9 Best Neon Nail Art Designs with Pictures

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Neon nail polishes or fluorescent colour nail polishes look totally different than normal nail polishes. They can give your nails a different look than what you have always worn. China glaze has some good neon nail polishes and also other brands. However you may not get all those neon nail polishes in Indian market right now. However if you can grab hold of some neon nail polishes then you can try out various designs on your nails with those. They look fantastic when combined with other nail arts.

If at all it becomes impossible to get neon nail polishes, then you can try out neon acrylic colours too. However the result will not be totally top class as it could be with neon nail polishes.

Neon Nails Designs:

Here are our top 9 neon nail art designs which you will totally love just as much as we do.

1. Neon Nail Art in Rainbow and Leopard:

Neon nail art in rainbow and leopard

Looks freaky and awesome at the same time doesn’t it? You need to grab hold of 4 neon nail polishes for this design viz. Red, pink, blue and yellow. Use the nail polish brush to draw up diagonal patterns with the colours. You can next use either a stamping of leopard print from your stamping kit or you can draw uneven semi circles for the leopard patterns. Would you try it?

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2. Striping Tapes and Neons:

You will need to paint up your nails with neon colour for the base for this simple nail art like you normally do. You will need neon colours in pink, yellow, light green and orange for this nail art. Now let the polishes get dry. Cut striping tapes in proper sizes and place them as you see the line designs in the picture. Paint up your nails with a black nail polish and immediately remove the striping tapes. You will get this nail art. Easy right? Now use transparent polish for finishing the design.

3. Zebra Rainbow Neon Nail art:

Zebra rainbow neon nails

Use 5 neon colours viz. purple, blue, light green, yellow, and pink for this design. Use the polish brush in horizontal ways to paint up the nails in different colours. Use a black stripper or black polish and nail art brush to draw the zebra designs coming to the center from both the sides. Try it!

4. Abstract Neon Nail Art Design:

You can try out abstract French tip designs for your nails too. Try this out for your nice hands for painting.

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