If you are a dessert lover, you must be familiar with Glycerine. It is a transparent substance that is used to control moisture levels in food and thicken them. Before we explore the list of high Glycerine foods, let us first understand a little more about Glycerine.

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What Is Glycerine?

Glycerine is also called Glycerol is a sweet substance with high viscosity. Adding Glycerine in food varieties like jams, jellies and ice creams imparts sweetness and thickness to them. Glycerine is also used in many medicines, cosmetics and certain lubricants.

Although Glycerine is generally considered to be safe for human consumption, it is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and even the risk of yeast infections. Laden with excess sweetness, Glycerine can pose severe health threats, when consumed in excess.  Let’s get on with learning about some of the foods high in Glycerine.

Top High Glycerine Foods:

Here we enlisted 10 best high glycerine foods in India. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Bakery Bread And Other Bakery Products:

Products such as banana cake, apple cake, vanilla cake, hamburger bun, pita bread, waffles, bagel, Kaiser roll, whole wheat bread, corn tortillas etc. have high glycaemic index ranging from 45 to 95. The more the index, the more changes it tends to cause the blood sugar or insulin levels.

2. Beverages:

Canned Cranberry juice, apple juice, coca-cola, Gatorade, orange juice, canned tomato juice, Fanta etc. have glycaemic index ranging from 40 to 95. So- more index is more fluctuation. Glycerine is added to these substances to thicken them and lend extra sweetness. As they are already loaded with sugar, an extra Glycerine can make them more dangerous to health.

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3. Breakfast Cereals:

Cornflakes, cream of wheat, muesli, grapes, nuts, puffed wheat, raisin bran, oat mean, all-bran. The glycaemic index in these breakfast cereals ranges from 55 to 93. Glycerine is added to these foods to dry them out and make them sweeter. If you are looking for a low-sugar option, opt for natural cereals without added Glycerine.

4. Grains:

Sweet Corn, Quinoa, white rice, pearled barley, whole wheat kernels. The glycemic index ranges from 30 to 80.

5. Dairy Products:

Products like ice cream, milk, skimmed milk, reduced-fat yoghurt contain glycerine with an index ranging from 33 to 58. These products contain Glycerine in certain quantities to make them taste sweet and add density. Most commercially available dairy products are not good for health.

6. Fruits:

Grapes, orange, peach, pear, apple, prunes, watermelon and dried dates are also high in glycerine ranging from 30 to 72, where watermelon being the highest glycemic index and prunes being the lower. They have natural vegetable Glycerine which is harmless to the body but may raise your blood sugar when consumed in excess.

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7. Nuts And Beans:

Black beans, chickpeas, baked beans, soybean, cashews, lentils, peanuts, kidney beans. The glycaemic index ranges from 7 to 40. Peanuts with the lowest glycaemic index and baked beans the highest. They are healthy to the body and can be consumed in recommended portions for maximum health benefits.

8. Pasta:

Spaghetti, macaroni with or without cheese, fettuccine are food with a glycemic index ranging from 32 to 65. The dry portions of pasta have added Glycerol, but when they are cooked, the substance gets dissolved in water. High amounts of Glycerol are found in pre-cooked pasta to make them taste good and give a dense texture.

9. Vegetables:

Could you think that even at times vegetables with the high glycemic index can also be not really good for health! For example baked russet potato is as high as 111, whereas carrots are in the average index of only 35. This apart other vegetables in the range of 50 to 80 index are green peas, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, yam, white potatoes etc.

10. Snacks Items:

Snickers bar, one of the favourites of all has a medium index of about 50 whereas fruit roll-ups have an index as high as 100. Other snacks like plain or salted corn chips, potato chips, popcorn etc have an index of 40 to 60. They are high-calorie foods which are not good for our health in the long run.

Now that you have seen these high glycerine foods, it’s time to take a call! Choosing healthy foods vs junk food always make a difference in our health. Taking Glycerol is low quantities is generally harmless. But indulging in foods that are high on Glycerine not only adds excess sugar in your body but also have other health complications. Adding more natural food like fruits, vegetables instead of canned or processed food can improve the quality of your life!

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Let us know if you still have any doubts or concern about the various high glycerine foods. We would love to assist you with the best solutions and answers.


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