The door locks provide essential safety and security to one’s home. They are pretty necessary to keep your place, be it home or work, safe and ensure privacy. With the technological developments and needs for functionality, we have different types of door locks to match up the requirements for other individuals. For instance, a home central door place may require a tight security lock, compared to a private door or an office chamber or gates.

Today, let us learn all about the types of door locks and handles and their security features. Let us also examine which kind of these variants can be a perfect pick for your uses.

Hardware for the Door Locks System:

Before we understand the kinds of door locks that can be useful and essential for you, it is also important to learn how these locks work. For this, the hardware and parts used inside door locks can be helpful to know beforehand to pick the right choice for your requirement.


This is the most common lock body, which consists of the part of the door used where you insert a key. The types of cylinder locks have spring pins that help to turn. So, when one inserts a key, an uneven kind of edge pushes the pin-up to fit in height. When one inserts the correct key inside, the pin moves around to open the body and allows the bolt to move to open the door.

Bolt and Latch:

In this mechanism, a bolt is present inside the door, made in metal that aids to extend the door and frame and holds to close them. There are two types of door lock latches or bolts here: a spring bolt or a deadbolt. In the case of a spring latch, one uses a bolt here, with the help of a spring clip. The spring is something that compresses and unlocks or locks the bolt. In the case of a deadbolt or deadlatch, there is no spring mechanism. Instead, a key helps to lock or unlock with a knob on the door. Deadbolts are more of a secure one to try between these two bolts.

Strike Plates:

The box plate or strike plate is something that comes from a cylinder to a square-shaped hole. This square shape is called a box. This securely works around to hold the bolt inside in the door. Next, the strike plate is attached to the door’s frame to insert the same and guide the bolt to lock by pushing it.

Besides these types of hardware, one also witnesses the new kinds of locks upcoming in the market. These are manufactured by smart mechanisms for ensuring better safety and security. Most of them are powered electrically and use keypad combination or biometric data such as fingerprints or eyes to unlock.

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Different Types of Door Locks:

Now, let us go and explore the most popular types of door locks and names around us. These are used for different places, homes or offices, or private chambers or cabinets, depending on one’s requirement.

1. Padlocks:

Padlock Save

Padlocks are pretty common and popular ones in the door lock category. These are not the ones that are permanently attached. Instead, they are portable. They come in various sizes. The two essential varieties within padlocks are keyed locks and the combination ones. In combination, one can set up number dials to open the lock once anyone enters the right mix. In the case of keyed locks, there is a particular key that works to open the lock. These are among the easiest and quickest lock variants, perfect for usual doors or office cabinets, or chambers. Moreover, one doesn’t need to carry a key with them when using this lock.

2. Knob Locks:

Knob Lock Save

The knob locks are pretty famous too. One can spot them almost in every residence and apartment building these days. These are attached to the exterior side of the doors, besides deadbolts for safety and security. These types of door knob locks have the mechanism of locking on doors, with single or double cylinder mechanisms. However, they aren’t the most secure, as one can break off the knots easily by hammers or any heavy materials. Therefore, it is always better to also have deadbolts along with the doorknobs on the exact exteriors. However, these apartment front door locks types are pretty easy to handle and handy too.

3. Lever Handle:

Lever Handle Save

Lever handles are a popular choice to use for the inside doors within homes or offices. They are popular mainly in commercial settings and shops or offices. There is a sizeable pushdown style handle in this kind of lock that works to open the locks. This simple lever handle is pushed instead of a hard twist like the knob doors. However, one must know that they don’t provide high security and are not good options for main exterior doors. These are also among popular bedroom or bathroom door lock types.

4. Deadbolts:

Deadbolts Save

Deadbolts are generally an option of keeping additional security, besides door knots, for better safety. Most often, these door lock types are generally in combination with doorknobs in several offices and homes. A single or double cylinder design and hardware system is used here to secure a lock system; this, in turn, helps to reduce the risk of unknown individuals inside.

5. Rim or Mortise Lock:

Mortise Door Lock Save

Rim or the mortise door lock types is the most popular choice for large commercial doors, glass doors, or fancy buildings. In this case, rim cylinder locks are attached and mounted inside the door, which looks like a long metal piece extended outside. A box lock is often set within this rim and mortise towards the edge. The types of mortise locks are quite a powerful choice and secure the door heavily. These are perfect commercial door locks variety.

6. Latch Locks:

Latch Locks Save

The latch locks are quite normal ones you may have often spotted outside. Here, when the key is fit to the cylinder, the inside components move, engaging the bolt/latch within the door. This latch moves inside and out within the door frame (box) to lock and unlock it. These systems often use either the deadbolt or spring bolt mechanism earlier discussed.

7. Digital or Smart Lock:

Digital Lock Save

The digital lock or smart locks indeed are most confused often by many people. The introduction of these locks is by the new technological revolution that doesn’t use any components nor require keys. These locking devices work with the help of current or electricals and can be unlocked only by pin codes or biometrics. One should never forget the pin to enter inside the door and be careful of typing the wrong code too many times. It is ideal for someone who prefers the ease of use.

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8. Cam Lock:

Cam Lock Save

Cam locks, as the name suggests, should not be confused with any camera-looking locks. These are merely named because of their appearance. The cam locks are mostly there around mailboxes, lockers, cabinets, deposit boxes, and so on. They are quite a simplified version to use; all you need to do is require a key to turn on a cam that rotates to lock or unlock it. They appear in a flat or tubular shape and are very easy to use.

9. Chain Lock:

Chain Lock for door Save

These chain locks are often present inside the hotel rooms or main doors of apartment residences buildings. They help turn in an additional layer of security. These chains help catch the door frame and door and look like a bolt to lock in. The advantage of this kind of chain lock is that one can open the door slightly to see who is standing outside without opening the entire door or bolt.

10. Furniture Lock:

Furniture Lock Save

As the name suggests, these kinds of locks are ideal and perfect for furniture locks such as desks or cabinets. There are two types of furniture locks available: bolt style or other is push style button. In the case of bolt-style furniture locks, there is a flat metal that comes from the side of the lock to secure and close in. these are most famous around cabinets and drawers. On the other hand, the push style button has a rod that comes from the backside of the lock to secure the place. When one pushes the lock button inside, the device is locked. These are perfect for sliding doors or filing cabinets.

11. Vending or T handle Locks:

T Handle Locks Save

These locks, as the name suggests, are the most preferred choices for vending machines. T-handle locks are quite an easy choice to use and are unique. Whenever you use to open a device, one must pull out the T-handle to unlock it. So, the replacement of new locks is what takes time. This is the most famous type of door handle knock for easy use.

12. Multipoint Lock:

Multipoint door Lock Save

This new technology of multipoint lock is the system that works based on a long strip to bolt the side of the door. These locks work at multiple points, and hence the name. These types are new in the market and are popular as creating an additional layer of security and safety for the large main doors. They are highly ideal for patio doors, French doors, uPVC, and composite doors.

13. Barrel Bolt:

Barrel Bolts Save

The barrel bolts are a kind of sliding bolts that fall under the traditional category. Yet, they are among the safest to use for secure living inside. In these old door lock types, a barrel sliding bolt helps lock and unlock, and the two components that go are fixed on the door frame and the door.

14. Disc Locks:

Disc Lock Save

Also popular as circular locks, these are ideal for storage units or boxes. This comes and works just like a padlock, but is more secure and thicker, attached to the door. The curved bar is the main component here, which juts one side of the lock to move towards the handle of the door and locks back. These also can be detachable.

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15. Electronic Lock:

Electronic door Lock Save

These are the new-age locking mechanisms. One does not require any keys or mechanisms to lock or unlock the door. Instead, a card or keypad is used via a unique code or bar to lock or unlock automatically. These are often popular near offices and hotel rooms. These operate via electric power or batteries and last for a very long time. The new developments within electronic locks also allow others through the remote entry, even without cards, for guests. In this electric panel, door lock types, smartphones, or attached computer systems help a person get remote access.

We hope you learned something new with us today and explored all about these types of door locks, their uses, and their advantages. Depending on the purpose, place, and range of security, this guide helps you choose the perfect mechanism. Let us know what you think; your thoughts can help us.


This is exclusively a guide about types of door locks for informative purposes only. The opinions and overview in this article are provided from various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


1. Are there disadvantages of smart locks?

Recent studies find the possibilities of hacking in the case of smart locks or even electronic locks. Further, if the battery runs out or after time errors, one may be locked out.

2. Are there any locks that come with cameras?

Yes, the new-age smart locks have a few models that come with cameras. This helps further for surveillance and protection.

3. Which door lock is the most secure?

Generally, several types of door locks can be used in the front door for better safety and security. However, it is always good to layer up and fasten the safety with additional locks than using just one lock. For instance, using knobs or deadbolts along with chain locks can be a good idea, instead of using just one of them.


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