Does your favourite hobby include playing games? Well, we love them too! Interestingly, games are not a modern invention, and the earliest known ones date back to prehistoric times, which use crude elements like wood and bones. With times, many types of games have evolved to keep up with the new generation and entertain them.

The digital era especially witnessed a rapid change in the way games are played. People of all ages enjoy playing them for both entertainment and improving strategic thinking skills. This article has listed out the 10 different types of games you can play with your friends or family!
Ready to enter the gaming zone?

List of 10 Types of Games Names with Examples:

Firstly, we need to know what are games and how different are they from sports! Games are played at home by more than one person and rely on individual skills and performance. Sports are played outside the home by a group of people using a set of rules and require all the players to contribute equally.

Now, what are the various types of games? The classification of games is done based on the medium and format. There are many varieties to keep us entertained and active from traditional, tabletop board games to the latest stimulating games! Let us look into some of the popular games played in the world:

1. Board Games:

As the name suggests, board games are played on a flat surface called the “board”. They are one of the popular tabletop types of games which use elements like dice or playing pieces. The movements of these pieces happen as per a set of rules which the players must abide by! The game involves plenty of strategic thinking and a bit of luck! The simplest board games are Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and the complex ones are Advanced Squad Leader, So Go etc.

2. Card Games:

Card games are played with a set of playing cards as the main tool. Each deck comprises of 52 cards split into four suits called the Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. The cards have numbers from 2 to 10 and the most valued cards are Ace, King, Queen and the Jack. Different kinds of games are conducted with cards like Poker, Rummy, Solitaire, etc. Card games are usually played for gambling and earning money than for mere entertainment purposes.

3. Strategy Games:

Strategy games like Chess, Chinese Checkers, Game of Go etc. involve high intellectual thinking and situational decision-making skills. They can either be tabletop board games or online games. The earliest known strategy game is a type of chess, but has more complicated rules than the current version. Typically, these games are played on a particular concept and use abstract logic to making the winning moves. The position of the pieces on the board change according to the partner’s movements and patterns.

4. Pencil and Paper Games:

Paper and Pencil games are one-player or multiplayer games which are played solely using a paper and a pencil or pen. They are economical and can be played anywhere without the need for additional equipment like boards or dimes. Different kinds of games are designed for kids and adults like Sudoku, Join the dots, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pictionary, Bulls and Cows etc. The challenging part of playing these games is that you are not allowed to erase anything once it is on the paper!

5. Guessing Games:

Guessing games are fun party games in which the players must find out information using certain hints. The opponent can help the player guess the word using pictures, enactment or giving them clues. Popular among these games is Guess Who? In which the players must guess who the person is based on the descriptions. Others include Dumb Charades, Guess the Animal, Guess the Object (by feeling with hands), Hangman (guess the word) or Cup and ball game where you have to guess the position of the ball.

6. Online Games:

Online games are typically video games that require a technology device like a computer, gaming console or smartphone with an active internet connection. Some of these can be downloaded and played as offline versions when the network is down. These games can range from basic board games like Ludo, Chess, Card games to highly realistic shooting games and multi-player role-playing games. Users have the option to choose from Player versus Environment (the software) and Player versus Player, along with customization of themes, colours and graphics.

Some of the popular online video games in 2020 are Minecraft, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto, Super Smash Bros etc.

7. Lawn Games:

Lawn games are outdoor fun activities that are typically played in groups. There are many types of games in this category, in which some of them use props like rope, balls, bats etc., while the others are just player-centric. Dry seasons like summer and spring are considered to be the best times for enjoying these games. These games also lower our stress levels and improve social bonds, along with giving you fun. Some of the popular lawn games include – Ball games, Tug-of-War, Ring Toss, Hopscotch, Catch the Theif, Volleyball, Badminton etc.

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8. Educational Games:

Educational games are special activities designed to offer educational value to the player. They are available for all age groups, starting from 8 months to adulthood. The games act as tools of education to expand the conceptual knowledge and sharpen thinking abilities. They also make learning enjoyable using creative and engaging puzzles. For slightly older kids and adults, game-based learning helps build the connection between subjects and the real world, making it easy to absorb the concept.

Some of the top educational games are Bingo, Puzzles, Blocks, Quizzes, Memory Games, Flashcards etc.

9. Role Play Games:

Roleplay games use pretend toys like dolls to encourage creativity and imagination in children. These activities use fake versions of real-time objects like doctor’s kit, engineer’s tools, kitchen sets, classroom set up etc. to engage children in meaningful activities. They also open up the learning possibilities and offer freedom of self-expression. Pretend kinds of games can be single-player or group plays depending on the theme. Parental support in these activities improves bonding and communication with the child and help the young ones learn faster.

10. Outdoor Games (Sports):

Outdoor games or Sports are types of games to play outside the home and involve groups. They are physically very demanding and needs special skill in the game to compete with the other group. While sports are often played for entertainment, professional sports involve commercial benefits and reputational issues. Sports are played in fields and use equipment like a bat, ball, net, wickets etc. depending on the game. These athletic activities require physical fitness and mental stability to gain a winning edge.

Some of the popular Sports in the world are Cricket, Football, Rugby, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball etc.

So folks! Those are some of the major types of games and sports played by all age groups. Each of these games offers great entertainment and learning experience to us. They improve our physical and psychological well-being, along with earning us plenty of career opportunities when taken seriously. Which one is your favourite game and why? Do let us know!


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