50 Most Popular Mehndi Designs For Hands With Pictures

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Hands are one of the best and fully displayed part of body to decorate with mehndi. Glamorizing the hands with traditional mehndi designs is the finest way to collect the inspirations from others. It is extremely popular in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. From college functions to the big Wedding Day, the embellishment of hands with cute mehndi art is considered must.

mehndi designs for hands

There are several beauty salons that provide the services of professional mehendi artists to embellish your hands and feet. However, if you want to explore your own creative skills, it is also a good idea. You just need to do little practice of free hand mehndi application. Then, make an idea in your mind and apply it to hands or feet anywhere you want. If you are new in mehndi art, first draw the sketch of your design on a page. It will help you create a perfect design.

Best Mehandi Designs For Hands With Images:

The latest and simple mehndi designs for hands with photos given in this page may also help you in this regard.

1. Simple Mehandi Design For Hands:

This simple yet elegant mehandi design is absolutely perfect for the college functions and casual gatherings. The design include simple floral patterns, no intricate style has been used here. You can draw this easily even if you have a little practice of freehand mehndi art. Exquisite motif pattern with the combination of two leaves and one dot is used to adorn the tips of fingers. The remaining part of fingers is kept open to give the design a sophisticated look. Make it your choice for the closest event to wow your friends, colleagues and cousins.

2. Traditional Mehendi Designs For Hands:

This lovely design is especially for those who love fuller mehendi designs. Starting from the wrist, it has covered full hand. The design features floral patterns and traditional motifs. As it includes intricate patterns, it needs more proficiency and patience as compared to the first one. This would be one of the finest mehndi designs for hands which is very alluring with its pattern and combination of designs.

3. Brides And Groom Mehndi Designs For Hands:

A wonderful mehandi design for the brides and the close relatives of bride and groom. It is extraordinary beautiful and gives the hands highly ornamented look. Flowers, leaves, lovely shapes and motifs are combined together to complete this gorgeous design. You should be an expert mehandi designer if you want to create it.

4. Mehandi Designs For Festivals:

Here is another exploration of artist’s creative abilities. I think there is nobody who don’t like this eye-catching design. From elbow to the tips of fingers, the design is perfect for the family functions, parties and Eid festivals, even the bride can also opt it to decorate her hands on big day. The design isn’t much complicated and each figure is easily recognizable. You can’t see any meaningless pattern in whole design.

5. Mehendi Designs For Girls And Women:

Have a look at this one, a wonderful choice for the girls and women who want elegance and sophistication in everything. The design looks fuller but doesn’t involve extravagant futile shapes. The entirely filled tips give it a traditional look. Whether you are seeking a versatile mehndi design for a religious festival or want to inspire your friends on a college party, this glamorize design is best one for you.

6. Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Fantastic… A nice example of Arabic mehendi style… the design includes only the ever-green floral patterns that are arranged in a sequence. All flowers are made in same thickness and consistency. The petal are filled with thin lines, while the central rounds of the flowers are fully filled with mehndi that is a specific characteristic of Arabian mehndi. The design has covered only the index and mid fingers. This simple design is perfect for the beginners.

7. Floral Hand Mehndi Pattern:

What’s your opinion about this cute design? As like to the previous patterns, this design doesn’t include any floral pattern. Only motifs and leaves are used to make the design, which starts from the wrist and has covered mostly part of the palm. The tiny leaves pattern on the fingers and thumb looks very nice.

8. Latest Mehandi Design For Both Hands:

This one is totally unique mehndi design for both hands. It also doesn’t include any floral pattern, most part of the design is filled with spirals. It appears too complex and intricate but actually it is quite simple. Assuredly, it is excellent for the females of all age groups. You can opt this admirable design for parties, Eids as well as wedding ceremonies.

9. Front Hand Mehendi Design For Brides:

A nice and elegant front hand mehandi design for hands on brides. The design extends to the elbow, featuring flowers, motifs, leaves, dots and other beautiful shapes. It is a complex design and require more patience and professionalism than other simple designs. No shading or decorative material have been used here. In fact, this lovely design look perfect without any accretion.

10. Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design For Brides:

A wonderful peacock back hand design for brides. The design, starting with a charming peacock motif, involves a number of geometrical shapes. The blocks-filled shape is providing a base to the triangle that is filled with motifs. A large circle shape is very prominent on the hand. Shading style has been adopted for the fingers and thumb to give the design a different touch. The overall design is simple and doesn’t need more proficiency, even an inexpert can also draw it easily.

11. Hand Mehandi Design With Rhinestone:

If you want to touch the extremes of simplicity while applying mehendi, then choose this one. This glamorous design very easy and less time-consuming. Different styles have been adopted to allure each finger and the addition of tiny rhinestones at different places makes it more appealing. This design is perfect for the college girls or working women who have very less time for their beauty regimen.

12. Marwari Mehendi Design For Weddings:

Here you can observe a classical peacock mehndi design that is used for the embellishment of bridal hands. In the design, you can see two peacocks, one on each hand, among the collection of intricate patterns. The tips are kept bald to create a unique touch. The exquisiteness of the design makes it perfect for the wedding day and other occasional events.

13. Popular Shaded Peacock Mehndi Designs:

This stunning design explains that why the peacock designs are most popular among the females. Multiple peacock faces in a single design really look outlandish. All the design has been created in shaded mehandi style. Black mehandi is used to draw the border lines and the shading is given with simple mehndi. With the full-covered tips, it is surely one of the most versatile mehndi design and apt or all events.

14. Wonderful Both Hand Mehandi Patterns:

Wonderful patterns for the front and back sides of hand… you can choose this style for each event from family functions to the college get-to-gathers, even it can be used for bride though adding few more extensions. With flowers, leaves and motifs, the design is a bit complicated and demands the proficiency and patience of the artist.

15. Multi Color Mehendi Design For Hands:

Here is an illustration of fancy mehendi design that is restricted only for the brides. Simple and black mehndis are used to make this shaded design. All the design has been embellished with colorful rhinestones in round and leave shapes. A pink rose is prominent at the wrist. Conclusively, this design is very apt to compliment your wedding attire.

16. Pakistan Bridal Mehndi Design For Hands:

This admirable back hand mehendi design is for the brides who don’t like gaudy designs. The design hasn’t covered each part of the skin. Grommet style is prominent at the wrist, while a round design has been bordered with flowers to beautify the hand. Same flowers are drawn on the fingers.

17. Hand Mehandi Suitable For All Events:

If you aren’t inspired by the previous designs, then check out this one that is equally suitable for all events. The concoction of flowers, leaves and symmetrical shapes elaborate the design in fantastic way. For both sides, the design extents from wrist to the fingers. However, a variation is made at back side by keeping most part of the fingers open.

18. Cute Mehndi Design For Back Hand:

Cute design for back hand no much complicated nor full of intricate patterns. It may be an ideal choice for the college girls to mature women. The design features three prominent flowers that are adorned with leaves and offshoots. Same design has been applied on the index finger, while the remaining are kept open. It is one of the easy mehndi designs for hands.

19. Beautiful Peacock And Flowers Hand Mehandi:

This is a crazy design with a beautiful peacock in the center of too many flowers. This versatile design isn’t much difficult to create as it doesn’t include intricate details. Well-arranged leaves give the tips highly ornamented look.

20. Arabic And Shaded Mehendi Styles:

An excellent concoction of Arabic and shaded mehendi styles can be seen here. Very thin lines are applied to fill the central parts of fingers, this pattern makes this item very unique from the others. It is quite perfect for parties, Eid festivals and other ceremonies.

21. Classical Peacock Mehndi Design For Hands:

This paradisaical peacock mehndi design with the combination of traditional looks ideal for Indian and Pakistani brides. It can also be worn by the close relatives of the bride and the groom. It is much complicated and full of intricate details, thus needs more artistry and diligence as compare to the simple designs.

22. Small Border Mehandi Patterns:

See this picture… it is one of the best representations of crazy artwork by the mehandi artists. The widespread border at the wrist is organized by arranging small border patterns one by one. Three flowers are prominent on each hand. Small intricate details are used to elaborate the floral design. Same style is applied on the tips, a dotting line on each finger makes the design more attractive.

23. Beautiful Mehndi Pattern On The Wrist:

This cute design is especially for those who want to add a bit of color to their hands. This very short design includes a beautiful mehandi pattern on the wrist with the combination of three cute flowers. All the fingers are kept open to make the design more prominent. The superb design may be an outclass choice for the college girls and working women.

24. Red And Black Mehendi Design:

The stylish design, done in red and black mehendi colors, looks awesome and according the latest mehndi trends. With red filling and black border, the design represents the creative skills of the artist. To complement this shaded design, several multi-color rhinestone rounds, leaves and other shades are used.

25. Mehandi Design For Teenage Girls:

This is a easy mehendi design for the teenage girls who want to apply beautiful mehandi design by their own. It is quite simple with no shading or intricate pattern and doesn’t demand extra proficiency. So, it is ideal for the beginners.

26. Simple Mehndi Design For Beginners:

Another simple mehendi design for the beginners  a large beautiful flower is drawn on the palm. Five different patterns are used to fill the empty areas between the floral leaves. An offshoot of flower extends upwards to cover the index finger, while the remaining fingers are bare. This cute design is apt for the small girls.

27. Round Mehandi Shape:

Most women love round mehandi shape and fully filled tips. You can bring some modifications in traditional round pattern to make it stylish and compatible to the modern trends. The given-above picture is an example of such designs. The simple round is replaced by a nice round floral pattern and the style is applied on the tips. It can be worn by young girls as well as matured women to complement the personality for every occasion.

28. Gujarati Mehendi Design For Hands:

This is a typical gujarati mehndi design which has covered the wrist in round style like a bangle. Next a line of exquisite motifs runs towards your hand, covering the large finger. It is very innovative and artistic design. The wrist design has been covered with spiral, same decoration on all fingertips makes the design extraordinary fine-looking. This nice design is super perfect for the parties and religious events.

29. Round Flower Mehndi Design For Hands:

Here is another illustration for the round-design lovers. A large flower in round shape on the palm looks super cute. The flower includes petals, leaves and few more intricate details. Same pattern is used for the fingers. A block style pattern on the tip of thumb looks very nice. To complement the front hand design, a very common back hand mehandi design has been adopted.

30. Shaded Mehandi Designs For Hands:

The latest version of shaded mehndi designs can be seen here. The floral patterns and leaves, done in the Arabic style, look very prominent in entire design. The overall design is quite simple with no complication or intricate pattern. This design is not only perfect for the college functions, parties and Eid festivals but it can be worn by brides.

31. Eid Mehndi Designs For Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 31

Being an unique mehndi is just what gives this one a ticket on this list of simple henna designs. It doesn’t have  a very basic pattern in total in the hand. It is mostly filled with spirals and that are shaped like peacocks. This mehndi design for hands is just as complicated to make as it looks. The wrist has another large peacock, making the whole mehndi an extravagant admirable pick for ceremonies like wedding or festivals like Eid. Although you cannot make the design all by yourself owing to the intricacy, the professional should help you make the most of this pattern and take away all the attention. It is one of the simple mehndi designs for hands.

32. Beautiful Butterfly Mehandi Designs For Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 32

How quirky is this style? A lot unique and loved my all free spirited women. Looking at the pattern, it is indeed a very simple design that is used for covering most of the front palm. However, if you don’t love full designs, this can be it for you as well. The inner wings of the butterfly are filled with motifs and spirals that also cover the fingers. The design is not only ideal for young school or college girl, but also for women attending family gatherings and festivals.

33.  Arabic Lotus Mehendi Designs For Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 33

This is just what you would love to call fantastic and for good reasons. The mehandi design for hands includes a lotus for the palm and other sequential patterns around it. The consistency of the henna needs to be the same and even for every edge for the design to work and look best. Being an Arabic design, details are given extra attention to and the leaves around the flower are filled in with thin lines. This is a rather special characteristic of the Middle Eastern henna variations. Not only is it simple despite looking so hard to make, but it also is apt for all sorts of occasions.

34. Sequential Mehndi Design:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 34

If what you saw so far hasn’t managed to impress you much, look at this design, making even boring repetitions look like magic. The mehndi  is ideal for all occasions and contains semi circular motifs places over one another with a maintained space. The design extends up to the wrist and can be drawn more if needed. A variation can also be made and instead of the stars used to cover up the unused space, it can be left blank, if you are not that into detailed full hand designs. That makes the design look neater and more sober for simple occasions that don’t call for over the top mehndi designs.

35. The Glittery Hand Mehandi Art:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 35

This design is not only urbane and chic, but looks great in accord to the newest trends making the wave this year. The mehndi is very basic with flowers and leaves stacked like most floral patterns. This is then decorated by placing stones for the bud. You can use different shades of complementing stones if you want. That adds more beauty to the already extravagant pattern that this is. No other mehndi designs for hands will be like it be simple and easy to flaunt.

36. Simple Mango Mehendi Designs For Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 36

You have got to love this mehndi for how uncomplicated yet elegant it is. It is barely a design, yet there is so much of a personality that it can give you with your traditional wear. The design is basically very easy to make once you can make the Gujarati motif on the center of the wrist. The design is very compatible to your modern taste as well. And it not only gives you a mature look, but also a very chic vibe. Do make sure to decorate your nails with a bright looking nail color to accentuate the hand mehndi design.

37. Finger Mehndi Design For Back Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 37

If you love how your fingers look with the mehndi yet hate the hard work, well looks like you are in luck ladies! Look at this masterpiece of hand mehandi design. The fingers are all looking so beautifully stylish despite having the same uniform pattern each. That makes it not just easier to adapt, but also convenient to make. It may barely take time and hence be ideal for quick surprise family gatherings. You can take everyone by astonishment when you show up with henna despite the short notice. And the best part of it all? You don’t get tagged as lazy.

38. Back Round Mehandi Designs For Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 38

You will thank us as soon as you come across this picture if you don’t like gaudy styles. The design is yet another round one in the list, and very simple to make. It adds beauty to the front palm. This design can act as a good base for your front if you have drawn an intricate pattern at the back of your hand. The design gives more prominence to the back, while beautifying the front of your hand effectively. An extension of the same pattern is drawn on each of the finger, which makes the design look as perfect as it is.

39. Geometric Arabian Hand Mehendi:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 39

When you want to pass off as an Indi -Bohemian chic, this Aztec henna design will make your character for the role fall into place. It neither looks too tribal nor too urbane. Just ideal for theme parties, and other small family gatherings where you want to experiment with your look. You can easily make the most of the hand mehndi design all by yourself. It is nothing too complicated and is hence an ideal choice for women who love it easy. The patterns on the lower palm extending to the wrist to need a little attention from a third person, but otherwise you are good to go.

40. Beautiful Arabic Design Mehndi:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 40

Didn’t this one just win you over with its Arabian intricacy mehndi design? It is one of the latest mehndi designs for hands and you can see the reason for it being so popular lately. The design is literally an epitome of everything a perfect henna pattern should posses. It is easy and neat to make out the design, it is intricate and full enough to pass off as a bridal mehndi. It has some very basic motifs, that can be embellished with stones if you want to make it look even more gorgeous, not that it is any less already. This sheer perfection of a mehndi needs to be tried out by you to garner all the praises in the room in no time.

41. Portrait In Hand Mehandi Design:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 41

The stunning design that it is, this one is every reason why you should love being born as an Indian girl. Look at how beautiful the Arabic and Gujarati fusion of the motifs look. A very simple design, waved into the singularity of intricacy, the patterns are cover most of your hand, and is hence ideal to serve as a bridal mehndi.  It is versatile enough to be experimented with and has a man figure, explaining your ‘soon to be wed’ status.

42. Unique Hand Mehndi Art:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 42

A wonderfully done of central rhombus with inner patterns make up the front of the palm. This design can be picked for any occasion ranging from college reunions to family functions. With the accuracy and neatness, it might not be your cup of tea to manage it alone, but with the proficiency of  professional, well, it will most certainly give you the edge and praise you are looking for.

43. Spiral Mehandi Design On Both Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 43

If you aren’t into easy mehndi designs for the hand and are looking for something perfectly elegant, that will seal the deal for you. Not really meant for casual gatherings, this wedding mehndi has a very intricate detailed style implemented in here. It might not be easy to make all by yourself, but hiring a professional will all be worth the trouble when you see how exquisite the pattern of the motif is. The design is very easy to understand and has a flower each on both hands with surrounding leaves. As for the tip of the fingers and other empty areas of the hand, a three dotted pattern is used.

44. Mughlai Mehndi Design For Hand:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 44

When it comes to hand mehndi designs, the gorgeousness of this one will pleasantly surprise you. The power of floral patterns you have seen, and this has nothing but that in the entirety of the design. It is a very prominent design and is simple to make all by yourself. It is ideal for functions like the college events, family gatherings, or even festival. It is a fusion of the Arabic and Indian style in essence and has a repetitive hand pattern easy to work on. If only your palm is where you want your mehndi to be limited, this is your best pick.

45. Converging Diagonal Mehandi Design:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 45

The design of this Mehndi is Indian, while it has the touch of Arabian intricacy. It is not only exquisite, but also covers a large portion of your hand, thus being reason of preference for many. The way the ends of the two designs on both hands converge is both creative and looks great to the eye. A circular pattern is sequenced in this fine looking henna art, ideal for religious festivals and family parties.

46. Fusion Minimal Mehendi Art:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 46

While ideal for working women because of its minimal design and spaciousness, this beautiful mehndi is perfect and a classy choice for every girl who loves to keep their hands laced with less henna and still looks equally stunning. The motif on the wrist is circular and intricate, hinting towards Arabian, while the one on the palm is more like the Gujarati motif.

47. Intricate Henna Artwork For Hands:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 47

This one has a very detailed circular motif. The mehndi artist you hire for yourself will enjoy making this one. The design is very elaborate and contains two main motifs organized in a circle and then the rest is filled up by the other details. Your artist will probably do it by himself with creativity from the back of his head. The tip of the fingers as you can see, isn’t just laced with henna as usual, instead, a twist knot on one end is designed, to make the mehndi more elaborate. The overall design is pleasing to the eye and looks attractive from all ends.

48. Symmetric Arabian Mehndi Pattern:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 48

For this one, you can check out how beautiful the pattern looks, with its classical symmetry. From Rakhi to Eid, all occasions of festivity can embrace the design of this henna art. Both palms have the same floral pattern with unique designs that makes the overall package so exquisite. The design is perfect for events where you need to show off your hands a lot as well, like sangeet performances. The mehndi will not only draw everyone’s attention on you, but help it stay that way because of its uniqueness from the usual ones.

49. Half Floral Mehndi Design:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 49

Anyone who is looking for a floral pattern stretching all over the mehndi design will love this one. It covers the entire hand, giving it a fuller look. The motifs are mostly traditional and have intricate patterns. The time taken and the proficiency needed to make it look neater and ordered might be longer than you think and you may need more help from someone else to check on the spacing. It is all in all a very lovely design and ideal for all occasions.

50. Full Hand Elaborate Bridal Mehandi Design:

Mehndi Designs for Hands 50

The beauty of this final mehndi design on the list lies on the pattern. The henna is well formed and need expertise to fill in the details. The combination is ideal for brides or close relatives of the bride. The right color of nail polish will make the design even better suited and add more chic to your already perfect mehndi. The center motif needs the most attention and hence is to be done with the most patience. Since it might get difficult to replicate the same patterns evenly on both hands all by yourself, you can welcome a little help.

Although some designs on the list cannot drawn all by yourself owing to the intricacy, the professional should help you make the most of this pattern and take away all the attention. Most designs are welcome for all occasions and will make you stand out exquisitely.

When it comes to hand mehndi designs, the gorgeousness of these 50 designs will pleasantly surprise you. Take a look and choose what you think will work on your favor best.


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