To have that perfect tousled hair with polished, plush, and yet casual look is everyone’s dream. Who doesn’t love a good hair day? Now you can make it a reality with these perfect beach waves hair makeover. Those loose and messy, neat curls, just like you had a dip in the ocean with perfect thicker strands and crisscrosses, can be made possible, and here is how!

Be it for a summer vacay, visit beaches, or even your casual outings and parties, beach wave hairstyles have quite become a favorite to every girl, for all obvious reasons. We all love to have the neat, tamed, and perfect strands of waves. Watch out, and we’ll give you some ideas today.

Perfect Beach Waves Hairstyle Trends to Look Beautiful:

Be you want to do a permanent beach wave look or temporarily have an easy, quick beach waves style statement around, these natural looking and loose waves will be a heartthrob. Here are our favourites for the year.

Beach Waves for Short Hair:

1. The Cute Frizzy Beach Waves:

Gracing messy hair is also an art. If you love messy and curly wavy hair texture, here is one for you. With the frizzy yet charming look, short hair length, and stylish appearance, we love how this beach curled up waves look stylish and edgy at the same time. Be it for a vacay or night parties and events, these messy beach wave curls hairstyles for short hair trends can be apt.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and square face shapes can be ideal in this wave look.
  • Try this style for girls and women in the early 20s to match the youthful style statement.
  • Wear this look for those who have frizzy yet curly and dense hair texture.

2. Blonde Short Beach Waves:

For the elite urban sophisticated look, which appears versatile and trendy, here you go! This beach blonde hair effect with neat and tamed up waves and short trimmed and layered texture look is quite smart and trendy. For those girls who are in search of elegant and graceful hairstyles, especially modern business or professional women – this short and easy beach wave hairstyle can be an ideal and perfect match.

  • Women with any face shape and facial features can try this look.
  • Wear this style for those women in the age group of the 30s and the 40s.
  • This beach waves look is ideal for wavy and curly hair texture for the perfect hair makeover.

3. The Smooth Beach Waves:

For the perfect sassy and yet timeless contemporary look, here we have a smooth and neat beach wave style statement. Be it with a loose hair leave over, or a side clipped hair as shown in the image above, we quite love this youthful statement trend. This style is quite easy to do, and you can do these beach waves for short hair just with a flat iron. Try this one out for parties or special dinners and we bet you would look no less than a dream.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shape can try this look easily.
  • This style is good for women in the late 20s until the mid-30s age group.
  • This hairstyle makeover is good if you have a straight and smooth or wavy hair texture.

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4. The Platinum Beach Waves:

The platinum hair trend has been taking over the internet and fashion world by storm. The charm and new-day transformative look it delivers cannot be competed with. Here we have a beach waves short hairstyle even with platinum hair. With the short hair length and loose strands all waved up, we quite love this hair makeover. You can even try this out with curling iron. Be it for parties or your edgy events; this hairstyle can be attractive and mesmerizing.

  • Women with any facial features and face shape can try this short beach hairstyles out.
  • This hairstyle is good for women in the age group of the 30s to look youthful
  • Try this one out if you have smooth or wavy hair texture to achieve a similar hair look.

5. Beach Blonde Waves with Pink Extensions:

If you want to elevate and enhance your style statement by going one stage upscale, here you are – the perfect beach blonde waves with pink extensions. With the tone and perfect blend of funky, classic, ultra-modern and new-age look, girls who prefer bold and unique style statements should not miss this beachy hairstyles makeover. Be it for your parties, cocktail events, or dance nights; this variant of short hair look can be an ideal choice.

  • Girls and women with diamond, heart, and oval face shape can try this hairstyle
  • This hair makeover is edgy and perfect for women in the late 20s to the late 30s age group.
  • Try this hairstyle and hair makeover for women with any hair texture. You can do this beach waves with curling wand easily for short hair.

Beach Waves for Medium Hair Length:

6. Purple Beach Hair Love:

This perfect purple lavender beach hair makeover is absolute love. If you love contemporary and sassy looks with unique and bright toned style statements, why not prefer this one? With medium hair length and completely new-age inspired transformation, women who love to experiment must try this beach waves hairstyle for medium length hair.

  • Wear this for any face shape and facial features; it can fit them all.
  • Try this style for women in the 20s to the 40s age group to look unique and stylish.
  • This look is ideal for women with wavy hair texture to look beautiful.

7. The Simple Classic Beach Waves:

This makeover is an example of a simple and classic usual beach wave hairstyle. Nothing too hyped and nothing too low – the perfect toned hair makeover is all about simplicity with elegance and charm. Women who love and prefer such graceful style statements, with versatile looks, must try this one. Be it for offices, professional looks or parties, this can fit them all easily.

  • Women with oval, heart, and diamond fhace shape can try this hairstyle.
  • This look is ideal for women in the 20s to the 50s, easily and equally for perfect looks.
  • This hairstyle makeover can be edgy and lovely if you have a smooth and wavy hair texture.

8. Blonde Bright Waves:

This is another casual beach waves hair makeover example for those with medium length hair. If you love trimmed up the look with not too short nor too long hair length, this can be ideal and apt. The little messiness and frizzy look with mild beach curls and waves can enhance and upscale your style statement effortlessly. What do you think about this one?

  • Women with middle age groups can look youthful and edgy with this smart look.
  • Try this hairstyle with any hair texture, as it can fit them all effortlessly.
  • If you have an oval, elongated and diamond face shape, this medium blonde hairstyle can be perfect.

9. Black and Blonde Waves:

If you prefer not too, brightly tones and statement look and prefer simple yet a bit of tweaked style statement, this can be ideal. With blonde hair highlights at the edges, dense loose hair waves and overall stylish looks, we are in awe with this one. Be it for offices, or parties or gatherings; this can be ideal for all of them.

  • Women with oval and elongated face shapes can try this beach curl hair.
  • This look can be edgy for women in the late 20s to the late 30s age groups.
  • Women with wavy and straight hair texture must try this out for the perfect modern looks.

10. The Everyday Beach Waves:

Here we go – this medium to long hair length beach waves with smooth and mild looks is soothing and smart to witness. For the classic hues yet with feminine and graceful style around, we love how women across age groups and preferences can fit in this one effortlessly and easily.

  • In case you have an oval, round and heart face shape, this everyday hairstyle can be ideal.
  • Try this look for women in the ages of 30s to the 50s, to look youthful and smart.
  • This hairstyle makeover can be edgy if you have straight to wavy hair texture.

Beach Waves Hairstyle for Long Hair:

11. Dense and Thick Beach Waves:

You can try out beach waves even for longer hair length and here is one such stunning example. In case you are blessed with dense hair texture and thicker hair, why not try this one out? With the smooth and polished strands lying around loosely, we quite love how feminine and appealing this look is.

  • Women with any face shape and facial features can try these long hair curls with beachy waves.
  • Wear this style for women in their 30s to 40s to look beautiful and mesmerizing.
  • This hair makeover can be edgy if you have a wavy hair texture.

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12. The Blonde Layered Beach waves:

With a trimmed U-cut layered hairstyle for long hair and beach waves, this is a timeless and evergreen combination that can never go out of trend. Be it for your holiday or vacation look, or even simple outings, this elegant and classy style statement is one of our all-time favorites. If you have thin hair density, this can be ideal for covering up and make your hair look puffy. You can easily even do this beach waves with a flat iron for long hair.

  • Try this style for a diamond, oval and long faces for the perfect looks.
  • Wear this style statement for girls and women below the mid of 30s for the perfect smart looks.
  • This hairstyle can be edgy for any hair texture – be it smooth and straight, or wavy.

13. The Blonde, Silver Beach Waves:

These perfect highlights of blonde, silver and brown can be brought together to have this mesmerizing makeover. With loose and separated beach wave curl strands floating around the loose hair, we quite are gushing over this elegant and classy finish. The hair appears shiny and beautiful, with fashionista vibes and a spa effect. What do you think?

  • Women with any face shape can try this lovely loose beach hairstyle for curly hair.
  • This look is ideal for women in the age group of the 30s to look edgy and stylish.
  • This chic makeover can be perfect if you have a wavy and curly hair texture.

14. Thick Beach Waves:

Finally, these gentle, thick curls can be quite neutral and soothing. If you love smart and elegant looks without much boldness attached to the makeover, what is best than such a lovely and trendy style statement? With dense hair, thick wavy strands can be ideal and suit a perfect end result. Be it for formal looks or cocktail gatherings, this result can be edgy and smart.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and round face shapes must try this look.
  • This look can be edgy for women in the 30s to 40s age group.
  • For all those who have wavy and dense hair, these thick beach waves can be amazing and stunning.

15. Rainbow Beach Waves:

Are you in the mood for something fun and unique? This can be an ideal ultra-modern look. The rainbow hair highlights with beach waves can completely stand out from the crowd, and you can look stunning without any doubt. If you love such experimental and bold looks, you must try this out with long hair length.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes can look edgy and chic here.
  • Wear this style for women in the 20s to the 30s age group for the perfect appealing looks.
  • Try this hairstyle and makeover if you have wavy or smooth straight hair texture.

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Beach waves, hair makeovers and hairstyles are probably the most elegant and charming looks one must not miss. For all those women who love elegance and grace attached to their looks, the beach waves are a must-try.


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