9 Popular Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

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Let your fingers do the talking this Valentine’s Day with heart-filled nail art designs that bespeak of love, devotion and a deep bonding between two lovers. Valentine’s Day nail art offers a wide selection of patterns to choose from.  Heart shaped images are almost always the central theme frequently accompanied by the word ‘Love’. The possibilities for heart shaped designs are endless. Women around the world decorate their nails in various styles and designs that speak volumes. Valentine’s Day nail art is fun and easy and an absolute thrill. The message of love is brought about from the simplest of designs to the much more elaborate ones.

1. Red-Hot Valentine’s Day Nail Art:

Red Hot Valentine s Day Nail Art

A perfect nail art design for women seeking to add spice to their romance on Valentine’s Day. Its message couldn’t be any louder. The red shade of nail polish is a deep, dark and enigmatic choice augmented by a sprinkling of glitter towards the base of the nails. This design sits well on both long and short nails.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day Nail Art:

Happy Valentines Day Nail Art

This sweet-as-candy nail art design for Valentine’s Day is a sheer delight. The pink and white combination couldn’t get any sweeter. The French manicure style makes it look all the more classy. This delicate heart shaped design is bound to capture the heart of your beloved.

3. Bouquet Nail Art:

Bouquet Nail Art

Nothing says “I Love You” like a red bouquet of hearts on the nails. This bouquet nail art design is done with red hearts for roses on a nude pink base coat to heighten the effect. It is a charming design made for the tender hearted.

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4. Single Base Colour Nail Art:

Single Base Colour Nail Art

Red- the colour of love speaks volumes so when plainly applied to the nails as a base coat and embellished with glitter it can set your lover’s heart on fire. This simple yet provocative nail design spells deep desire and passion.

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