The world is at a strange place right now with every now and then a new recipe churning itself to existence from the very hands of the chef who rules the taste buds of a hungry man. The world has demanded good food but not at the cost of numbing taste buds and the effort now is real. ‘Health’ has become a conscious word where most weight watchers want to opt for healthy yet tasty food. The boon to this situation comes with us pairing one food element with the other thereby bringing life to a heavenly palate. Given below is a list of some of the healthy combinations that you might want to savor.

Best Healthy Food Combinations:

1. Oatmeal and Blueberry:

Your morning breakfast is sorted with a bowl of warm milk, oatmeal and blueberry sprinkled on the top. This is regarded as one of the busiest breakfast ideas catering to your health with proper care. While blueberry is the powerhouse of manganese, vitamin C and anti-oxidant, oat meal forever has been praised for its authentic health care where it caters to your digestion and weight loss criteria.

2. Spinach and Egg:

The next time you fumble about making yourself a sandwich make sure you add some fresh greens to your egg and mayo. The spinach leaf and egg mix can be used as a salad as well and is a very rich combination where the egg gives you the richness of the protein and the green has the essential vitamin A that would help in night blindness, muscle degeneration and many more.

3. Banana Yogurt:

Desert can never be as healthy as a banana yogurt combo. You can mix it in some cream or just make a smoothie out of it, either way this vitamin K powerhouse when mixes with the delicious yogurt, not only does your taste buds burst open but it also helps you in keeping yourself fit and healthy. For the warm summer days, yogurt helps you cool down and the banana is just a friend of the yogurt.

4. Pasta and Parsley:

Pasta is a common household dish that we often enjoy during the luncheons or over the family dinner. Now while you plate up the steaming pasta make sure you sprinkle just enough parsley over into your grub, not only for the taste but simply because these two Ps are irresistibly healthy for your body. Scientists often say these two paired together will give you the goodness of wheat for digestion and vitamin K for stronger healthier bones.

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5. Apple and Milk:

When the busy mornings don’t allow you to catch a proper breakfast, you can always rely on a healthy munch of a fresh red apple and pair it with a glass of milk, be it skimmed or non fat. The quote ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ speaks for itself while the calcium and vitamins derived from the milk will help you soothe down the apple without hurdles.

6. Almond Salad:

Next time you prepare yourself a salad, mix some roasted almonds with olive oil and sprinkle it within the mix. This essentially has to be a green salad with the musts being lettuce, spinach, celery and parsley. Almonds other than wei8ght loss have always been related with energy boosts and pairing it with the essentials of the green, you can just have the best of all of them.

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7. Salmon and Red Wine:

For a superb dinner, make yourself a roasted salmon fillet with the essential herbs sprinkled on it and wash it down with a little merlot on the side. Often red wine helps you digest your food better while the salmon itself is enriched in natural nutrients. The job of the red wine is to make sure the blood count is normal and the digestion is sound.

8. Green Tea and Lemon:

One of the most talked about food combination is derived from the steaming cup of everyday green tea. Now as useful as it is, green tea is usually not a front runner of taste and that is simply why the lemon needs to be there. The wholesome antioxidants and vitamin C from the lemon can do wonders with the green tea.

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