9 Best Palm Tree Nail Art Designs with Pictures

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6. Free Hand Sunset Gradient Nail Design:

A gradient textured sunset and palm tree nail art created beautifully by the choice of various colours used in it. Do not forget the transparent polish for the shine and gloss effect.

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7. Straw Dots and Sunset Palm Tree Nail Art:

Straw dots and sunset palm tree nail art

This design is a bit different than the others since you will have to use either stencils and airbrush material for the circular patterns on the nails or use the end of a straw and white polish. After the base is properly created, draw the palm trees in black for the silhouette effect.

8. Simple Free Hand Gradient Palm Tree and Birds:

Instead of drawing whole palm trees, you can draw some sectioned tree patterns on your nails and some birds. Give the base paint in gradient using 2-3 colours and sponge.

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9. Free Hand Silhouette Palm Tree on a Beach Design:

This kind of an awesome looking silhouette palm tree design can be created for those days when you wish to spend your summer vacations on the beach. If you have good hands in drawing and some basic colour texturizing skills then you can easily create this kind of nail art.

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