Attitude is said to define the personality of a human. Naturally, this falls under two categories, the good and the bad. According to Winston Churchill, Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference. If you are willing to perfect yourself, then you should watch your attitude. One of the best things that bring a big change in a man or a woman’s attitude is positive thinking. If you are willing to make yourself good in front of other people, then attitude will be one of the determining factors. The best thing about this simple attitude thing is that it can make you look like a winner or a runner at the same time. According to most people, the energetic and positive mindset combination can be said to be one of the best types of attitudes for all people out there.

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Attitude comprises basically of mindset, viewpoint, beliefs, etc. These basic elements add to the person you are. Your skill in facing the challenges of life and moving is often shaped by the attitude you hold.

The types of attitude in psychology that is often stated are

  • Cognitive,
  • behavioural and
  • emotional.

The first component is based on the knowledge we acquire and feel confident about the fact that we are educated on that subject and can present someone with the relevant information.

This makes us confident. The emotional component deals with the giving out of emotional stimuli, such as overreacting at simple things. We should stay calm under all circumstances to be ready to deal with whatever comes to our minds.

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The behavioural component takes care of the way we react to certain things and is one of the primary things that we should take care off.

List of Attitude Types and Behavior:

The four basic types of attitudes and behaviours are positive, negative and neutral.

1. Positive Attitude:

This is one type of attitude in organizational behaviour. One needs to understand how much a positive attitude it takes to keep the work moving and progressing. It means keeping a positive mindset and thinking about the greater good, no matter whatever the circumstances are. A positive attitude has many benefits which affect out other kinds of behaviour in a good way. For example, a person who has a positive attitude and mindset will look for the good in other person’s no matter how bad they behave or how bad is their attitude. The former person thinks about the greater good and that is why he is called a person with a positive attitude.

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These persons generally don’t care about the hurdles in life. They nurture their skills daily and overcome almost anything and everything that comes in their way. The best way to maintain a positive attitude for beginners is to avoid naysayers and believe in themselves. These persons know about their earlier mistakes and instead of being ashamed of them, they have vowed not to repeat the same thing. If you have a positive attitude, then you should have a list of attitudes, let’s follow them:

A. Confidence:

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Confidence is a good attitude and one of the basic things on the list of positive attitudes. Generally, people with a plus or positive mindset are rewarded with this automatically. Confidence is necessary to approach life with zest. Looking at things confidently and saying “I’m up for this’, is enough to reflect your attitude towards life in general and attitude in particular. Confidence in other elements in the world will start with being confident with self.

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B. Happiness:

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Happiness is the next type of attitude in the list of positive attitudes and behaviours. A happy mind is an abode for all the good things to self. Confident people are quite happy as they are not worried about results, interviews, etc and other similar things in life that are meant to test us. Look within yourself; you will find happiness.

C. Sincerity:

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An individual with a positive mindset is often found to be quite sincere. He or she is aware of the work to be done, and they know that the only way out of a situation is through it. Sincerity is one trait that you should never let go off or compromise.

D. Determination:

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Determination is one of the primary rewarding points for a person with a positive attitude. A right dose of hard work, effort and determination are essential to get things the way you want. A person who is driven and properly determined will overcome all impossibilities.

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2. Negative Attitude:

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A negative attitude is something that every person should avoid. Generally, people will negative attitude ignore the good things in life and only think about whether they will fail. They often find a way out of tough situations by running away from it. They often compare themselves with other persons and find the bad in them only. In short, he is exactly the opposite of the one with a positive mindset. There are certain bad effects that a person with a negative mindset has to face.

A. Anger:

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A person with a negative mindset is often found to be angry most of the time. Sometimes there might not be any kind of specific reason behind their anger. Anger is the root cause of self-destruction. While some amount of anger is good, extreme cases of anger only lead to destruction.

B. Doubt:

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A person can question himself but he or she should never doubt themselves. Unfortunately, if you have a negative mindset, then you will often doubt yourself. Self-doubt will lead to no progress and will often lead to low confidence.

C. Frustration:

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A negative person is a frustrated person. As said earlier, attitude defines the person and that is why if you are frustrated that will show on your face and you will be facing some serious difficulties. Frustration will not help you build your career. It is an irritant and will keep preventing you from taking any positive step forward.

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3. Neutral Attitude:

This is another type of attitude that is common. That mindset is a neutral one. There is no doubt. Neither is there any kind of hope? People generally tend to ignore the problems in life. They wait for some other individual to take care of their problems. They generally have a lazy life and they are often unemotional. It is as if they don’t think about anything that much and doesn’t care for the same as well. They never feel the need to change themselves as they can simply live with the way they are.

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He or she will feel disconnected quite often and that is why having a neutral attitude is very bad and should be fixed as soon as possible. However, a person with a neutral attitude if changes can only go to the path of a positive attitude. In most cases, it has been seen that attitude adjustment metal therapies have led persons to a road filled with positive feelings only.

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4. Sikken Attitude:

One of the most dangerous types of attitude and different is the sikken attitude. The sikken attitude has the calibre to destroy every image that comes in connection with a positive image. This type of attitude is more of a negative attitude and is very destructive. It often reflects the mind’s negativity. It is necessary to let go of this kind of attitude for the betterment of the self and the people around you. They are often difficult to be mended because the attitude is deep-rooted within one’s personality. However, with time, it nevertheless is possible to change the course of direction of this attitude.

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Attitude will either define you or destroy you. What generally follows is, that your attitude will be an inspiration for many in your team. Therefore, companies look for people with a positive attitude. People, in general, seem to stick around the positive vibration, as that will motivate them enough to progress in life. A bad or good, an attitude has the power to change people’s thoughts and therefore, their behaviour. Be an example of a good one!


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