Saturated fats are basically molecules of fat. This type of fat molecules does not have double bonds with carbon molecules. These fats are actually saturated with hydrogen molecules. Foods with saturated fat are not healthy for our body. Fast foods like burgers mainly have this type of fats which raises the level of cholesterol. Most of heart attacks and strokes are caused due to the saturated fats. Foods such as butter, beef, lamb, cheese, dairy products, etc contain high amounts of saturated fats. Foods containing this of fat molecules should be avoided as much as possible.

Best Foods with High Saturated Fat:

Following are the top 9 foods containing saturated fat and unsaturated fat.

1. Palm Oils:

Palm oils are hydrogenated oils which are high in saturated fat. The content of unsaturated fat in such hydrogenated oils is about 93.7% out of 100% which means 14grams of per tablespoon and 5grams per teaspoon. Other types of hydrogenated oils which contain high amounts of hydrogenated fat are hydrogenated coconut oil, soy oil, etc.

2. Fast Foods:

Pizza and burgers are the prime sources of saturated fat when it comes to fast foods. People over 50 should strictly avoid such foods to remain healthy. Teenagers should reduce the rate of consumption of pizza and other such foods with high saturated fat.

3. Regular Cheese:

Cheese has a high content of saturated hydrogenated fat molecules which are harmful to the body and if the consumption of this particular food cannot be controlled it will take the stage of a life-risking element. According to experts, the regular cheese contains about 5.9% (out of 10) of saturated fat. The less you intake cheese the better it is for you.

4. Desiccated Coconut:

Desiccated coconut contains about 57.2% of saturated fat which means 28% or 16grams per ounce of saturated fat. Coconut water in the morning is good for you but not this type of coconut. The high content of saturated fat is this food is extremely harmful to your body. Indians use this type of coconut in a lot of their recipes and that is the reason why most of them are prone to high cholesterol levels. But compare to other saturated fat foods, coconuts are some what low saturated foods.

5. Dairy Desserts:

Almost all kinds of dairy products and dairy-based dishes have high contents of saturated fats in them. When it comes to dairy desserts, strictly say no to them. These desserts contain exactly 5.6% (out of10) of saturated fats and could be one of the prime reasons behind strokes and heart attacks.

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6. Chicken:

In the list of foods with high saturated fat, we can add chicken. Chicken contains about 5.5% (out of 10) of saturated fat. Though chicken and chicken-based foods from some of the best mouth-watering dishes in the world, you will have to reject the taste sense and think about your health first. Reduce the consumption of chicken today for a controlled cholesterol level.

7. Butter:

It is also a rich source of monounsaturated fats and a high level of consumption can lead to harmful diseases. Butter basically has 51.4grams of saturate fat which is about 113gram per tablespoon. Such fat content of butter can be you sick, really sick.

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8. Animal Fat Recipes:

Animal fat contains about 52.3grams of polyunsaturated fat which is equal to 73% DV per ounce. Excess intake of animal fat is not healthy for the body and might be the reason behind a considerable increase in cholesterol levels.

9. Cream:

You should stop eating foods with excessive cream content. Powdered cream, light cream, aerosol whipped cream, etc, no matter type of cream it is, all of them contain saturated fat. Heavy whipped cream contains 23grams of saturated fat.

We hope that after reading this article your surely get an idea what foods to eat and what foods not eat. So avoid some foods which really cause to heart attacks and other health problems.

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