Top 9 Hairdos For Long Hair

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Long hair can be a huge issue or a blessing in disguise. When your hair is of really good quality, you can just let it down and go with the simple – I don’t need styling – look. However, if you aim to look a little more sophisticated then all that, there are a lot of things you can do with your hair.

hairdos for long hair

All of these styles start with combing your hair till it becomes sleek and shiny. You may even use textured hair spray to make it look like you paid your parlour an expensive visit, if you know what I mean. But on the whole the following hairstyles are easy to do and doesn’t take too much of your time.

Best Hairdos For Long Hair:

1. Twisted Ponytails:


For this hairstyle, you need to first separate your hair in three segments and ties them up in separate ponytails. Then take the first one and fold it over itself and add it to the second. Repeat the process for the second one. The final look is something like this.

2. Simple Let it Loose Style:

Hairdo long hairstyles 2

If you have long straight hair, you needn’t do much with it. Comb and make sure it’s texture is right and then just let it loose. You of course need to blow dry it to make it straight and presentable but after that your hair does the rest of the work.

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3. High Clipped Bun:


This is a fairly easy to do hairstyle and doesn’t take more than a minute. Even less once you get used to making it daily. Hold your hair up high and twist as you would while making a ponytail. Let it get twisted over itself and the clip the top. Let the ends fall back to complete the look.

4. Side Braid:


If you’re getting ready for a party and are looking for something more complicated than the above, go for this look. Gather your hair on one side. Then take the top half and braid it, starting from the top left side. As you read the right, move the braid back and then clip it midway, letting the end mingle with the rest of your hair.

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