Can you imagine the world without water? It is the most crucial thing required for any form of human life. Water is essential for not just survival but also civilization and advancement. We all often hear the advice to drink more water every day. But did you know there are different types of water, and all of them are not similar? Yes, you heard us right! The clear water you see is not the same everywhere; it changes in type based on consistency, origin, and minerals and nutrients within it. The drinking water changes according to place!

Isn’t it fascinating? Today, we are here with the different types and kinds of water on the earth. Let us learn about them today!

Different Types of Drinking Water:

Let us learn and examine some of the most common types of water safe for consumption!

1. Tap Water:

The piped tap water is among the most common types of water we come across. This is found everywhere on the earth. You get them directly from your faucet, and depending on the place, it may or may not be suitable for direct drinking purposes. Although the water is regulated for safe consumption in most cases, it is always better to cross-check. However, the advantage in types of tap water is its easy availability and the cheaper mechanism that is possible for everyone around. In addition, there are specific cons, too, such as hazardous and harmful substances that may contaminate the tap water.

2. Mineral Water:

As the name suggests, the mineral water is filled with minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and sulfur. This types of water is pulled from mineral springs and underground sources and thus contains very rich natural minerals. Hence, no artificial or further processing needs to be done to add minerals. This water has several health benefits given the quantity of minerals, such as helping in boosting immunity, improving digestion. However, sometimes the taste may vary due to the same!

3. Springwater or Glacier Water:

These types of water are taken from the source itself, where the water flows, such as glaciers or springs. This is among the natural and purest drinking water, safe for consumption directly. Given that they come directly from the source, these water are believed to be free from toxins substances and harmful substances. However, this water is also at same time raw and unfiltered, and hence may be of harm to the health too!

4. Sparkling Water:

If you are confused about sparkling water, it is the carbonated water or soda water we find outside. This water is infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure, thus generating the taste. The flavor and aroma may be unmatchable in this kind of water. However, this kind does not contain any form of nutrients or natural minerals. However, it is definitely good flavored water to drink once in a while, especially for the sweetened and fizzy feel.

5. Distilled Water:

We all may have heard about the distilled water variety. This is a form of water that is boiled well at first, and steam is collected back to condense the same into a liquid. This helps to disinfect and forgo all forms of contaminants and toxins out. It is a suitable option to consider if you reside in a place where tap water is heavily contaminated. However, it is also essential to remember that this water, given the processing mechanism, does not contain any minerals or vitamins, thus giving no health benefits. This, in turn, pulls out all kinds of minerals in your regular consumption, leading to mineral deficiency in a few cases.

6. Purified Water:

This is the type of water we all often hear about. The purified water is no particular type of water, but tap or groundwater is disinfected and purified away from bacteria and other contaminants. The purified water hence is treated water that removes all fungi and parasites. It is an ideal option for everyday consumption. However, the process of purification also removes suitable substances like fluoride. It is popular belief amongst many that this is the best kind of water to drink!

7. Infused Water:

The infused water, also popularly called flavored water, is the kind of water sweetened with artificial sweeteners or sugar. It contains flavorings that add taste to the water. However, given the amount of sweetener added to them, it is advised to take them occasionally due to adverse effects on immunity and health.

8. Well Water:

We all know what well water is! It comes directly from the ground. It is among the most common source of water for several regions, mainly rural areas. The deep wells operate to collect the water from underground and bring it to the surface level. This kind of water is untreated and raw; hence it can be both safe and unsafe at the same time. Therefore, it is vital to check and examine the water pH levels and look for bacteria and other contaminants before consuming them directly.

9. Rain Water:

The rainwater, as we all can guess, directly comes from the rain. It is the purest types of natural water we all can receive naturally and does not risk being contaminated, unlike the other sources. It is the cleanest form of water.

10. Alkaline Water:

Alkaline water kind has a higher level of pH content than the average regular drinking water we consume. This is because it contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The alkaline water generally is formed in two ways. First, after passing from rocks and picking the minerals up; and the second is through a chemical process called electrolysis, which increases water pH level. This types of water can cause nausea and other side effects if consumed regularly.

We hope you learned something new today. These are the different types of water available to us on the earth. All of them have their own set of pros and cons, and according to the availability and the types, one can pick the correct kind of water for regular consumption.

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