sunflower nail art designs, choose your best one.


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