Top 9 Quick Hairstyles For Long Hair

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The term ‘long hair don’t care’ is not always the way it seems to be. Sporting a long hair and dealing with first world problems all at the same time can be hectic for us girls, no doubt. The office rush hours leave us a little time to properly blow dry our hair and at the end of the busy aisle of piled paperwork, throwing your silky long hair into a bundle at the back of your head is all you can focus on. This is why, for the girls who struggle all the time to flaunt their hair and at the same time works hard to keep their schedule on time, here is a list of some quick fixer uppers for your long tresses so that you don’t have to waste much time trying to fix your pins back in place.

The Back Braid:

quick hairstyles for long hair1

To start off, section a chunk of your locks from either side of the head and start normally braiding them. If you want a one sided look, make sure the side lock is long enough to cover the whole across of your head. Now once the braid is done, bring it all the way to the other side and use bobby pins to keep it in place. A subtle hippie with a beautiful hair is finally formed.

The Criss Cross:

quick hairstyles for long hair2

This is yet another time efficient hairstyle where you simply start by once again sectioning the locks from the two sides, preferably a thicker chunk of the front lock and then brushing it sleek bring it all the way to the other side but not fully. Now with the other lock drape it over the front wrap and pin it to place.

The Front Braid:

quick hairstyles for long hair3

The front braid would simply mean you braiding the front locks from the front just like the back braid. Start with an extreme side parting and start braiding your hair in a French braid incorporating hair as you go along. Once you have reached your other ear fan the braid out and pin it to place.

Just a Bump:

quick hairstyles for long hair4

Sometimes all you need is a simple puff at the crown of your head to make a statement style. Often these puffs can be achieved by manual hand teasing or simply by using bump-its to prop up the hair. Pin the bump to place and use side locks to create the volume.

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