10 Best High Glycerine Foods

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Foods that are high in glycerine or high glycemic foods cause changes in blood sugar and insulin levels. So food which is less in glycemic index are good for health than compared to food rich in glycerine, or with high index. So does that mean that we eliminate these food? Surely no- its just that we need to couple them with food rich is proteins and fats to ensure hormonal balance.

Some of The High Glycemic Foods Are:

1. Bakery Breads And Other Bakery Products:

high glycerine foods

Products such as banana cake, apple cake, vanilla cake, hamburger bun, pita bread, waffles, bagel, kaiser roll, whole wheat bread, corn tortillas etc. have high glycemic index ranging from 45 to 95. The more the index, the more changes it tends to cause to the blood sugar or insulin levels.

2. Beverages:

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Cranberry juice, apple juice, coca cola, Gatorade, orange juice, canned tomato juice, Fanta etc. have glycemic index ranging from 40 to 95. So- more index is more fluctuation

3. Breakfast Cereals:

food 3

Cornflakes, cream of wheat, muesli, grapenuts, puffed wheat, raising bran, oat mean, all-bran. The glycemic index in these breakfast cereals range from 55 to 93.

4. Grains:

food 4

Sweet Corn, Quinoa, white rice, pearled barley, whole wheat kernels. The glycemic index ranges from 30 to 80.

5. Dairy Products:

food 5

Products like ice cream, milk, skimmed milk, reduced fat yogurt contain glycerine with index ranging from 33 to 58.

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6. Fruits:

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Grapes, orange, peach, pear, apple, prunes, watermelon and dried dates are also high in glycerine ranging from 30 to 72, where watermelon being the highest glycemix index and prunes being the lower.

7. Nuts And Beans:

food 7

Black beans, chick peas, baked beans, soya bean, cashews, lentils, peanuts, kidney beans. The glycemic index ranges from 7 to 40. Peanuts with lowest glycemic index and baked beans the highest.

8. Pastas:

food 8

Spaghetti, macaroni with or without cheese, fettucini are food with glycemic index ranging from 32 to 65.

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9. Vegetables:

food 9

Could you think that even at times vegetables with high glycemic index can also be not really good for health! For example- baked russet potato is as high as 111, whereas carrots are in the average index of only 35. This apart other vegetables in the range of 50 to 80 index are green peas, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, yam, white potatoes etc.

10. Snacks Items:

food 10

Snickers bar, one of the favourite of all has a medium index of about 50 whereas fruit roll ups have an index as high as 100. Other snacks like plain or salted corn chips, potato chips, popcorn etc have an index of 40 to 60.

What can be seen from the above that no edible items is free from glycemicindex. What differs is the density or the amount of glycerine present in the food that causes changes in the insulin level. Accordingly, it may be correct to have a balanced food chart to ensure that what we are taking in is not harmful to our system but keeps our body and hormones balanced instead.

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Therefore, one may prefer to have a low glycemic index food. Some foods which are low in glycemic index and can accordingly be made a part of diet are foods that are either with carbohydrate or which do not have carbohydrate but rich in proteins/fats such as cheese, egg and meat. Food which is rich in carbohydrate, if taken in appropriate quantity may be low glycemic such as rice noodles, sweet corn, chickpeas, soy milk, apricots, blue berry.