One of the questions probably we keep asking ourselves or ponder when we see someone, is what is my/their face shape? Well, that cannot be pretty difficult to say sometimes. But otherwise, you might really start seeing shapes that you haven’t seen before! That’s about the human face. Men or women, all of us have a face shape that cannot be defined easily. Some faces give an easy platform for good eye makeup, while the other kinds need careful consideration for a haircut and yet others will be a beautiful space for the creative artist who is into face painting. Human faces are varied and each of them sure is beautiful and unique just like the other. The face is sure part of our beauty and it is, therefore, essential to know about them.

While we won’t be able to tell you what kind is yours, here are some factors that help you determine face shape.

The shape of your jaw and the length and width of your face has a huge role to play in understanding the types of face shape.

How To Know My Face Shape?

1. First, start by finding the widest part of your face. This means, for some people, the forehead is the widest and for such people, it gets more angled towards the chin. This kind will resemble that of a heart and hence, heart-shaped face is the term.

  • If your jaw is the widest, then you have a pear-shaped face.
  • For some, it is the cheekbones that are the widest. For such people, their face shape is referred to as diamond-shaped.

2. Next off, the jaw shape.

  • You will have a pointy face if your chin is angled which allows you to see the jaws meeting at a point. The face then is heart-shaped for sure!
  • Some people tend to have a round jaw and thus the face shape is round or oval face.

3. Determining the length of your face is easy. Imagine there is a line passing horizontally below the eyes and from the top of your head vertically, passing through the nose, down to the chin. Now, check if the ratio of horizontal to vertical is one is to one. If it is, then you have a round face. However, if your lower half is longer than the average, then you have a long face.

Types of Face Shapes and their Significance:

The world has a lot of variety. Starting from simple dresses to face shapes, our entire world runs on this variation. You sure must be aware of the many facial shapes that all of us even within the family have, each one different from the other. In case you are still unsure, here are some types of face shapes that will help you understand yourself better.

1. Round Face Shape:

All of us love a round face! When the imaginary line, the one that is used to determine the length of the face, has roughly the same horizontal and vertical ratio. When you have a round face, the other features of your face are also rounded, your cheeks, eyes etc. However, your cheeks have a huge role to play in giving your face a rounded figure.

  • Pros: The best part about them is the rounded cheeks and so when you do makeup, a perfect contour will elevate the look of the face altogether. Your face will look younger than your age too.
  • Cons: short haircuts will not go well around faces.

2. Oval Face Shape:

The other common face type is the oval face. This one is slightly longer than the round face and your chin will still be round, but the length of the face will be slightly more than its width. Remember to always visualize the imaginary line to estimate your face shape. When you have an oval face, your forehead will be the widest part of your face. Your jawline will be the length of your forehead too. The oval face is often regarded as the ideal face shape because its proportions of it allow you to just carry out any hairstyle or make-up you like.

  • Pros: The proportion of the features will allow you to pull off any hairstyle or make-up of your choice and thus you don’t have to give any of this much thought.
  • Cons: the length of your forehead can sometimes upset you and you may need bangs to cover it up.

3. Rectangle Face Shape:

A rectangle face shape is also known as an oblong face shape. However, the oblong face is slightly less angled compared to the rectangle face. So, how do you know you have a rectangle face shape? If you have a rectangle face, the width of your jaws, forehead and cheeks are of the same proportion. But, your chin will be slightly curved and add to the overall shape of your face.

  • Pros: If you have a rectangle face, you can make your eyes the target by winging it out with the proper liner. Having a long face is a good way to highlight the features of your face through simple contouring.
  • Cons: Not all haircuts can go well with a rectangle face. You can try only a long pixie or anything that is not short.

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4. Square Face Shape:

A square face shape is attractive. People with square face shapes have a nearly one is to one ratio of the horizontal and vertical. They tend to have straight sides with very less curve in the chin, making it more noticeably square. Your forehead is also broad and they tend to be straight where the hairline begins. You will see that the cheekbones are the widest.

  • Pros: You will look your best in a soft and curvy hairstyle. Your jawline is strong and the hairline is pretty strong.
  • Cons: You might not be able to try out the shorter hairstyles because they might look disproportionate to the face and its shape. Also, you may have to spend some time finding the right makeup for you.

5. Heart Shape Face:

If you have a heart-shaped face, it might be difficult to not notice the pointed chin and the wide forehead. This type of face shape is also known as the inverted triangle because your forehead is the widest part of your face. Your chin is also pointed, thus making you look beautiful. The heart shape face is often described as ‘mathematically beautiful.

  • Pros: You look attractive with this face shape and this kind of shape is also known to attract people with the charm of the face. You will also have a lot of hairstyles to choose from.
  • Cons: The face shape is rare and so people might have tuff time deciding the right makeup and contouring.

6. Diamond Face Shape:

If you have a diamond face shape, that means you might have a high cheekbone and a nice pointed chin. This is different from heart shape, in the sense that, diamond face shaped people will have a narrower forehead. However, the shape is rare and is always memorable, thus attractive too. Long-side swept bangs will be a good choice of haircut to bring out the cheekbones. This will look attractive.

  • Pros: Long haircuts will look best for them and their attractive cheekbone is the highlight.
  • Cons: You might have to give ample consideration for a short haircut unless you can pull it off like a pro.

So, are you now wondering which is the most attractive face shape for men and women? Here is what experts say.

While each face shape can have its own beauty, some of them are slightly more attractive than others, just by virtue of proportions. Also, face shape is not the sole determiner of how attractive you are. Some features outweigh the shape thus making you more attractive than the best shape. But as they say, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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Gender factors have a role to play in determining your face shape, apart from genetics. The different sex hormones can give your face a sharper and more toned look. Studies show shown how intake of estrogen or testosterone medication can have effects on your face shape. The West tend to prefer square and oblong faces and in Asia, people are in awe of heart-shaped faces. Scientists have figured that those with high cheekbones, large eyes and slim faces are attractive.

No! the attractiveness really does not matter. What matters is the charisma you add to your personality and your aura that will set you apart from others. All of us are attractive in our own ways and to a lot of people and so we believe there is no real measure of attractiveness, apart from one’s sense of individuality and uniqueness.


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