If you are a seafood lover and foodie, you know how delicious crabs are to eat! But it may get overwhelming sometimes when you see an array of crabs menu in restaurants, not knowing which to pick up to enjoy your dinner. There are several kinds and types of crabs to eat among varieties across globe, and today, we are going to explore all about these delicacies with you together. Getting to know about these different species and types of crabs that are edible and are to eat is indeed going to be helpful to understand your taste buds and what you want!

10 Different Types of Crabs to Eat:

Let us get going and explore all about the different crab varieties and species of all types that are edible and favorites for many across the world. Check them out and vote upon which may be your favorite!

1. Dungeness Crab:

The Dungeness crab is popularly found in and around Alaska and Mexico regions. This is a giant crab variant that weighs over 2 pounds and easily up to four pounds. The name Dungeness for crab came from a town called Dungeness near Washington state, where the crab is initially harvested many years back. The crab is very tender and sweet, with flaky sweet and pink flesh. The harvest of this crab variety is in and around the winter seasons and months.

2. King Crab Species:

You all may have already heard of the name King Crab. The crab variants also include Alaskan king crab, Japanese king crab, and Russian king crab, as they are significantly larger in size. Few of the king crabs are also popular to weigh as heavy as over 20 pounds. However, even if it is such large, not the entire flesh is edible. The meat is whiter and red in color with a hard shell. The harvest of these variants is generally from October to January months. If you are a foodie, this is indeed the best kind of large crab species to try out.

3. Stone Crab:

The Stone crab is also popularly called as a Morro crab. The crab is generally famous in and around US regions and is well-known for its tough claws. In most cases, the fishermen snap off claws and throw the crabs back inside the seawater to regenerate the claws. The flesh comes in whiter color and is famous for lean, delicious meat with good flavors.

4. Spider Crab:

Spider crabs are famous as one of the most challenging crabs to find and cook meat. They have long and very strong spiny legs that are heavy in size. The variants of spider crabs in Europe and Japan are very famous than others, as they come in broader size and legs, ranging even up to over 9 feet. The flesh is white in color with a sweet flavor, and most often, spider crabs are boiled or baked then deep cooked.

5. Rock Crab:

The Rock crab is also popularly called the Snow crab. It is ideal for those who love sweety flavors in the flesh. The crab variant is prevalent in most seafood restaurants and buffets, given that it is also readily available in several countries with easy cooking options and methods. This crab is initially found in the regions of Iceland and South Carolina.

6. Blue Crab:

The Blue Crab is among the tastiest and most delicious famous crab on the platter. The crabs range around 3 to 5.5 inches in size and have a very reddish color of flesh in the cooking process. They have a sweet and salty flavor and are the best treat to the taste buds who enjoy and savor the seafood. Most often, the blue crab varieties are either steamed or cooked as a whole.

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7. Peekytoe Crab:

Peekytoe crab is a must-try if you love baked or sweet delicacies. They are popular variants that are perfect for making various dishes, including crab cakes, salad, rolls, and other baked wholesome seafood. However, they are comparatively lesser found varieties in several countries down the East, however, is among most loved dish in Europe.

8. Soft Shell Crab:

Do you not like hardy and tough meat? The Soft Shell crab is the perfect variety for you. These variants are mainly used as a fried dish or sauteed cooking method to add salads or sandwiches to give crispy and delicious flavor. These are grown out of the shell and are molted in species, so new ones aren’t formed yet. They are salty and chewy in flavor. These are among the best types of sea crabs ever popular.

9. Horsehair Crab:

The horsehair crab is primarily famous in Japan and around regional cuisines. They are very thin and delicate crab variants that are served with its shell. In these variants, their ratio of meat is significantly lesser than other species; however, they are best tasty when cooked in the boiling method. They are hardly around 100 mm in size. They are orange in color and sweet in delicacy and taste, and are among small crab species.

10. Brown Edible Crab:

As is popularly known, the brown crab is a type of crab with a reddish-brown color and medium-sized variant. They are sweet in flavor and taste with rich flavor, that is mainly cooked or boiled. The brown crabs are a popular species to eat in and around the United Kingdom regions. However, they are lesser available varieties in other countries in the East and South.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these different kinds and types of species of edible crabs to eat. Which one among this popular list did you try out already? And, which is your favorite one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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