Eyes! They can talk a lot about a person. Eyes are that one unique prominent facial feature that can give special attention to everybody. They can change the entire look and appearance of a person. But did you ever hear about different types of eyes shapes? If you haven’t, it’s time! If you notice carefully, all of us have different eye shapes. Certain eye shapes are considered very beautiful, whereas others are considered most common. There is often much talk even about our favorite celebrity eye types and shapes.

Excited much? Let’s jump in and learn about them more.

9 Different Types of Eye Shapes:

How to determine which type of eye shape do you have? Let us tell you about it! Everyone has a unique set of eyes, and these different kinds will give you a glimpse of how!

1. Almond Eyes:

Almond eyes are often considered desirable amongst many. In fact, if you have an almond eye shape, you can observe that your eyes resemble just like an almond. There is a crease in your eyelid, and eyes are wider in the appearance, with smaller eyelids. They have smaller eyelids, and the top or bottom lids generally hide the outer part of the cornea. Overall, almond eyes look super bright and beautiful, appear proportionate. These eye shapes are often used in animation too, and many perceive them to look sensual. Celebrities with almond eyes include

2. Round Eyes:

The round eyes appear very prominent. They look circular in shape visibility and are significant. There are noticeable creases, and whites on top/bottom of irises are clearly seen. The corners of the round eyes are also rounded and circular and don’t appear pulled inside or outside. In most cases, young children have round eyes till they move and fully mature. The celebrities who have round eyes are,

3. Monolid Eyes:

Just observe -do your eyes have creases? If you do not, then clearly, it is monolid eyes. These kinds of eyes look and appear very flat in shape. They are most common in Asian women. they are not revealing at all. The eyelid hence is not visible clearly. The brow here is lower, and the eyes are narrower overall compared to other shapes. The celebrities with monolid eyes are

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4. Protruding Eyes:

Protruding kinds of eyes are very easy to recognize. The reason? The eyeballs look very much as bulging outwards of the socket. Hence, those with protruding types of eyes look like they have more prominent size eyes. Their eyes also appear rounder, and because the eyeballs bulge outward, there is more white visible than usual. Given their overall shape, many confuse protruding eyes to be like round or circular ones. These kinds of eyes are not common and relatively unique to find. The celebrities with these shapes are

5. Downturned Eyes:

Here is a clue to notice and recognize downturned eyes. As the name suggests, the eyes’ outer corners appear very downturned and lower than the inner corner. That means they taper downside. Hence, the eye seems like they have a drop pointing towards the cheekbone. Given the appearance, many also call these types’ descending eyelid,’ as it is a prominent feature of having such shape. They appear very heavy towards the outside. However, these eyes shapes are sensual, sleek, and look stunning. The celebrities with this eye shape are

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6. Upturned Eyes:

Upturned eyes are just the opposite of having downturned eyes. So, as one can guess, those with this type of eyes have outer corners turning upwards and higher than the inner corner. Many people often refer to upturned eyes as cat eyes, as they tilt and point upside. It looks like you have an eye lift in this case. They look narrower at the outer edges because of the lift. The upturned eyes are very feminine in look and often appear attractive. Celebrities with this eye shape are,

7. Close-Set Eyes:

The close-set eyes shape indicates and signifies more about the eye orientation or placement than the shape. The close-set eyes are those that have less space between eyes. They appear significantly closer to the bridge of the nose and one another. It is also among the most common eye shape in many men and women. Celebrities with close-set eyes include

8. Wideset Eyes:

Wideset eyes are again opposite to those with close-set eyes. Here, the space between the eyes is greater. That means the distance between them is very wider. The features, as a result, appear very broad. The celebrities with wideset eyes include

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9. Hooded Eyes:

Finally, we have hooded eyes. In this type, an extra layer or flap of skin falls over the crease area. As a result, they give a very high brow bone appearance with the deep crease. With the eyes open, the eyelids look very small or almost not visible. Celebrities with hooded eyes include

We hope you learned all about the different types and kinds of eyes and eye shapes. Did you find out which type of eye appearance do you have? Have a look and tell us!


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