They say that a woman’s foot defines her personality. The saying holds as one can tell a lot from looking at the feet. A well-maintained or pedicured foot reveals that a woman is as particular about the feet as the rest of her body, while ugly-looking feet show a careless attitude. Women’s feet are as important and beautiful as the rest of their bodies and should be treated with as much care. Many women worldwide are beginning to take personal care of their feet these days, and freshly painted toenails sit well on perfectly clean or pedicured feet.

Summertime is the season for wearing sandals and slippers, and so the one thing that every girl should have during the summer season is a pair of fabulous-looking feet. It’s incredible what beautifully painted toes can do to a woman, and toe nail art can go as far as making a woman feel feminine and sexy apart from making the feet look attractive.

Black and Hot Pink Toe Nail Art:

Hot pink and black are a great colour combination for the toes. It looks fun and flirty. The black nail shade is painted at an angle towards the base of the toes and adorned with studs to give it a compelling look, while the pink shade with fiery black lines looks almost vixen-like. It is a perfect nail art for those willing to go the extra mile.

Peppermint Candy Toe Nail Art:

Nothing like a peppermint candy toe nail art design to get you into the holiday spirit. The creamy peppermint nail shade complements the candy pink toenail colour, so your feet look like a real treat. The added touch of golden studs at an angle on the big toe gives that extra sparkle.

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Waves Toe Nail Art:

Waves print looks just as phenomenal on the feet as on the hands. The waves toe nail design is among the easiest designs. It looks cute and stands out.

Big Toe Nail Art:

Keep it simple with a design on just the big toenail. It can look as mesmerizing and is an easy toe-nail art for beginners. The red hot nail colour with the white pattern on the big toe makes the feet look sexy in a cute way.

Butterfly Toe Nail Art:

Make your friends go green with envy with this glittered butterfly-toe nail design. The French manicure is done in an unconventional and chic style with a translucent base and yellow tips, so the butterfly in a simple black outline embellished with golden glitter looks striking. The black angular lines, accompanied by two stars on the tips of the toenail, culminate in a majestical look.

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Floral Toe Nail Art:

Floral toe nail art paints the prettiest of pictures in all styles and colours. The metallic blue nail colour throws out the elegantly done white flowers making the feet look “Toerific”.

Star Toe Nail Art:

‘Starry Nights’ is what comes to mind when you look at this toenail design. The silver glitter base coat with the different shades of blue stars makes for a starlit effect, while the single toe done in glittering blue magnifies the look.

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Ladybug Toe Nail Design:

Ladybugs, often considered a symbol of good luck, is commonly seen in all forms of nail art. They look even more exquisite on the toenails. With their typical colour combination of red and black, they are a perfect nail art design for girls prone to a red-hot, sultry look.

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Polka Dot Toe Nail Art:

Polka dots are a vintage trend that never seems to go out of fashion. Every girl wants her share of polka dots, from clothing to bags and shoes. So it is only fitting to have them incorporated into nail art. They make the simplest and cutest of designs. Adorn them with some studs, and you have a look any girl would die for.

Latest Toe Nail Art:

Overall, toe nail art designs are a fun and exciting way to express oneself creatively and add some flair to a summer outfit or vacation look.


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