Lilies are among the world’s most popular flowers. Most of us have seen them at one point or the other and never fail to appreciate their beauty and fragrance. But did you know, there are several types of lilies present around us in the globe, and all that we have seen may not even be one-fourth of what they are in total! So yes, it is fascinating to learn about so many lily varieties living around us, in different colors such as white, orange, yellow, pink, and much more.

Today, let us know and learn all about different types of lilies and their variants, families.

40 Pictures of Different Types of Lilies:

There are separate divisions in lily flowers. The kinds of lilies depend on respective divisions, and each group is distinguished from the other with individual characteristics. The Royal Horticultural Society, according to their Lily Register, has nine different divisions in the varieties and types of lily flowers. Let us learn about the different all types of lilies and their names now!

1. Asiatic Hybrid Lilies:

As the name suggests, these lilies are based on breeding from Asian varieties. Generally, most of these flowers result from the crossbreeding of different species in Asia and are considered among the most fragrant blooms. Their colors are pretty and lovely, range from pinks to oranges, pastels, and contrasting streaks. These lilies can face both upsides and down and grow up to two or five feet tall, depending on plant age and health. They are relatively easy to grow, with a fantastic scent. The most common types of lilies in Asiatic hybrids varieties are

Starlette Lily:

Rosella’s Dream Lily:

Nightrider Lily:

Netty’s Pride Lily:

Heartstrings Lily:

2. Martagon Hybrids:

The martagon hybrids are also popular as “Turk’s cap” lilies. These ones are very popular and widespread in regions of Europe and Asian continents, are from hybrids with bright, solid, and colorful looks. The colors range from pink, yellow, purple, white to mauve, with fragrance erupting all around. They grow up to six feet too! Some of the popular Martagon hybrids lily flower species are

Paisley Lily:

Backhouse Lily:

Orange Marmalade Lily:

Cranberry Dancer Lily:

Rose Lily:

3. Candidum Hybrids:

These are among the world-famous lilies hybrids popular near the Middle East regions and Balkan Peninsula. They are also present in some parts of Europe. Most candidum lilies are lighter in elegant and lovely colors, ranging from white, mauve, orange, and yellow. The mandonna types of lilies is among the globally famous flower in this variety.

June Fragrance Lily:

Mandonna Lily:

Candidum Salonikae Lily:

4. American Hybrids:

As the name suggests, we can guess that these types of lilies are from the continent of North America. They range in red, orange, and yellow colors, growing even up to eight feet tall in certain favorable circumstances. They are outward-facing flowers with mild to medium fragrance. The popular varieties in the American Hybrids types of lilies include,

Tiger Lily:

Panther Lily:

Philadelphia Lily:

Turk’s Cap Lily:

Canada Lily:

5. Longiflorum Hybrids:

The longiflorum hybrid lilies have very long trumpets from outer sides facing the flowers, hence the name. These trumpets indeed are as long as around six inches at least. They come in lighter shades, primarily whites and pastels. They are native to countries like Taiwan and Japan. These lilies grow up to seven feet tall and are relatively easy to grow, given their properties of easy multiplication. Given that they are mostly grown around Easter time, they are called “easter lilies,” too. The popular ones here include

Nellie White Lily:

White America Lily:

Ace Lily:

White Heaven Lily:

6. Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids:

The Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrid lilies are the summer flowers that bloom their best in the full sun. They are pretty tall plants, famous for their beauty and elegant looks. They bloom heavily in the summers, with even over 20 flowers per stem in the season. The flowers can face both upward or outside and come in white, yellow, peach, and pink colors. These types of lilies are quite fragrant and give their larger elegant looks; these lilies are also famous for pretty flower shows.

Pink Perfection Lily:

Black Magic Lily:

Royal Gold Lily:

Black Dragon Lily:

Regale Lily:

7. Oriental Hybrids:

Oriental hybrids are again among popular lilies globally for their fragrance and long-lasting life and beauty. These hybrids are actually native to Japan. However, they are now found in other regions too. The lilies can grow up to seven feet tall and range from purple, pink, burgundy, or white. The popular types of lily varieties flowers in oriental hybrids include

Casa Blanca Lily:

Mona Lisa Lily:

Stargazer Lily:

Dwarf Muscadet Lily:

Magic Star Lily:

Love Story Lily:

Dizzy Lily:

8. The Other Hybrids:

Besides these seven divisions famous in the register of horticultural society, they even have the other category that is classified based on other crossbreeding techniques and interdivisional cultivars. These are hybrids from longiflorum and Asiatic, or oriental and trumpet, or even oriental, Asiatic and trumpets. Most of these hybrids are strong in fragrance and come in different colors. The most common types of lily plants include

Big Brother Lily:

Corleone Lily:

Giant Altari Lily:

Giant Zambesi Lily:

9. True Species:

We also have the true species, as the name suggests, that are not hybrid varieties. These include the original species and subspecies and come in different sizes and colors too. They mostly bloom in the summers. Some of these include

Flore Pleno Lily:

These types of lilies and the species are gorgeous, among the most popular varieties in the world. They are fragrant, colorful, and all things lovely. So, we hope you learned something new and knowledgeful about the different kinds of lilies flowers present around us today. Let us know your thoughts! We love to hear from you!


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