There are numerous ways to boost your brainpower. In today’s world, one who possesses the ability to remember a number of facts and data’s for a long period of time is claimed to have limitless power. Medication, meditation, breathing techniques, brain power enhancing experiments, etc can reach your goal of enhancing brain power. Or you can simply eat a number of spices and herbs to enhance your brain power naturally.

This article is intended to educate you about a number of natural tips and tricks to enhance brain power. Below is the list of the top 9 spices and herbs that will enhance brain power.

1. Turmeric:

Turmeric ahs numerous uses when it comes to cooking. It is healthy for us and provides the food with a unique color unlike ant other. Adding right amounts of turmeric powder to your daily meals will effectively enhance the brain power. This spice reduces plaques in the brain with the help of a natural element called curcumin. Turmeric also aids as the perfect remedy for a number of diseases.

2. Saffron:

Saffron comes with a valuable element which grants this spice the ability to treat depression and other similar brain issues. This spice has no side-effects and is good for the skin and stomach as well. Add suitable amounts of saffron to your food to make it tasty and to aid your brain and enhance the brain power.

3. Thyme:

Thyme has tons of uses when it comes to healthcare. This herbal product comes with essential oils which increase the levels of essential fatty acids in our body (Omega-3 fatty acids). These type of acids are good for the brain and restore and enhance the ability to remember more stuff.

4. Rosemary:

Rosemary is filled with anti-oxidants and has some of the best anti-inflammatory properties compared to other herbs. This herb has certain beneficial qualities which will protect the brain and enhance its power to remember. This herb also stimulates nerve growth factor synthesis.

5. Cinnamon:

This spice has wonderful and powerful effects on the human brain and it has been proved that this particular spice can increase brain power naturally. The aroma of cinnamon might as well stimulate the brain. If you don’t like raw cinnamon or cinnamon tea, then you can chew the gum form of cinnamon which pretty much works the same.

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6. Sage:

Chinese sage has certain effective compounds which can treat Alzheimer’s disease and stimulate the brain. Small amounts of sage can also enhance the brain power and increases its ability to remember. With a proper intake of this herb, you will be to learn and remember more things for longer periods of time.

7. Black pepper:

Use of this spice is almost crucial in most of the recipes know to man. This spice comes with a pungent compound which helps t increase the beta-endorphins in the brain and improve the cognitive function.

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8. Nutmeg:

This spice will keep your brain sharp and always ready for performance. Nutmeg has elements which is a proper remedy for Alzheimer’s disease and has the ability to boost the memory. Nutmeg can reduce excess stress and is often recommended by experts and doctor for stress removal remedies.

9. Holy Basil:

Holy Basil is one of the most powerful and effective herbs out there. It has tons of medicinal uses and is used in the manufacture of a number of medicines for boosting memory at a rapid rate. Besides consuming such artificial products and drugs, you can simply eat this herb in its primary and natural state.

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