We all know that the belly button is formed as a remnant of the umbilical cord while we are born. However, did you know that not every navel looks similar? There are different shapes in the belly button, and they differ across human beings. Not everyone has a similar shape and kind of navel all across! Are you shocked? Yes, you heard us right! These navels come with different appearances, shapes, and types for everyone.

Today, we will talk to you about the different types of navel shapes. There are six most common types of belly button shapes spotted across humans. If you are fascinated to learn more, keep reading!

What are the Different Types of Belly Buttons Shapes?

These are the most common and popular variations in the belly button and navel shapes most often we come across. While there may be few other kinds, these six kinds of navel shapes are most common.

1. Protuding or Outie:

You might understand this kind of navel shape by the name itself. Also called protruding belly buttons, the outie shape is among the most common kinds across the human population. In this shape, the portion of the umbilical stump remains out than stay inside and appears outward straightforward. Several people are observed to have this shape, and as they look and seem very unique, they always catch attention.

2. Deep Hollow Button:

The deep hollow navel is when the belly button has a top fold and a shadow underlying beneath this fold. This shape replicates a similar shape of mouth open. While this shape is formed during the birth, many also believe that the deep hollow button may arise if there is abdominal fat. This is also among the most common belly button shapes, especially observed in men more than women.

3. Round or Inward Navel:

Unlike what we have observed above, this is not an outward-looking belly button, instead protrudes inward. This shape looks like a round covered structure yet is a bit concave too. Unlike the protuding or deep hollow shape, this does not have any covering appearance near the overall shape. It is straightforward and appears almost like a round shape. This is more commonly found in women than men.

4. Oval or Light Bulb Belly Button:

As the name suggests, this belly button or navel shape appears almost like an oval structure. It has very light hooding above and narrows as it goes downward in shape, looking just like a light bulb. This is less found than other shapes; however, it remains unique due to how it appears.

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5. Vertical Navel:

The vertical navel, or also called the oblong or split belly button, looks like the shape where it is making up and down split. It seems narrow towards the top and has a bit of an “I” shape when observed from a distance. This is among the commonly spotted belly button shapes, and given its a line kind of appearance; it is called a vertical navel.

6. Horizontal Belly Button:

The Horizontal navel shape is also called as a “T” shape belly button. Here, unlike the other case, the fold goes on horizontally. This shaped belly button looks like a T at the top portion of skin near the navel, and appears spread sideways. This is also less commonly found; however, it appears unique.

How is the belly button formed in a particular shape?

As we all know, the belly button is the remaining portion of the umbilical cord connected to the baby and mother. The navel is what joins the umbilical cord together between both mother and baby. It helps the inflow of oxygen and nutrients. After the baby is born, the doctor cuts the cord, and what that is leftover is the navel or belly button. Hence, the shape is not determined by any particular factors in specific but simply what is formed and healed naturally.

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It is interesting to find out different belly buttons and navel shapes. What do you think? Did you ever know about this fact? Let us know your thoughts and comments below; we love to hear from you!


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