Do you know that one can guess volumes about your personality just by looking at your nose? Yes, you heard it right! There are different types of nose shapes for every person, and we already know that not every person has a similar structure. Not just one or two or three, but instead several different types and shapes. Interestingly, one can guess and understand the kind of personality and features of an individual – just by looking at one’s nose shape!

As impressive as it may sound, let us know all about the types of nose shapes and how describing nose shapes can also assess a person’s individuality or personality and other characteristics.

14 Different Types of Nose Shapes in the World with Pictures:

Depending on your nose’s different types and shapes, one can predict a person’s personality and traits. Here are the most diverse types of nose shapes for women, female and male.

1. Nubian Nose:

If the lower end of the nose is pointed downwards and is pointed almost near the lips, it is called the Nubian nose. Here, the nose’s bridge is seemingly very straight, but all the attention is drawn towards the edge. Those with the Nubian nose are said to be inquisitive and curious in nature. They are also expressive, are always known to try out new things, and learn new perspectives. They are down to earth and are known for their humility.

The known celebrities who have Nubian nose are:

Beyonce Nose Shape:

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Barack Obama Nose Shape:

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2. Greek Nose:

The term and name of the Greek nose are inspired by ancient Greek art and sculptures. Here, the nose is straight forwarded and pointed, with narrow length. If someone has a Greek nose, it means that the person is straightforward, practical, and realistic. They are also secretive people, and wouldn’t let go of something in public and never spill their mouth. You can trust them with secrets and in nature as well as very trustworthy. Many even consider this as a perfect and best nose shape. What do you think?

Jennifer Aniston Nose Shape:

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Arsenal Captain Cesc Fabregas Nose Shape:

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3. Hook Nose:

This time of the nose is also called Bird’s beak. In here, the base of the nose to the tip is bent downwards completely. Those who have hook noses are said to be strongly opinionated people who are engulfed in their thoughts and perceptions. They are also risk-takers and always believe and defend their opinions. Further, these individuals are also creative, diplomatic, and are unique.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Nose Shape:

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Barbra Streisand Nose Shape:

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4. Arched Nose:

The Arched nose is like a hook nose, pointed and curved from the nasal bone. However, it is more pointed at the tip of the nose. Those who have Arched nose are extremely good at managing and organizing things. They are efficient, practical, passionate, and driven towards their motives and are known to be leaders. They are heavily attached to the professions in their life.

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Meryl Streep Nose Shape:

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Julia Louis Dreyfus Nose Shape:

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5. Button Nose:

It is also called a celestial nose. This type of nose is concise, short, and dainty and is among the most common nose. Those who have celestial or button noses are known to be determined. They are strong, willed people. They are multi-talented, spontaneous, and are always stuck to efficient plans and actions. They are also always determined to get what they want always.

Wayne Rooney Nose Shape:

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Carey Mulligan Nose Shape:

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6. Straight Nose:

The straight nose has a flat tone and is straightforward with wide nostrils and a round tip. Those who have a flat and straight nose are said to be right on an emotional base and kindly connect with others. They are patient, calm, and are always in control of mental emotions. They can connect with people emotionally very well. However, they do not tolerate any bad temper from those they love.

Keira Knightley Nose Shape:

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Nicole Scherzinger Nose Shape:

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7. Concave Nose:

If you have a small concavity or arch on the nose bose with a sharp tip pointing outwards, then your’s is a concave nose. Although rareknown nose shape, those who have this shape are very emotional, sensitive, and deep. They are tough to tackle and can get hurt quite easily and immediately. They are introverts but are very kind people. Although they never express their emotions to the outside world frequently, they are good at understanding others’ feelings and are first to help if asked.

Samara Weaving Nose Shape:

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Rooney Mara Nose Shape:

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8. Crooked Nose:

It is most the most simple out of all. The crooked nose name for this particular shape is taken after having a seemingly or mildly broken nose. The bridge of the nose is distinct from others in this nose shape. However, those with this nose shape are excellent observers and listeners. They are understanding, generous with people and relationships. They make good friends and partners!

Owen Wilson Nose Shape:

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Molly Sims Nose Shape:

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9. Short Nose:

This is the shortest and smallest nose you can ever see, even shorter than the button rose. Those who have a short nose may look all youthful and cheerful, but are known to be very short-tempered. They are private individuals and are known to keep the best of it to themselves and have a very short and small social circle. Yet when they meet outsiders, they are friendly. This is among the most attractive and beautiful nose shape for female.

Angelina Jolie Nose Shape:

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Gisele Bundchen Nose Shape:

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10. Fleshy Nose:

If there are a snub pointed end and a narrow root, then it is a fleshy nose. It is a very distinct nose shape and is very noticeable when observed. Those who have fleshy noses are said to be aggressive, fast in acting and decision making, and are very smart. They are also too oriented, passionate, and determined in their profession.

Albert Einstein Nose Shape:

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11. Roman Nose:

If the nose’s bridge is prominent than its base and is slightly bent, it is called a Roman nose. The nose also is similar to the ancient Roman sculptures, hence the name. Those who have roman noses are said to be very headstrong and yet very ambitious in life. They have good skils for the practical world and have a thing with words, making them most liked human beings to others, quite often! It is also called an Aquiline nose. It is among the ideal and best nose shape for men and males.

Ryan Gosling Nose Shape:

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Tom Cruise Nose Shape:

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12. Snub Nose:

The snub nose is distinctively marked by thin appearance and pointed end, with a rounder and smaller and upward slope at the tip. Those who have a snub nose are fast-witted and pretty good at grasping things too quickly. They react a little more than others in every aspect and are also known as quick decision-makers.

Jennifer Lawrence Nose Shape:

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Scarlett Johansson Nose Shape:

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13. East Asian Nose:

The East Asian nose is taken after the prominent and famous shape of the nose most commonly found in the East Asians. They are thin in nature with a flat shape and a very small short tip. They are generally smaller than other facial features.

Lucy Liu Nose Shape:

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14. Bulbous Nose:

If the nose’s tip is pointed outwards and is curvy, then it is the bulbous nose. It has a swollen kind of disproportional tip near the nasal area, giving it a deformed effect. Those who have this nose shape are said to be egoistic and are more self-centered than others. They are known to live life king size but are very close to their social circles too.

Bill Clinton Nose Shape:

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Leo McKern Nose Shape:

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It is quite thrilling and exciting to see how different types of nose shapes implies distinct personality and characteristics of an individual. Just like other physical traits, nose shape too tells a lot about a person. It is fun and as well as meaningful too. What do you think?


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