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25 Best High Fiber Rich Foods Available In India

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Fiber rich foods are very important for the body and help in regulating the entire system. Also known as dietary fiber, it is one of the essential requirements when it comes to perfect digestion. It also adds bulk to the stool and makes it highly comfortable to pass it and avoid constipation. It is very important to balance the fiber intake since the deficiency and excessive intake both are harmful to the body and leaves certain side effects and health crises. An increase in fiber intake also means that one should have lots of water. To know about the best foods that have high fiber content, this guide will help you through. Check them and include in the diet on a regular basis to get perfect outcomes:

Fiber Rich Foods

Best High Fiber Rich Foods In India:

Following is a list of 25 amazing fiber rich foods list along with their other benefits to health.

1. Cauliflower And Broccoli:

fiber rich foods - Cauliflower And Broccoli

One of the best categories of foods that have good levels of high fiber is cauliflower and broccoli. They have about 2 gram of fiber every 100 grams of the vegetable. It is actually one of the best sources of foods for fiber to sticky by.

high fiber foods - Cauliflower

2. Legumes:

fiber foods - Legumes

Black beans, lentils, lima beans and split beans are some of the top examples that are known to have a good level of not only high fiber but a lot of other nutrients. The best is to eat a portion of one of the meals with some of the other legumes each day or include them in the salads.

3. Bran:

fiber food - Bran

Wheat bran and corn are some of the foods that you can stick by for best results and requirements of high fiber. About 100 grams of bran will give you about 79 grams of fiber. Oat bran and rice bran can also be considered.

4. Berries:

foods rich in fiber - Berries

Berries are from the fruit category and have a lot of fiber. This is especially valid for blackberries and raspberries. They also provide the body with the much-needed vitamins and antioxidants for extra advantage.

5. Avocados:

foods high in fiber - Avocados

This is one of the super fibre-rich foods and provides all kinds of nutrients that the body needs. Avocados are not only a perfect option for vitamins but also for fiber. What more? This low carb food does not add any extra calories to the body.

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6. Leafy Green Vegetables:

Leafy Green Vegetables - foods with fiber

In fibrous vegetables, leafy greens are primary ones. Leafy greens if boiled and eaten have quite some fiber to provide the body with. About 1 gram of fiber is available in 100 grams of leafy greens and this makes it a perfect source for the nutrient. Try and include 2-3 portions of green leafy vegetables in the diet for a lot more nutrients along with fiber.

7. Mushrooms:

high fiber foods list - Mushrooms

Cooked white mushrooms are highly rich in fiber and totally deserve to be a part of this list. For every 100 grams of cooked mushrooms, your body gets 2 grams of fiber content. Try and include them with delicious dishes for the mushrooms are a delicacy too.

8. Oranges:

list of high fiber foods - Oranges

Along with giving the body the right amounts of Vitamin C, oranges if eaten also provides high fiber. About 2 grams of fiber is provided by 100 grams of oranges. Along with this, oranges are also low in calories and quite a healthy option in the everyday diet. The fruit is also easily accessible and affordable in the pocket. Orange is one of the best and most essential fiber rich foods.

9. Squash:

sources of fiber - Squash

5 grams of fiber can be achieved by the body with only 100 grams of squash. This makes it one of the best fiber rich foods to use in the daily menu. This is valid for all kinds of squashes including pumpkin, baked winter Hubbard and more. Try and incur one portion of squash in the diet.

10. Apple:

foods with high fiber - Apple

Ever heard the proverb “An apple a day, keeps a doctor away”?Well, this adage is true because of the nutritional value of apple consumption of an apple per day provides many health benefits and also contributes majorly to your fiber intake. A medium-sized apple can provide up to 17% of your body’s fiber requirement with less than a hundred calories. Also, Apple has high water content and thus it aids the fiber to do its job easily thus it makes apple an important member in the list of fiber rich foods.

11. Walnuts:

best fiber foods - Walnuts

Fiber rich foods often mention walnuts to be incredibly helpful but often they are overlooked. Just a mouthful of walnuts or about 1/4th of a cup of walnuts contains enough fiber to make your body function healthily. Walnuts can be included in the diets in addition with salads and a variety of desserts. You can crack your own walnuts with a nutcracker or just pick a bagful of walnuts from the nearest grocery shop.

12. Sweet Corn:

which food contains fiber - Sweet Corn

In the top of the fiber food lists come sweet corn because of its various nutritional value and its capacity of providing the body with a lot of fiber. A 6-inch ear of corn of the cob can provide the body with 1.5 grams of fiber. However, the quantity consumed more or less decides the rate of fiber supply to the body.

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13. Oatmeal:

list of fiber foods - oatmeal

Eating a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is advisory as oatmeals are considered to be fiber rich foods. Also eating oatmeal would do a huge favour to your body as it has high soluble fiber content and also oatmeals are considered to be one of the best ways to curb your body cholesterol. Also consuming oatmeals will help to start your body in the morning and helps it function regularly throughout the day. Oatmeal is one of the best and superb fibrous foods.

14. Lentils:

fiber sources - red lentil

Lentils are considered to be an essential part of a high fiber diet and it contributes to the regular functioning of the body. They are also a rich source of proteins, folate, vitamins and iron. They can be consumed regularly by cooking them with rice and adding them to soups and sauces or seasoning along with herbs and spices and can be used for the preparation of a delicious and nutritional side dish.

15. Artichokes:

rich in fiber foods - Artichoke

These are a bunch of exotic vegetables with a high fiber content thus making it considered in the list of fiber rich foods. These veggies are super easy to prepare and their unique flavour makes the consumption of these vegetables enjoyable. A medium-sized artichoke provides almost half of the daily fiber requirement of the body.

16. Shredded Wheat Cereal:

High Fiber Rich Foods -Wheat Cereal

Consumption of shredded wheat cereal every morning supplies the body with high fiber to ensure the smooth functioning of the body. It gives you an early energy boost and gives you a feeling of refreshment early in the morning and ensures you feel fine throughout the tedious day ahead. About a cup of shredded wheat cereal with milk can give up to 36% of the fiber requirement of the body.

17. Brussels Sprouts:

rich fiber foods - Sprouts

These are considered to be among those foods rich in fiber and which are full of nutritional values. They come with a unique flavour thus ensuring the taste is not compromised. There are a variety of ways to prepare a delicious dish involving Brussels sprouts. A cup of cooked Brussels sprouts provides about a quarter of the recommended more fiber content needed for the healthy functioning of the body. So including a few servings extra in the diet can make a tremendous difference.

18. Bulgur:

fiber content food - Bulgar

Bulgar is considered to be among the foods rich in fiber. It is a staple food in the Mediterranean diet it is also considered to be rich in protein along with fiber. Try cooking bulgur with a little cinnamon and honey and consume it for breakfast instead of eating the sugary cereals. The fiber content in bulgur helps to maintain the health of your colon by keeping you regular. Most of the nutrient experts said that this is one of the best high fiber foods.

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19. Brown Rice:

high fiber content foods - brown rice

Brown rice is an excellent food rich in insoluble fiber thus making it an excellent food to add to your list of fiber rich foods. The insoluble fiber content present in the rice relieves constipation problems and keeps your faeces regular. Add a serving of brown rice in your diet once or twice a week and keep up your body functions healthy and in tip-top shape.

20. Navy Beans:

High Fiber Rich Foods - Navy Beans

In order to increase the rate of fiber consumption in your diet, you should try consuming navy beans these are fiber rich food which you can easily be included in your pantry and your diet. A well-cooked cup of navy beans can give up to 19% of fiber that’s almost more than the required fiber amount and also it is super easy to consume.

21. Figs:

High Fiber Rich Foods - Dry Figs

These are fibre-rich foods which usually pass by your mind when you hear someone mention fruits however they are not only rich in fiber content but also they are incredibly delicious. Eating dried figs in moderation prevents constipation and keeps your body functions regularly. They can be also included in your diet in the form of lip-smacking snacks as you can include them in your home-baked cookies and cakes.

22. Prunes:

High Fiber Rich Foods - Prune

List of foods rich in fiber contains prunes as they give about 3.6 grams of dietary fiber per serving which is about 14% of the fiber intake recommended. Adding them to your diet can help relieve constipation and other symptoms related to the irregular function of the excretory system of the body. Also, it is ideal to drink water as these foods are super rich in fiber.

23. Almonds:

High Fiber Rich Foods - almonds

When it comes to narrowing down your choices to the topmost fiber rich foods inclusion of almonds is a must. They are the most obvious choice for fiber rich foods as it has many other health benefits apart from being rich in fiber. Adding a small number of almonds to your diet makes you healthier inside and brings your inner glow outside and thus ensures you give your best. In addition to including about 4 grams of fiber a small ounce of almonds helps in the promotion of weight loss and heart health.

24. Spinach:

high fiber content foods - Spinach on wooden background

This is one of the most excellent high fibre-rich foods which gives awesome health benefits of Spinach is one of the most important food items among all the other foods rich in fiber as they have countless health benefits. Raw spinach leaves contain Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C and many other minerals. It is super easy to consume too as you can just dress it up as a salad or add it to sandwiches, soups and homemade kinds of pasta.

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25. Beet Greens:

High Fiber Rich Foods - beet greens

Beet green is one of the ideal fibrous foods. This food rich in fiber is beet greens i.e the leaf at the top of the beet which is rich in fiber and is also loaded with Vitamin C and A and also has a rich and a unique flavour and you can easily pair them up with savoury spices to make tasty complements to a variety of entrees.

Finally, having fiber foods is a part of the perfect diet plan which helps maintain an entire body fit and healthy. We hope that this article will surely helpful to you to make your best fiber rich foods chart for your diet plan.