We differentiate gold and silver from all the other colors present in the entire universe, but checking on the originality, golden color is also known as a part of the yellow color group, which is actually a much more polished version of yellow, and which has been formed by alloying a lot of other colors. Gold Nail Art Designs are nails arts which have golden color nail paint or golden glitter nail paints used on them, for the gold effect.

Latest Gold Nail Art Designs With Images:

1. Simple Gold Nail Art Designs:

In the picture above, we see a plain golden nail paint used to color the nails, which give them a shiny look and a golden touch. The colors you use with the golden nail paints should mostly be dark, as they make the golden effect look much more prominent than the lighter ones.

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2. Red and Gold Nail Art Design:

Golden and red complement each other. The nail art you see below is very easy. Paint all your nails except one, which should be kept aside to apply the golden nail paint entirely, just as you see in the picture. Apply red on the rest of the nails, keeping the edges empty to put golden layer on it after the red paint dries and you’re done with a ravishing look.

3. Gold Nail Art with Gloss Nail Paint:

Paint all your nails in gloss nail paint and let it dry up. Take a sleek brush and dab it in golden nail paint and make strokes a little below the edge of the nail, or you can even stick golden stick on for nails just the way you see in the picture and make it look like that. Keep one nail only with gloss paint to put golden sparkly nail paint. This nail paint should be maximum on the edges and then it should slowly fade away from the middle to the end. This would get your nails a clean and sophisticated look.

4. Sea Green Golden Nail Art Design:

You need sea green nail paint, and of course a golden nail paint to do this sort of a nail art. First paint all your nails with the sea green color as base and let it dry. Take the sleek golden nail paint brush out of the bottle and make shapes of lightning or a half cut star shape, just as you can see in the image. To do that, paint one corner of the nail straight downward in shape of an upside down V, make two or three more upside-down V’s to get this shape accurately.

5. Black and Gold Nail Art Design:

As mentioned earlier, golden nail art designs should be made with dark colors. Black is the darkest of all and golden fits best with it. To make the two come together in a nail art first paint all the five nails on your finger with the golden color. Take a thin black brush and color a little bit of one side with it, vertically. Do it on two alternative nails. Then take a thinner brush and make two hearts not necessarily in the similar place. Add strokes with the black brush to give it a look, as you see in the image.

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6. Black and Golden Glitter Nail Paint:

You cannot explain how good black and golden complement each other with a better and an easier example than this. You need black nail paint and a golden glitter nail paint to do this. First, color the nails with black for the base and then take the glitter paint and color the edge of the nails mostly and make it fade towards the middle. If you don’t have the shapes of hexes in your glitter nail paint then just stick them on, before the paint dries up.


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