Are you in search of the perfect car that can fulfill all the needs of your family? It’s never an easy task to find a vehicle that provides wheelchair access while also accommodating a baby car seat without taking up extra space. With many different categories of vehicles available in the market, doing thorough research is necessary before making a purchase. Some of the car types available include Convertibles, SUVs, Coupes, Sedans, Limousines, Microcars, Hatchbacks, and more.

Understanding Car Categories: A Beginner’s Guide to Classification:

Cars are classified into various categories depending on several factors. Here is a list of those classifications.

  • Based on Body Style: Vehicles are categorized according to the styling of the body. Some of the cars that come under this group are convertible, coupe, hatchback, minivans, crossover, etc.
  • Based on the Car Segment: Vehicles are categorized based on the elements that your car has. Subcompact cars, green cars, compact cars, muscle cars, and luxury cars are some of the examples of this group.
  • Based on Size: These vehicles are segregated based on their size. Microcars, compact cars, mid-size cars, and extra-large cars are some of the examples under this group.
  • Based on Fuel: Vehicles are divided based on the type of fuel used in them. Some of the cars that come under this group are diesel cars, electric cars, natural gas cars, hydrogen cars, etc.
  • Based on Purpose: This is a category of vehicles that are divided according to the purpose they are used. Commercial cars, family cars, exotic cars, racing cars, and sports cars are some of the vehicles that come under this group.

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21 Top Car Body Types to Consider When Buying:

We present you with the top 21 types of cars classified based on their body type in the market. These vehicles are readily available in India too.

1. Limousine:

If you’re searching for a luxurious car, a limousine is an ideal option to consider. The features of these vehicles are crafted to satisfy all your glamorous needs. Limousines have a sleek outer body and come with luxurious compartments inside, making them one of the most expensive vehicles on the market. They are designed with a separate area for the driver and a different domain for passengers, separated by a partition between the two. Some of the limousines currently in production include the Toyota Century, Hyundai Equus Limousine, Great Wall Hover, and Chrysler 300 Limousine.

2. Convertibles:

In the market, there are various types of sports cars available, such as Convertibles, Hot hatch, Grand tourers, Sports saloons, Pony cars, and others. Among these cars, Convertibles or Cabriolets are some of the famous and luxurious ones. The unique feature that makes them appealing is their ability to convert into an open-air vehicle. With modern technology, many improvements have been made in the design of these cars. For instance, some convertibles use automatic hydraulic or electrical actuators, which make the conversion process smooth and effortless. Ferrari California, Honda S 200, BMW M 3, Mazda M X-5, and Volvo C 70 are some well-known convertibles that are loved by car enthusiasts.

3. Micro Car:

“Economy cars are affordable vehicles designed to meet the needs of the middle-income group. They offer lower running costs and produce lower carbon dioxide emissions. Microcars are a popular type of economy car that combines the features of motorcycles and cars. With engines typically having a 1-liter capacity and seating for two passengers, microcars can have either three or four wheels. In Europe, they are often referred to as bubble cars. Advancements in technology have led to the development of electric-powered microcars. Some examples of microcars include Tata Nano, Isetta, and other similar vehicles.”

4. City Cars:

The urban areas are the best places to be using City cars. These types of vehicles are much safer and have better speed and capacity when compared to microcars. These cars can easily reach the speed of any highway as they are built in such form, but they are not to be used for that purpose as it can be dangerous. Also known as Kei cars in Japan, and it is the country that uses this type of city car. Suzuki Cervo, Honda Life, and Fiat Panda are some of the best examples of city cars.

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5. Hatchbacks:

Hatchbacks are the type of cars that are ideal for people who want bigger seating capacity along with enough boot space to store their luggage. These cars are much more prominent in size and have much higher ability than the small cars available in the market. The hatchbacks come with multiple configurations that have four or five doors. These cars are designed in such a way that it has a two-box design and has interiors that are much more flexible. There is a shared space for passengers and cargo in these types of vehicles that are very popular in Asian countries.

6. Sports Utility Vehicles:

Sports Utility Vehicles or otherwise called SUVs. Every country has a different use for these types of cars, and there are broader definitions of SUVs available all over the world. The design of these cars is done in such a way that the significant utilization of these types of vehicles is done in off-road purposes. SUV has a boxy body design that is upright and has higher ground clearance. The design of these SUVs is unique and sleek, making it a stylish choice for many. Some of the best products available on the market are Landrover Discovery, Jeep Patriot, Toyota FJ Cruiser, etc.

7. Sedans:

Sedans are built with a powerful engine and are popularly used as family cars. Having a separate space for the engine, passenger, and cargo is the speciality of these cars that are of three-box configuration—along with a large trunk for luggage storage with comfortable seaters, making it the best choice for a family. Sedans are segregated into types based on the styling of their body, such as Notchback, Sedanette, Hardtop, Fastback, Close-coupled, Club, and Convertible.

8. Subcompact Cars:

Subcompact cars, as the name suggests, have a combined area for cargo and interiors with four to five doors. It is a comfortable vehicle that can seat four to five passengers. The length of these cars is typically 3900 mm to 4200mm long. The manufacturers of many companies are producing premium subcompact vehicles that come at an affordable price. Some of the best subcompact cars available in the market are Peugeot 208, Opel Corsa, etc.

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9. Family Cars:

A more extended version of any standard saloon car or hatchback is called a Family car. This type of vehicle is ideal for people who have large families. Since the size of the vehicle is large, it may cause trouble when you move around in small areas, so it is better to take a test drive before you purchase this vehicle. The designs of these cars vary and can comfortably accommodate five to six people and have an engine capacity of 1.4 to 2.5 litres. Some of the popular ones in the market are Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Auris, etc.

10. Estate Cars:

Another variant of sedan or saloon with an extension of roof rearward is called Estate cars or Station wagons. Two-door wagons, Full-size wagons, and All-steel wagons are some of the types of caravans available in the market. The station wagon has a large cargo area and a two-box design. Though the plan of the cabs has a system similar to the hatchback, the carriages are much longer, providing extra space for cargo. The design of these vehicles is comfortable, and the interiors can be reconfigured with fold-down rear seats according to the priority of the passengers.

11. Grand Tourer:

Grand tourers or abbreviated as GT, are powerful, massive, more extensive, and a type of sports car. The design of the car serves the purpose of luxury, along with high performance. It is a perfect option for long-distance driving at high speed with 2+2 or a two-seater arrangement. This is a type of car that provides you with a thrill yet is comfortable at the same time that gives you enough horsepower to cross continents. Lexus SC 300/400, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is some notable grand tourers.

12. Muscle Car:

Mid-sized cars that have powerful V8 engines are known to be Muscle cars. They have a rear-wheel-drive that is available at an affordable price with a light bodyweight. These cars are popularly driven in the US and Australia that are mass-produced. These cars usually have two doors, but some manufacturers produce ones with four doors. The simple way of explaining muscle cars is by replacing a powerful engine in a small vehicle. Ford Falcon, Ford Torino, and Pontiac GTO are some examples of muscle cars.

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13. Super Cars:

Some of the most exotic cars that have superior performance than other available vehicles are called Super Car. The cost of these cars is very high as the production is very exclusive and limited. These are top of the line cars that have high performance and is legal to be used on roads. Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Mclaren P1, etc., are the few top supercars available on the market.

14. Commercial Vehicles:

Any vehicle that transports goods or customers who pay for their ride is considered a Commercial vehicle. There are varied versions of these commercial vehicles that are built according to the need. If the car is used for transportation, the front area consists of two to three seaters providing a lot of space for goods storage. Whereas if it is a vehicle that transports paying customers, then there is plenty of seating at the rear end. The design of these vehicles is simple and doesn’t have extravagant features like some other cars. They also have standard fuel tanks. Volkswagen transporter and Ford Transit are some of the best known commercial vehicles.

15. Roadsters:

Roadsters are the type of cars that are popularly used for elevating one’s appearance rather than comfort. These are open-cars with a two-seater arrangement that has minimal weather protection. Also considered a simpler version of a convertible, this car doesn’t have any glass on the top or side areas of the vehicle. These are becoming quite popular in many countries nowadays.

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16. MPV/Minivan:

Minivans are popularly used by families that have a lot of kids and need to drive them places comfortably and safely—also called multi-purpose vehicles that have a two-box or one-box configuration that either has four doors or a sliding door for passengers. The interiors are pretty comfortable that have seats in three or two rows that can be reconfigured according to your needs. Some best examples in the market are Citroen Berlingo, Ford C-max, etc.

17. CUV:

Crossover Utility Vehicle or also called CUV gives the passenger a comfortable ride. These types of cars have a superior interior making it a perfect trip; the only disadvantage is that it has the low capability to go off-road. The construction of this vehicle is unibody and has superior in using fuel efficiently. These crossover vehicles are categorized differently in different countries. These vehicles have styling that is somewhat similar to the SUV. Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5, and Honda CR-V are some of the best crossovers in the market.

18. Pickup:

The pickup truck is a vehicle ideal for people who would want to use them to complete daily chores and for outing purposes too. These trucks are sturdy and serve the dual purpose of functioning at home or outside work also. There are several variations in these vehicles according to the load and your needs, such as mid-size, full-size, and heavy-duty. Pickup trucks are often referred to as utes in some western countries. Dodge ram 2500, Nissan Titan, and Ford F-250 are some of the best examples of pickup trucks available in the market.

19. Coupe:

One of the famous passenger cars available in the market is also called a coupe. These types of vehicles are generally two-door that have a closed-body configuration. The vehicles are sporty that have four seats, two in the front and two at the back. The seats are smaller in size when compared to other cars. Mercedes-Benz C-class, BMW 2-series, and Audi A5 are some of the top class coupes available in the market.

20. Sports Car:

Sports cars are the coupes and convertibles that have the hottest, coolest, and sportiest look. They are a sleek finish and are often expensive, placed low to the ground. Although these types of cars have only two-seaters, sometimes rear seats are provided too. Sports cars have a very beautiful and smooth look that can make anyone stop and look back. Mazda Miata, Porsche 911, Ferrari 488GTB, and Aston martin vantage are some of the examples of popular sports cars in the market.

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21. Race Cars:

Our streets are filled with new technological implementations in the cars inspired by the racing circuits. But the actual performance of such raw power may not be manageable for an average driver. Race cars are developed, keeping in mind only the power output of the vehicle. Engines of these types of cars are modified after every race as they do not last longer than that. Unless you want to start racing or are a racer already, these types of cars are not for your average joe!

With the help of the details about the types of cars available in the market, it will make your work pretty easy in choosing the vehicle that will fulfil all the needs of your family. Make sure to test drive the car before you buy them, as theoretical and practical experience is pretty different. So please let us know how this article helped you in obtaining your favourite product.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is just opinions, and we are in no way responsible for your personal experience with the vehicle. It would help if you crosschecked for details before making a purchase.

Q1. What Is The Most Prominent Car In The World?

Ans: Ettore Bugatti’s French Type 41 Bugatti Royale is the most significant car in the world. The wheelbase of Bugatttti royale is more than four feet long, and the length of this car is four feet.

Q2. What Is The Smallest Car Ever Manufactured?

Ans: The smallest microcar that was ever manufactured is a three-wheeled car by the name The PeelP50. These were first made from 1962 to 1965 and had a permanent record for the smallest ever built car listed in the Guinness world records.

Q3. What Are The Fastest Cars In The World?

Ans: The fastest car that can go from 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds at a speed of 267 mph is Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.


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