We girls always love to decorate ourselves. We try to show up being the most attractive person on this globe, starting from hair styling to foot, choosing our favorite out list is endless! We have different types of style and fashion trend one such trend which is going on these days is nail art! This is a really nice and beautiful art of decorating your nails. If you do it from outside it will be a bit expensive! So why not doing it at home! Today in this article you will get a step by step tutorial of doing “candy cane nail art design”

Candy Cane Nail Art Design Tutorial:

Step 1:

choose two contrasting colors!

In this step collect the things you need to do with your nails these are:

  1.  2 contrasting colors out of which you want a candy cane to be made! (white and red are the recommended one)
  2. A transparent nail polish.
  3. Thin strips of tape.

Step 2:

Start up by applying the first nail color on (E.g. Apply white color) your nails. And let it dry completely! To prevent streaking.

Step 3:  

  • Now take thin strips of tape and paste it on to your nails with an equal gap in between the strips! (This is done to create a fine distance between the two colors and to prevent rough or dirty mixing) The most efficient way to do this is to rip between one- and two-inch pieces of tape, put them on the cap of nail paint bottle, and then cut the skinny strips if you do not get thin one!
  • Now to appear your nails like a candy cane you must be paste these strips diagonally on your nails!

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Step 4:

Once the strips are set on all your nails apply the 2nd color (e.g. red color) like you apply normal nail paint. Do not hesitate to apply the nail color properly over your nail area as there is no point of going wrong to get your desired design as the tape strips will secure the white base!

Step 5:

  • Let the 2nd color of the nail paint dry properly! Do not hurry at all, as you might end up with a mess, so be calm!
  • After drying of the color (2nd color), remove the tape strips slowly. And now apply the transparent nail polish on your candy cane nail art design to secure it for more days!
  • And you are done with the beautiful candy cane nail art design which will make your hands look more beautiful! 🙂
  • If you are perfect with the above written steps and want to do a bit more enhancements or changes on to your nail art then to may go with the following!
  • There is one more way to do up this nail art in a more different and enhancive way!

For that follow few more steps:

Step 6: What You Need

  • You need a thin paint or makeup brush. Make sure really thin like a hair!
  • A third nails color (optional)
  • Transparent nail color

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Step 7: Dip It

Dip this thin brush in the nail paint bottle. Now the question is in which nail color? You may take a totally different color (e.g. green color) which is in contrast with the earlier two colors or you may dip the brush in the second color itself (e.g. red color which was taken after applying the base coat)! Do not do a mistake of dipping the brush in the first color i.e. which was your base coat (e.g. white color) as it will not show up.

Step 8: Apply

  • Now with a thin brush apply a fine diagonal line parallel to the above diagonal stroke ( e.g. between two red color strokes draw one more thin line of red/ green color) do this really carefully and slowly so that you do not mess up with the already done nail art.
  • Do this only if you are perfect to hold a brush.
  • Now after drying apply the transparent nail polish!
  • And you are done

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